1. Smart bed Max Motor Dreams from Ford

how to improve children's sleepPhoto: fordmaxmotordreams.com Perhaps all the children quickly fall asleep in the car. So this bed simulates a night trip by car. The Max Motor Dreams crib reproduces the movement of the car, engine noise and even changing street lighting. Operated by the bed using the application in the smartphone. It is able to record the rhythm of movements, sound and light effects, to which the child has become accustomed on familiar routes. Alas, it is impossible to buy a bed, since it exists in a single copy. But Ford is considering the possibility of mass production of this unique development, subject to consumer interest.

2. Tranquilo Mat mattress

how to improve children's sleephow to improve children's sleephow to improve children's sleephow to improve children's sleep1 / 4Photo: @ tranquilomatPhoto: @ tranquilomatPhoto: @ tranquilomatPhoto: @tranquilomat “Mat-tranquilizer” was invented by a nurse who worked in the maternity hospital all her life. Having renegotiated an incredible number of children, the woman brought out a pattern - she understood what all children, without exception, fall asleep from. And she came up with a rug, which, firstly, vibrates, soothing the baby with massage movements, and, secondly, it makes noise. Doctors know: a baby in the womb hears a rather loud noise, the volume of which is comparable to a working hair dryer. These sounds make a rug, giving the baby a feeling of safety and soothing. The mattress is convenient because it does not take up much space. It can be put almost anywhere - in the crib to the child, in the stroller, next to him on the couch, to take him to bed. Yes, and when you take the child in your arms, you can put a mat under it. Vibration modes at a rug a little. Some yes it will work. The price of the question: from 85 dollars.

3. Sleepy toys

what to do if the baby is awakewhat to do if the baby is awakewhat to do if the baby is awake1 / 3Photo: myHummy.ruPhoto: doodoo.toysPhoto: respublica.ru Many stellar mothers admire this invention. “This bear changed my attitude to childhood sleep. Together with him we sleep more tightly, less capricious and, I think, we see the first sweet dreams, ”Polina Gagarina, who became a mother in April of this year, wrote about one of these toys. Sleepy toys have one secret: they make sounds — but not lullabies, and white noise. Plush gadgets can imitate the sound of a working hair dryer and vacuum cleaner (remember the rug?), Rustle like rain outside a window, and make noise like a surf. And they know how to rumble, emitting sounds similar to those that the baby hears in the mother's stomach. When the baby falls asleep, the toy also stops. And when the child starts tossing and turning and whimpering, it turns on again. The price of the question is: from 2660 rubles.

4. Cradle for bed

what to do if the child does not sleep wellA photo: GettyImages Advantageous Australians invented a device called Lullabub. These are, in fact, coasters for the crib legs, which swing it if the baby is worried. But to buy such a gadget in our country is problematic. But you can find a dokachivchitel domestic production: "Bay-Bay" or NaNiNa, for example. True, they only work with pendulum beds. Gadget Bayun attached to the bed and connect to the network. You can even manage it from the phone. The device swings the bed, reacting to movement or sound: it turns on when the baby wakes up and cries. Question price: from 6000 rub.

5. Lolaloo stroller lurker

how to improve children's sleepPhoto: youtube.comPokachivat child in automatic mode can be not only at home but also on the street. For this, the Germans invented and built a device under the brand Lolaloo. With the help of Velcro attached to the handle of the stroller, and she swings from side to side. Lolaloo homes can be attached to the crib, and she, too, will obediently vibrate. Charging the device from a normal outlet. It is problematic to buy it in our country, but you can order it on the manufacturer’s website. Question price: 129 euro.

6. Electronic sunbeds and rocking chairs

how to improve children's sleep1 / 2Photo: avtolavka.ruPhoto: koffkindom.This device is now a lot from different manufacturers. Their advantages are that they have different modes of motion sickness, they are controlled from the remote control or from your smartphone. When the child is awake, it is entertained by bright hanging toys. Connect such a joy to a regular outlet. The minus is also obvious: that a chaise lounge, a rocking chair are rather bulky things. For a small-sized apartment will not work. The price of the issue: lounge chairs from 5000 rubles., Rocking chairs from 15000 rubles. See also: