baubles of ribbons Baubles are a multi-colored braided bracelet. Surely you also had this cute little thing in your school years. Of what only did they weave them in childhood: from beads, ribbons, laces, rubber, threads, buttons. In each yard a girl grew up, classically braided with baubles. A real handicraft can be called the process of weaving this decoration. And yet, how to weave braces of ribbons? Fenichka is a bracelet, which weaving by hand from almost any material, which can be shaped to the desired shape. Then she is dressed in the form of an ornament. Do you know what they call fenechki in English? Friendship Bracelet. It's nice to weave a bouquet for a sweet girlfriend, putting her love and respect into her. The history of the appearance of baubles is interesting. It turns out that this ornament was invented by Indians many centuries ago. For them, it was of a cult nature and was created in accordance with the traditions of a certain tribe. The second birth of a bouquet is obliged to hippies, or, as they call themselves, "children of flowers", who made such bracelets a kind of talismans. With the help of this decoration, they expressed their feelings and aspirations. Woven from a wide variety of materials, ornaments symbolized friendship and love, brotherhood and freedom. Baubles gave to loved ones and put them on instead of wedding rings. As in the ancient Indian culture, in the hippies the color of the baubles carried its meaning: weaving white with red hinted at freedom in love, and colored ribbons symbolized the community of people of different social status and age. Fashion in banners in recent years, permanently returns, with each new generation rediscovering these cute ornaments, the making of which is easy. How to weave bra from ribbons with patterns? Everything is very simple. To do this easily, following the diagrams or instructions. Teach your daughter to weave these ornaments. Perhaps your child will not go into the details of the history of the appearance of baubles. But no doubt children weave braces with great pleasure for themselves and their friends. Your fantasy is the main guarantee of success in creating a braided bracelet, if you attach to it the desire to work painstakingly. If all of the above is not alien to you, the next stage of the process will be the acquisition of tapes. Maybe you need a buckle for your decoration, but it's not necessary: ​​it all depends on the model you choose. Let's start, perhaps, with the easiest way of braiding the baubles. baubles of two ribbons

Fenichka from two tapes

  • Take two satin ribbons of different colors about one meter in length. Lay them one on top of the other so that the two sides of the ribbon are on the top.
  • Tie a knot, not quite tight, at a distance of ten centimeters from the end of the ribbons. These ends will go to the eyeballs.
  • Fasten the knot so that the bracelet is indirection from oneself. For a fixed position of a braided baubles, use a pin or a needle. You can also stick to the table beginning of the baubles with the help of an adhesive tape for the time of work.
  • Pinch with two fingers of the right hand, the forefingerand a large, right ribbon, forming a loop. Accordingly, the left tape is clamped with two fingers of the left hand, also forming a loop. Now one loop to the other (no matter left or right, or vice versa). Tighten the ribbons.

To the note: the first steps are the most difficult, the rest is simple.

  • Form a new loop on the one of the belts where the loop has collapsed.
  • Thread the new loop into the one that remains. Tighten.
  • Under this scheme, continue until the baubles are ready.
  • At the end of the braided bracelet gently tie the knot.

materials for baubles

Spit a spiral bauble

For the next method of weaving the baubles, you again need two ribbons 1 m long. For this braided bracelet we took a light and black ribbon.

  • Unbend the ends of both bands by 15 cm and fold them onto the rest of the ribbons.
  • The angle between the two belts to each other should be slightly less than 90 degrees.
  • Fold the dark ribbon under a light ribbon in the form of a knot.
  • Wrap the dark ribbon to the full circle so that the tip of this ribbon protrudes.
  • Now, pass the small, dark through a large light loop.
  • Then pull the dark loop over the short tip until a loose knot appears.
  • Make a new loop, pass through the remainder of the loop its remainder.
  • Finally, tighten the end of one loop, while simultaneously fixing the other loop. Do not apply excessive force, and then the bauble will turn out not very beautiful.
  • After these steps, you can see the square that came out of the ribbons. Try not to bend the edges of the bands during the weaving. In the weave, pulling the eyelets, adjust the edges.
  • Repeat all the described steps until the baubles are the right length.

square braiding

Flattering round fery

A round bracelet is padded with the help of "Chineseknots "(nodules" lotus "). You will need about one hour to weave one bracelet. To make the product not lose its original shape, tie it tight.

  • Prepare two ribbons of different colors about 2.5 meters in length. Place the tapes crosswise, securing them to the middle of the pin.
  • In our example we took silver and black colors. First, place the upper end of the black ribbon, located vertically, on the left horizontal side of the silver ribbon.
  • Guide the left end of the light ribbon behind both halves of the black ribbon pointing down.
  • Point the right half of the dark tape upwards.
  • To finally form a knot, the upper part of the silver ribbon must be placed under the upper half of the black.
  • Feel free to tighten the knot.
  • Perhaps it will be a little hard to pull together. Then straighten the ribbon, then tighten it more tightly.
  • All further actions repeat the described order of the initial steps. As a result, you should get a cord.
  • Place half of the string under the tape from the other end of the cord. Having done this, putting on a ready-made bauble will be very easy.

Square square of four ribbons

This method of weaving braces suggestsgreater consumption of tapes than in previous schemes. You will need four tapes, each two meters or more in length. (By the way, four tapes can be replaced by two, and braided bracelet in the way described above). Proceed to the weaving of a square decoration. You do not need to think about the location of the front and the underside of the tape, with this method of weaving, they are seen the same. First, straighten the ribbons in all directions. Next, tear in the following sequence. We have ribbons of four different colors. Choose them so that the colors match. Then the finished product will look very nice.

  • The first ribbon is bent from top to bottom, making a loop.
  • Cover it with a second tape, bending it from right to left.
  • Close the second ribbon, bending the third up from the bottom.
  • Finally, bend left to right the last fourth tape, passing it into the loop from the first tape.
  • Pull carefully all the ribbons, gradually forming a square. Straighten all the ribbons. There is no need to tighten the ribbons very much, the bracelet will come out uneven.
  • Step by step, repeat all five steps until the baubles reach your desired length.

Fenichka, braided in this way, it turns outquite voluminous. Attractive such a bauble of ribbons in that it is worn not only in its original form, but also in the form of a twisted spiral. For this, carefully, without deforming the product, slightly twist it. With a square bracelet, you need to handle carefully. If you strongly stretch a bouquet, then in the original form it will not come. The masters who have long braided baubles, there is a secret about how to retain the shape of such a square bracelet for a long time: just insert a harsh thread into the baubles at the beginning of the work.

Tips for Beginners

  • Use common sense when choosing a colorbaubles, because this decoration - a cult object that absorbed a certain culture and thought. Before making jewelry, it is not superfluous to read about the meaning that colors carry in the spectrum of hippy culture. The new information will not only expand your knowledge, but also help to avoid ridicule from "knowing".
  • When making a baubles, do not tighten the hingesToo much. Leave them slightly free to make the product look symmetrical, and the pattern turned out to be even and neat. In doing so, try to ensure that the ribbons are the same length. Perhaps the first time you have something can not work. Do not let this upset you, because you can always create a new bauble. But it is better to learn how to properly weave the product from the very beginning, than after the remodel and retrain.
  • So that the tapes from your hands do not slip andthe eyelets did not open, you can fasten them with a pin or a needle. Over time, gaining experience, you will do everything on weight. But for a start, it's better to secure yourself by fixing the end of the eyelet. You can tie a finished product to an ordinary knot, leaving the ends of ribbons hanging, which will give your fenechke a playful and tempting look. But this is optional, because those are good baubles, that the two are not the same among them.

Now you know a lot. Buy a multicolored satin ribbon in the nearest store, and in a couple of hours you will have a new decoration in the form of a nice bouquet.