1 Fashion trend in recent years - a wedding atthe sea, somewhere in exotic places. This is not surprising. The wedding is a momentous event, and the newlyweds really want it to be unusual, leaving vivid impressions. And what could be more romantic and brighter than the triumph with unconventional ceremonies held on the seaside? And thousands of young couples who decided to marry, rush to the gentle sea to connect on its shore for the rest of their lives. In general, such a custom exists for a very long time among Hawaiians, American Indians from the southwest of the continent with other peoples living in warm climatic conditions. In many cultures, such a tradition existed for couples where the bride and groom belonged to different ethnic groups. The ceremony of marriage in such a case was supposed to symbolize the unification of men and women, and the unification of cultures. At the same time, weddings on the beaches became common due to the movement of the hippies. They sought to unite with nature, rejecting the conventions of modern society, and therefore began to follow the ancient traditions of peoples inhabiting the shores of the sea. The tradition has spread, and today the wedding in some exotic place has become very popular. The most popular places for the ceremony are secluded "paradise" islands with a virgin nature and unusual local traditions. Leading among them are the Maldives, the Seychelles, Mauritius. In these places, amazingly beautiful landscapes - lush nature, white sand, azure water of the sea - as if created for such a romantic celebration. Add color to the wedding and the locals with their extraordinary customs. Weddings are no less popular. Spent on the Island of Freedom, Cuba. Together with the wedding ceremony here you can get great pleasure from historical sights, magnificent nature and cultural traditions. Considerable interest in young couples is also evoked by Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia. Local customs are able to make a wedding with the use of national costumes, accompanied by local musical instruments, original, romantic and unforgettable. Such weddings can also be combined with the study of local attractions and luxury holidays.