how to wash down pillow Down pillows - very cozy and convenient elementbedding. And everything would be fine, but, as for her no care, they still get dirty, impregnated with dust and sweat. Sooner or later, before any mistress, the question arises as to how to wash the down pillow. You can, of course, turn it into a dry cleaner, but not everyone likes it. Many people prefer to wash their personal items on their own. This applies to pillows. You can wash them at home. What our great-grandmothers did for centuries. They washed the pillows in winter, freezing feathers and down on the street. It was a long and tiring process, but after washing the pillows smelled fresh, the fluff became soft, and slept on it sweetly and firmly. This is just a lyrical digression, because today such washing is impossible. But to put in order their own pillows, to understand them, any mistress can. You ask, how correctly to wash feather pillows? Now we will consider this step by step. First you need to sew a new napernik, which, by the way, changes ideally once a year. Napernik better to sew from the teak. After this, it is necessary to sew from a light fabric, for example, from a calico or a dense gauze, large, two times as large as a napernik, a pillowcase in which you will squeeze and dry down. The preparatory stage is over. It's time to start washing.

And fluff and feather

To do this, you need to break the pillow. It is better to do it indoors, so that down and feathers do not fly all over the apartment. Then prepare a bath or a basin with a soapy solution. Pooh or feathers gradually dip into the water. If you soak all the fluff at once, it will be difficult to dry it. Soak the fluff for a couple of hours in a solution of the powder, so that all the smells and dirt leave it. After this, drain the water, and then squeeze the fluff. Drain and squeeze the fluff through a colander. Now you should wash the fluff directly in a colander under running water, and then you can proceed with the actual washing. Again, put down the fluff into soapy water and rinse it well, rinse and wring out. Now you can dry it. how to properly wash feather pillows

How to Dry Down

Place the washed down in prepareda large pillowcase, sew it up or tie it tight knot. Now prepared in this way the fluff can be scrolled through the centrifuge of the washing machine in order to squeeze it properly. After that, shake your "pillow" properly, so that the fluff is slightly fluffed and spread evenly throughout the pillowcase. Check for a touch, do not have any downed lumps of fluff. Now the pillow should be hung in a dry, preferably vented, ventilated place. During drying, the pillow should be shaken periodically, whipping and turning over. The fluff must dry completely. If it does not dry up, then the pillow quickly prohibits, will acquire a characteristic smell of dampness, and you already can not do anything to it. Will only throw out the pillow. Dry the fluff in a prepared new napernik and sew it. Everything, the pillow is ready - clean and almost new. Enjoy your sleep on a soft, fresh pillow! We hope that we have fully explained whether it is possible to wash the down pillow. Now that you know how to do this, boldly get down to business. Your pillow will serve you now for a very long time. We advise you to read: