how to effectively pump the press A beautiful flat belly - well, which of the women does notdreams about it? This issue is especially acute every year before the long-awaited vacation. Here, then, having measured in front of the mirror a new swimsuit, and you understand that during the winter a little "podnakopilsya" fat. And the swimsuit is, of course, very beautiful, but these wrinkles on the stomach ... they spoil the whole thing. Then the question arises - how to effectively pump the press? Strictly speaking, if you seriously decide to tackle your figure, there are only two options - either you buy a subscription to a gym and are engaged there under the supervision of experienced coaches and instructors, or decide to fight the problem yourself. Which way is better for you. However, before you "get involved" in this fight, you should clearly understand that it will not be easy. You will need perseverance, perseverance and great willpower. Only regular classes will bring the long-awaited result. And the amount of buns and cakes consumed will have to be limited - as without it. So, if you chose a gym, then the only problem is not to be lazy and regularly "bring" yourself, my beloved, to training. The rest will be shown to you and told by the coach - then he is there. But how effectively to pump the press at home? What is required for this? Well, firstly, you need to draw up a schedule of training and clearly stick to it. The most optimal option - classes 3-4 times a week, duration by the hour. The best time for exercise is the morning. Therefore, you'll have to get up two hours earlier than usual. Consider yourself - while you wake up, then warm-up, exercise, shower ... By the way, you can have breakfast not earlier than 2 hours after training. And then you can seriously spoil your stomach. Any training should begin with a warm-up. You can jump over the rope, run an average pace on the treadmill, or dance to your favorite - of course, fast and rhythmic! - music. The warm-up is necessary in order to "wake up" and warm up the muscles, prepare them for the forthcoming load. To neglect it is the surest way to achieve what might be very bad next day. You are not something that can not be engaged - getting out of bed will be difficult. Were you warmed up? Good. Before moving on to the exercises themselves, one more important point. During the exercises, you need to monitor your breathing and the correctness of the exercises themselves. It is known that it is better to do one exercise 10 times clearly than 25 - somehow ... The effect of an incorrectly conducted training will not be - just get tired. Now about the speed of the exercises. It all depends on your goals. If you just want to "throw off the fat" and finally get into your favorite jeans - do the exercises quickly, repeating them many times. If the "super task" is to get "cubes", then it is necessary to do everything very slowly. This is how the maximum load is achieved. But, in any case, the main thing is not to hurt your health. Therefore, if you last did sports in the fifth grade at the physical education class, you should start with a minimum load. And increase it gradually. Otherwise, you can just break yourself. What exercises can quickly and effectively pump up the press? There are several "time-tested" complexes. Each of them is designed for a certain level of preparation. Some are more suitable for men, some for women. For example, for girls and women, whom the idea of ​​"close" to do their tummy visited not so long ago, you can suggest the following method. Rapidly and efficiently pump the press

Charging for the tummy

  • Exercise One

Lie on the floor - better, of course, bedexclusive use mat. So it will be cleaner and softer. Bend your knees, place your arms around your neck and spread your elbows to the sides. Exhale and very slowly lift your head and shoulders to your knees. Make sure that your waist and feet do not come off the floor. Knees should not touch. Happened? Then inhale and also slowly go back to the starting position. Try to breathe evenly.

  • Exercise two is the best way to "pump" the oblique muscles of the press

It is done on the same rug. Lie down on your back and bend your left foot, setting your foot on the floor. Drop your foot on the leg - put the foot of your right foot on the thigh of the left, so that the knee is pointed to the side. The left hand should be behind the head, the right hand lies freely on the floor. Raise the head and left shoulder and guide them diagonally to the right knee. Return to the starting position. Make sure that the right leg, waist and right shoulder blade remain motionless. Only the left shoulder blade comes off the floor - well, and the head, of course. Do the exercise several times, and then change your legs.

  • Exercise Three

The starting position is sitting. Keep your legs together and put your feet on the floor, bending them in your lap. Pull in your stomach. Keep your back straight. Pull your arms out in front of you. Exhale and bend back - about 60 degrees. On inhalation, return to the initial position. Do not stretch your chin and do not strain your neck. Try not to give up.

  • Exercise Four

Lie on the floor, hands - along the trunk. Strongly strain the muscles of the press and slowly lift the legs first, and then the pelvis as high as possible. Return to the starting position.

  • Exercise five

Stand on all fours, your back should be straight. Exhale and relax the muscles. Pull in the belly as much as possible. Let's stand in this position for 15-20 seconds. Breathe smoothly, nose.

  • Exercise Six

This is a great way to make transverseabdominal muscles. For him, you need a chair. Lie down on the floor, bend your legs and place the calves on the seat. The arms are crossed behind the head. Inhale and pull your head and shoulders to your knees. Exhale and lower the case to the floor. Do not strain your neck. Despite the fact that these exercises are simple enough, they force all muscles to work - the lower, upper and side presses are used. Carry out this complex regularly - do not give yourself indulgence! Then you will see the first result soon enough. And you yourself can proudly tell your friends about how to pump up a press quickly and efficiently. Let them drive the extra fat too - you do not mind, do you? We advise you to read: