how to tell a cat from a cat The question of how to distinguish a cat from a cat,lovers of animals dealing with domesticated representatives of the family of mustached-striped for more than one year, can cause an indulgent smile. Experienced breeders at a glance determine who is who, because for them the difference between kittens is as obvious as the difference between a little boy and a girl. But the question of sex determination sometimes requires an exact answer, for example, if an animal is taken as a member of the family by ordinary people. Of course, everything is solved without problems, if it is purchased in a nursery, where specialists easily determine sex at the youngest age. It's another matter when a little kitten brought an accident to your house, and first of all, I would like to know if he is this or she. After all, in each of these two options you need to be ready for certain difficulties: the cat will be asked to walk and can start to "tag" the territory, and the cat, if it is released, almost certainly will return to the pregnant woman. Therefore, if you plan to take a kitten into the house, you should initially decide which gender is preferable for you. It's no secret that there are significant differences in the content of cats and cats. They even behave differently in relation to people, have their own habits and characteristics during puberty, to some of which it is worthwhile to prepare mentally for the owners in advance.

The choice of the pet: he or she?

There is a big difference in the behavior of theseanimals with different sex, and it does not matter which breed they belong to: the Sphinx, the British Fold or the Turkish Angora. No wonder they say that cats love to walk by themselves. They are very independent and will come to the hands of the owners, when they themselves want to caress and warmth. Only under the mood capricious fluffy girls will allow themselves to pat, and as soon as they are bored with it, they will immediately leave for their cat's affairs. They are initially tuned to complete devotion only in relation to their own babies, so they become especially affectionate when the kittens appear. They were created by a wise mother nature, and we can only accept unconditionally the existing costs in the nature of pets, depending on what kind of sex they have. But fluffy girls very often behave like real guards, they instantly determine if your door has suspicious sounds associated with the approach of guests, and long before the bell warns about this uterine growl. There is an opinion that cats are more attached to the place in which they live, rather than to a person. Is not this feature an explanation for the incredible flair manifested by moustached travelers who have a female gender in their search for a way to return to lost housing? Cats are more attached to the owner, who is very fond of, but in his own way, like a cat. They are able to actively express their feelings, so they will sit with pleasure in your arms, loudly purring and setting their necks for pleasant scratches. All the tenderness that the cat keeps for the offspring, the cats will give to the person caring for them. They will meet you at the doorstep in the evening and see you off in the morning, wake your cheeks with affectionate touches of your mustache, gladly lie down on your knees and do not interfere with watching TV or reading a book. But such idyll is possible if you immediately manage to correctly place all understandable for the kitten-boy accents and show who in the house still has an undeniable authority - you, and not an animal. When a cat or cat grows up, the instinct of procreation will manifest itself, and the owners will or will have to deal with these issues. It will be necessary to work with any animal, and it does not matter what kind of sex it has. Those wishing to take a small fluffy kitten, a boy or a girl, should remember that each of them needs love, attention and care. Therefore, it is up to personal preference to decide who is better. how to distinguish a kitten from a boy from a girl

Primary sexual characteristics

Having determined what sex yourfuture pet, you can proceed to the next question: how to distinguish a cat from a cat. Photos with differences can always be found in the special literature on the content of pets of this family, but it is not necessary to spend a lot of time on this. The sex of the mustached-striped is easy to determine, however, almost the same as for other animals - by the primary genital organs. Therefore, in order to distinguish a cat from a cat, the photo may not be needed - it is enough to look closely at the fancy specimen under the tail. There is the answer to the question of who is before you, he or she. Experienced breeders or owners determine the sex immediately at the birth of a kitten, for others the difficulty is the moment that the testicles of the so-called boy begin to be clearly seen not immediately: they fall into their place at about 2-3 months of age. Therefore, it often happens that the cat, named Masha, after a while suddenly turns into a bear. Veterinarians recommend: when determining the sex of a newborn representative of the cat family, remember ... about punctuation marks. Yes, do not be surprised, behind these seemingly absurd words is completely common sense and long-term practice. Therefore, gently take the kitten for a tail and gently lift it to easily examine the signs there that are conducive to this or that sex. Do not be afraid that you can hurt the baby. Just be careful and do not make sudden movements. What can you see under the tail of a little kitten-girl? All is simple enough - these are two holes: the anal and the genitourinary at a distance of about one centimeter from each other. And the genitourinary looks like an oblong vertical slit, so together with the anal both remind an upside-down exclamation mark. The kitten-boy under the tail has a slightly different picture. You will see the following: the anus, the gap where the testicles will appear or appear, and the genitourinary opening. That is, the distance between the two holes is much larger, and together they look like a colon. Here is such an interesting punctuation is obtained. Once you understand how everything is arranged to become a real expert and in the future it is already unmistakable to determine the gender of almost any kitten.

Differences in other external characteristics

Distinguish by the muzzle, according to the structure of the body andthe habits of a cat from a cat can be already at a more mature age. It also happens that an adult animal suddenly comes to your house from the street, and you did not find the strength to refuse him in the blood and food, not noticing that they had already become attached to the unexpected guest. And maybe this is a guest? How to understand who you have sheltered, a boy or a girl? Often, even a very close look at the zone under the tail has little to say. This is due not only to the fact that cats are neutered. An important role is played by the presence in the animal of a long coat, which prevents the recognition of sex. Therefore, at the first opportunity, take the cat on your hands and try to feel the scrotum. Is not she there? So you became the mistress of the girl. Present? Congratulations with the boy! There is also a number of indirect signs that allow us to at least approximately determine the sex of a moustached stranger. Keep in mind that in nature there are almost no tricolor cats. Turtle color for a boy is also a huge rarity. This is the fault of the specific gene responsible for the red or black color. It is contained exclusively in the chromosome X. The sex of the animal depends on the combination of chromosomes, so the cats have two X, and the cats have XY. Tortoiseshell and tricolor color is obtained only when the red and black gene is combined. This requires two chromosomes X, which is typical only for cats. But it happens that nature throws unimaginable knees, and then there are kittens-boys with a violation of the genetic code. True, this is a huge rarity. Therefore, if you have an animal with a motley three-color suit with a bizarre combination of red, white and black spots, it can be safely assumed that this is a girl. There are other signs by which you can guess about what sex your find is. Adult cats are given a graceful and slightly elongated muzzle, and cats are large in comparison with the body head. But completely rely on the appearance is not worth it, because some breeds have inherent features only, confusing. So, all representatives of British and Scottish blue have a large face, and the notorious sphinxes, on the contrary, are distinguished by a small and angular head. That's why they are difficult to distinguish, especially for teenage cats. how to distinguish a cat from a cat

Distinctive features in habits

Understand the habits and nature of the animal, who isgot into your house, it will not be possible at once. But if you look closely, the behavior of representatives of the mustachioed mewing class, having different sex, is completely different, and instincts lie at the basis of most differences. But, firstly, it is possible only with sexually mature individuals of seven to nine months, and secondly, it's just that your alien will need some time to get used to and adapt, so at first he or she can manifest himself in an uncharacteristic semi-manner. If fate has brought you a very small kitten, it's not worth it to justify one desire to caress: "This is a girl!", And playful impatience is immediately called Vaska or Murzik. The habits of the toddlers are similar in many respects: all of them, regardless of gender, like to play, eat and sleep, they respond with pleasure to the gentle scratches with content rumbling and deftly hide, nashodiv. So do not rush to conclusions. But nevertheless pay attention to how the animal behaves when it is properly mastered. It is known that all the cats are incredible purses. They never get tired of "making shine," they wash their hair for hours and lick their hair. But cats in most cases gives out laziness and sybarity. They are meditative contemplatives of the family of mustached-striped. True, some breeds are excessively playful and playful even in adulthood, and sometimes among the feline tribe there are also very aggressive specimens. As already mentioned at the very beginning of the article, cats that have a male gender are more likely to take manifestations of love from their masters. The animal, who is in a blissful bliss, with pleasure goes to the hands and at the same time rather rumbles. But the cats rather tolerate your stroking, and then very short. True, there comes a time when every novice owner can easily understand what kind of sex his pet has. With the onset of the pore of love, cats have an irresistible desire to mark the territory, so your apartment after a while begins to just "smell". If at the same time you do not allow the cat to get along with the mustachioed ladies for the realization of sexual desires, you may well become a victim of his changed for the better. Therefore, do not squeeze the pet with the same zeal, otherwise you risk being scratched and even bitten by less than zealous animals. Sometimes the cats who hunt to love even in a certain way take revenge on the owners for the prison maintenance, in every way spoiling their shoes. But do not rush to rejoice, you happy housewives of cats! After all, you too will have a hard time, because the cute fluffy cleansers, suffering the pains of unrealized motherhood, are able for weeks to harass domestic and even neighbors with heartbreaking cries, without making allowances for the time of the day. However, during this period they become so affectionate that they remind a kitten. Particularly favored by the kitty to the men. They show them uttermost obedience, rub against their legs, lay on their backs, allowing an unheard of thing-to pet their tummy. Or, in general, they lose the remnants of shame and chastity, arching their backs and unambiguously turning their backs, invitingly raising the tail. Oh, cats are truly shameless temptresses, to which many representatives of the human race still grow and grow. But let's leave the jokes, because the natural sexual desires of a pet or pets become a real headache for the owners. There are only two ways out: either let the cat and cat walk and enjoy free love, or pay a visit to the veterinary clinic and deprive them of the opportunity to continue the family. Which way is more humane - it's up to you. Of course, nature requires that cats naturally satisfy their needs, and cats tend to endlessly bring kittens to the light. But are you ready for the fact that the leading free life of the animal then calmly settles into your bed? After all, it can bring from the street such an unpleasant disease as lichen. Well, in this case, you will have to personally look for pets of clean, clean partners, and then attach numerous kittens. You do not want? In this case, it remains either to listen to the cat's concerts and wash the sharply smelling corners, or once and for all to save the pet or the pet (and himself at the same time) from the torment. But back to the main topic of the article. And is it really important what kind of sex will your kitten have? And if under the door you suddenly found a homeless animal with sad eyes, then do not drive it out just because it turned out to be a cat, right? In any case, no matter which of these graceful representatives of the domestic fauna you choose or whoever of them chooses you by chance, both of you will have to learn to live together and become true friends for each other. After all, it is not only troublesome, but also very pleasant, to be responsible for those whom we have tamed. Therefore, do not be particularly puzzled by the choice in terms of sex - listen to the heart and take in the house of the kitten, who could like more than others. We advise you to read: