pasta in the fleet in a multivark How to cook pasta, it would seem, shouldknow even a child. So it's a popular and simple dish. However, it's not always the time to stand by the stove, then, in this case, you can cook the pasta in the multivark. Any hostess will appreciate this "miracle of modern technology". After all, this will save time, save you from unnecessary worries and dirty dishes.

The process of cooking macaroni

It is enough to load the necessary ingredients,set the mode and time on the timer and engage in other, more important things. At minimal costs, pasta, vermicelli or spaghetti are delicious and crumbly. So, it is necessary to consider in more detail the process of preparation of pasta in a multivark. spaghetti in the multivariate

What is needed for cooking?

To begin with, it is necessary to decide how mucha person calculated the dish and how much to fill up the pasta. As a rule, it is taken from the calculation of 200 g for 4 servings. It is better to take macaroni of any form, higher or first grade and from hard wheat. This is due to the fact that they are more useful, they will not stick together and they will not get bogged down, they are hard to get better and easier to cook. The next step is to pour the water (preferably hot, so the cooking process will occur much more quickly) into the pan of the multivarka so that it hides the pasta a little, about 1-2 cm, add salt to taste and a tablespoon of butter or olive oil, a little mix. Next, you should set the mode depending on the model of the multivark. This can be: "steaming", "pilaf", "fast", "buckwheat", "spaghetti", with a timer for 20 minutes. After the signal sounds, you should pay attention to how much water remains in the saucepan. If it is, it needs to be drained. If there is a desire for cooked pasta to be crispy and crispy, leave a little more on "warming", "baking" or "frying". After that, in a ready dish you can add a little butter, cheese, boiled sausage, or you can immediately cook pasta with sausages or sausage. pasta in a multicrew with greens

How can you vary a dish from pasta?

You can slightly complicate and diversify thisdish, cooked pasta in the Navy. In a multivark it will not be difficult at all. To begin with, it is necessary to decide how many portions will be calculated dinner, in order to correctly choose the proportion. In a pot of multivarkers, pour a little vegetable oil, chop the onion, carrots, bell pepper and put it out a little in the "frying", "baking" or "quenching" mode, depending on the model of the multivark. Then, add beef or pork minced meat (if it is not, stew can come), salt, spices, greens to taste and a little more until the meat is ruddy (after about 10 minutes), while not forgetting it periodically stir in the multivark. When the stuffing is ready, you should fill up the pasta and cook it in the way described earlier, pour the water so that it lightly covers all the contents in the multivark, add a little cream or vegetable oil and cook until ready for 20 minutes on those The same regimes that were indicated earlier, depending on the model of the multivarka ("steaming", "fast", "pilaf", "buckwheat", "spaghetti"). After the sound signal sounds, you can leave the minutes for 10-20 at the heating mode in the multivark, then they will be better roasted. It should be noted that even without permanent stirring, pasta is obtained not boiled and not stuck together. However, if the cooking technology was not followed correctly, and the pasta, however, turned out slightly digested, in this case, it should be thrown back in a colander and rinsed with cold water. After this, you can prepare the casserole by placing the pasta in a saucepan and setting the "baking" mode in the multivark for 40 minutes. In the prepared dish, depending on the imagination and taste preferences, you can add tomato paste, tomatoes or a favorite sauce. However, with sauce it's worth to be more careful. Perhaps, in this case, it is not worthwhile to pour the pasta in advance. If you decide to cook not pasta, and spaghetti should take into account a small nuance that they need to get special tongs. If you cook pasta in accordance with the above rules and recommendations, then they should turn out tasty and crumbly. It remains only to enjoy a tasty and useful dinner.