green coffee Green coffee itself is unique. These are the same coffee beans, only they were not fried. A very long period of time, to this product no one showed interest, but recently the properties of these grains have been thoroughly studied. It found a lot of properties that no one knew before. It promotes weight loss and rejuvenation of the body. Having bought green coffee, questions arise: do you need a specific capacity for roasting? how to cook it? Green coffee is easy to fry at home, you need to use a simple frying pan. Fry it in the likeness of peanuts or sunflower seeds to the desired degree of roasting. The smell of fried green grains differs significantly from the aroma of black coffee, so do not worry and be ready for this, the taste will be herbaceous with sour taste. In order to grind the coffee beans, you can use a coffee grinder. If she can not cope, then take a meat grinder. In modern meat grinders there are special extra knives for grinding spices. You can also try using a blender. cooking green coffee

Let's start making green coffee

We will weld green coffee in the French press. It is necessary to fill it in there at the rate of three spoons with a slide for every 100 ml. The mixture is poured boiling water, and then infused. After twenty minutes you have to wring out the coffee grounds and pour the coffee on the cups. Brew green coffee in a Turk, previously holding it on fire, but not more than a minute. This is necessary in order to warm the bottom, from this flavor will be more saturated. If you do not like the taste, you can cook it with black, you will get a spicy and unusual drink. After the bottom has been heated, it is necessary to fill ground coffee, it is better to put it much, so that the fragrance becomes even brighter, and then pour water. There is no single rule, you can pour boiling water, this will shorten the cooking time, you can also heat the water in the Turkish, and only then add ground grain. Also pour ground coffee with cold water, in this case it is considered that it will turn out even more useful. After you have chosen the method you like, put the Turk on fire. Fire needs to be done less when a crust appears on the surface. The Turk is removed from the fire when the liquid bubbles. This is done so that the crust does not crumble. Now you need to wait until the crust settles, then you can repeat the heating again in the same way. Then lightly hit the Turk on the table and pour half a teaspoon of cold water. You can throw one ice cube, thanks to this, the process of settling the crust will be faster. You can prepare green coffee in a geyser. To do this, pour the water into the bottom tank and cover with a metal filter. Ground green grains are poured into the filter recess. The upper part is rolled up and put on a slow fire. When it starts to boil, the drink goes to the upper compartment of the geyser. It is necessary to wait until the drink pours into this tank, and then remove it from the fire. delicious green coffee

Correctly cook green coffee with spices

In the Arab countries you can try green coffeewith cardamom. This drink is greenish-gray, with a thick foam, sweet to the taste, but not similar to the usual. Cardamom makes the drink stronger, tart, full. Count on that for each portion of the drink you need not more than two cardamom grains. This is very important, because the spice has a strong smell, overdoing it, you can spoil the drink. The mixture is poured into a Turk and filled with cold water, cook slowly until ready. You can weld coffee in a classic way. And before you put it on the fire, you need to add one box of cardamom to the water. Before feeding it is necessary to take them out. Do not forget that the green boxes of cardamom differ in smell and taste from brown. In addition to cardamom, you can add a little cloves. Green grains with additives of spices - a drink not absolutely with coffee taste, but in it it is more advantage. We prepare green coffee with ginger, for this we take the root of ginger and a few leaves of mint. First we prepare a coffee drink in the usual way. Next, rub on a grater or grind in a blender piece of ginger root. Approximately 1 cup of grated ginger is needed for a small cup. The coffee is ready, pour it into the cup and add the ginger. All this must be mixed, and then add finely chopped mint leaves. You can cook green coffee simply in a regular mug. For one cup, take three teaspoons of powder and fill with boiling water. We must leave it for ten minutes, then strain through a sieve or gauze. You can not fry the grain, this drink is very useful for the body. During frying, many useful substances and valuable properties are lost which are contained in the grains. But the fried grains can not be called useless, they have other advantages: a unique aroma and rich taste. Everyone chooses the way of cooking for himself. Most people choose classic methods of cooking in a Turk. Thanks to this, the drink retains its rich flavor and aroma.