When a baby is born, it is important to choose the right onename, and this is a difficult task for any parent. The name is not only a way to identify a new person, but for some reason we do not think about the value of the name right away. But it affects the fate and character of a person. Therefore, you can not call a child at random, we are ready to help with advice so that choosing a name does not become an impossible task.

Boys to the left, Girls to the right

Virtually all names are divided into male andwomen, there are very few universal names among them. Therefore, most often the name also determines belonging to the sex. If you decide to name the child Zhenya, Sasha, Valya, then of course, his sex does not matter. These are names from the category of universal Eugene or Eugene, Alexander or Alexander, Valentine or Valentine - sound equally good in any version. Correct parents begin to choose a name for the baby after ultrasound diagnosis of sex, and now it can be done in the early stages of pregnancy with the preservation of high accuracy of the result. But still there are those who do not want to spoil the surprise and prefer not to ask about the field. For these parents, the magic of choosing a name begins at the moment of birth. Often in this case, the child is called spontaneously: "He will suit the name Denis" or "You know, such a sweet girl can only be called Alyona." The blessing of the name is an important moment. Choosing a name, it is important to consider how it sounds in everyday life, and not only in the official full version. The more diminutive-caressing options, the easier it will be for you to pamper your baby. Take the name of Olya - Olenka, Olechka, Olyushka, but in the no less beautiful and handsome name of Praskovia - a diminutive variant - Parasha. Sometimes it is worth abandoning such, at first glance, interesting variants of the name, than beforehand to create difficulties for the son or daughter. This also applies to unpronounceable names; to the names to which the ugly nickname or offensive rhyme asks for. It is not worth it because of your own bliss to deprive the child of childhood and communication with peers, and yet with a difficult or unknown name he can forever be without friends.

The name must be in harmony with the surname and patronymic

In our country one of the most complicated formulasnaming, which includes not only the name and surname, but also the patronymic. Patronymic and surname indicate belonging to a particular family or family, and the name makes a person unique. Therefore, the name should be combined with both the patronymic and the surname, and not only in the full version. Do you think that your son will be very good if you give him a combination - Petrov Petrov Petrovich Petrov, or by choosing for the daughter name Kukharenko Anzhelika Vasilievna. If others only smile, it's half bad, often people with such names have a hard time in life because of the banal embarrassment to name the name and patronymic. Excellent, if the name, patronymic and surname sound beautiful, and combined perfectly, and easy to pronounce, but not too commonplace. The simpler the name is pronounced, the easier it is for the interlocutor to remember it, and hence your older child as well. In addition, people often refuse to communicate with their interlocutor, afraid to offend, if they can not pronounce his name. The Russian language is complex, in the formation of names, too, everything is not so simple. There are some phonetic combinations that are difficult to pronounce and remember. This Anastasia Anatolyevna, Vsevolod Vladimirovich, Dmitry Stanislavovich and other similar options. Choosing a name for a girl, it is better to stop in favor of a soft and easily sounding name, for example Anna Alekseevna, Ekaterina Vladimirovna. If the child has a surname that does not directly point to the gender identity (Pokalyuk, Petrenko, Avsievich), then, no matter how you would like, refuse such names as Zhenya, Sasha, Valera. It happens that the parents went around all the pitfalls, and stumbled on the abbreviation. Look at the order in which the first letters of the name appeared. Burlakova Larisa Yakimovna, becoming an adult woman, Larissa is not particularly happy with the combination of the initial letters in the name.

Name days

Selecting a name by descent Namedays are a well-forgotten old tradition of choicename. Names or saints is a church calendar, in which there is a complete list of the days of the memory of all the saints. That is, it is enough to look at the saints and find out which saints are on the date of the birth of the child. In one day, the memory of a few saints is always celebrated, so even here there is plenty to choose from. And the child, named by that name, gets the patronage of the saint. Of course, most of the names are obsolete and you should choose carefully, but you can choose another name that is close to the date of birth of the child.

Selecting a name by descent

For a long time, the only way to correctlychoose a name for the child - there were months, most newborns received names in honor of the saints. After the great October Revolution, there were more ways to choose a name, and the authority of the saints noticeably decreased. Parents, having the opportunity to call the child at their own discretion, experimented with someone in what much. So it turned out names-neologisms, which were something like slogans and slogans of that era. Some of them have passed the test of time, but most of the names have long been forgotten as completely absurd. Some derivatives on behalf of the leader Vladimir Lenin are very harmonious - Vladlen, Vilen; or Marklen from the combination of Marx and Lenin. The female name of Ninel (the opposite of "Lenin") is still popular. But here Dazdraperma (Long live First of May) or Kukutzapol from "Corn is the queen of the fields", amaze with its absurdity. Although in its time such originality was in high esteem. A little later, European names came to Russia: Herman, Jeanne, Albert, and behind them the eastern ones - Timur, Zarema, Zemfira. Old-Slavonic names were almost forgotten. And since the 60s of the last century the names of the saints have again become popular. Lada, Lyudmila, Vladimirov and the names of Scandinavian peoples, slightly modified, began to meet more often. The meaning of the name will help to make the right choice. No wonder our ancestors attached great importance to the interpretation of the name. Of course, now the main criterion for choice is euphony, but it's never too late to recall its significance. You can not always choose a name by value only, but you can choose the names you like, and from them you leave one - the value of which is most suitable, according to the parents.

Choosing a name for the baby by the time of year

The time of year and the name of the child are closely connected,that the name chosen correctly can make your child happy. But the general principles of choosing a name by the time of the year are such that winter children should be given softer and sonorous names in order to reduce the cold and severity of frost. Spring is better for coming up hard and strict names, because these children are so too restless. Summer is also better to pick up the name more punctiliously, as the summer kids are distinguished by their vital position and perseverance. Those born in the autumn are the most balanced and at times melancholy, therefore it is better to choose a name cheerful, mischievous and playful.

Dictionary to help the doubters

The choice of name according to fashion trends In some families it is customary to choose a name for the futurethe kid together, if you belong to this category, then this option will do just fine. It is necessary to take a directory of names to gather all together and in turn to delete that name which is not pleasant. As a result, there will be an agreed number of options that everyone is comfortable with. And from this list you should already choose the name that received the most votes. The Olympic system, perhaps, will help bring up a true athlete.

The choice of name according to fashion trends

Periodically, there comes a fashion for a single name,and as a result, several Maksimov, Danilov or Margarita study in the same class. So, in 2010, an unprecedented frenzy for Dmitriev, Artemov and Artemiev, Ivanov, Maksimov and Sash, and among the girls the undisputed favorites were Dasha, Nastya, Ani and Elizabeth. It has long been possible to give their children biblical and ancient names. Archipes, Matvey, Akims, Luke and Emeli study side by side with Adam, Trofim, Ustinya, Pelageya and do not cause smiles. Alexander Malinin either anticipated this trend, or became a trendsetter, calling his twins Frol (flower) and Ustinya (fair). At Tuta Larsen's son's name is Luke, and in Tarzan and Natasha Koroleva the truly Siberian hero Arkhip.

Originality of the name

Some parents choose a name for the saints, othersaccording to fashion trends, and still others - choose the most original name for the baby. An unusual name is quickly remembered, but some parents are too creative. Once again there were Olympics - in honor of the Olympics in Sochi, the trend with Lenin returned, only now Ninel and Vladlen appear in the maternity homes, and Vladput (from Vladimir Putin) and Edros (from United Russia). In 2008, after the World Cup, coach Guus Hidding was an idol, and young parents, especially football fans, chose not very clear to the Russian ear the name of Gus. And some of the most desperate fans of Dima Bilan called their sons Dibilami, but the latter is more rumors than the truth. Famous and famous are no different for ordinary people - they are also not strangers to the desire to be original. Volochkova gave her daughter the name Ariadne, which in translation means loving. Tina Kandelaki's son is called Leontius, and his daughter Melania. The couple of Malikovs, known aesthetes, chose their daughter's name for a long time; Stefania - just meets the requirements and traditions of this family - original, exquisite and tasteful.

How not to call children

In honor of parents, grandmothers and other relativeschildren should not be named to avoid confusion and jealousy in the family. In addition, it is believed that the baby can take the fate of a relative, so if you seriously intend to name a child in honor of ancestors - choose a happy relative. Kinoheroy, actors of the theater, famous brands are also not the best idea. Although the US is gaining momentum names that are consonant with the well-known brands, goods firms. Automobile names among such incidents are the most popular - Celiki, Deliky, Infiniti and Chevy, so the girls are called car-loving parents.