calculation of the day of ovulation Ovulation is the day when it is possiblefertilization, as a mature ovum leaves the ovary and is ready to meet with the sperm. The life of an egg lasts only 24 hours, so much time is spent for its fertilization.

Methods for calculating ovulation

That's why many couples planningpregnancy or, on the contrary, wishing to avoid it, try to calculate the day of ovulation. But correctly it turns out not always and not at all as there are many factors influencing an organism. Because of this, there may be an imbalance, that is, the menstrual cycle is broken, various diseases appear, etc. Nevertheless, there are ways by which you can calculate the day of ovulation, observing certain rules. ways to calculate ovulation

Calculate the day of ovulation with a calculator

This method is effective only if ywomen have a regular menstrual cycle, but if not, then the information can not be considered accurate, especially if the day of ovulation is calculated in order to protect against pregnancy. You can use it as an online calculator, presented on various women's sites, and for self-calculation. If you can connect to the Internet, then everything is much easier. In the online calculator you will need to enter the necessary data, and the program will calculate everything yourself. If you have a desire to make a calculation yourself and find out how this method works, then this is done as follows. It is necessary to know the date of the onset of the next menstruation, 12 is subtracted from it, and then another 4. In the interval between the days received, ovulation occurs. For example, the next menstruation should be on December 19, so 19-12 = 7, 7-4 = 3, therefore, the onset of ovulation is possible from December 3 to December 7.

Know the body language

Of course, this can not be accuratebecause not all girls know about all the manifestations of their body, but there are also such sensitive girls that the day of ovulation can be determined by the signs that the body gives.

  • pain in the lower abdomen - may not be manifested in everyone,Often, ovulation occurs more painlessly, but remember, the pains are pulling, can bring light discomfort, but it should not be blunt or severe cutting pains, if this is observed constantly, you need to see a doctor;
  • Ovulation by "rawegg whites ", that is, for secretions that are very much reminiscent of it. It is very important to observe exactly how they look. After the end of menstruation, there is no slime, then it appears gradually, eventually becomes sticky, creamy, then watery. These secretions become more viscous and dense at the time of greatest fertility. The older a woman becomes, the fewer days she gets such mucus;
  • The position of the uterus - before you startExamination, thoroughly wash your hands. The uterus has the property of changing in size, namely, in days of ovulation it is open, soft, uplifted, moist, on ordinary days it is located lower, to the touch more dry and firm.

Thus, by observing changes in the body,you can determine not only the onset of ovulation, but also see how the whole body works, which means that in the event of a disruption in his work, you can identify it and consult a doctor in time to eliminate the disease. basal body temperature measurement

Measurement of basal body temperature

This method is preferred by many girls and women,it is recommended by doctors, since it is economical, one of the exact ones, it can be used independently at home. This is possible due to the fact that the temperature of the body under the influence of the work of hormones can decrease or increase. Therefore, measuring the basal temperature shows the work of the female body, the onset of ovulation, the absence or the onset of pregnancy. To use this method, the temperature should be measured at least 3-6 menstrual cycles. Only then the general picture will be clear, and it is possible to decipher the received data. In addition, to determine the day of ovulation with the help of basal temperature, you need to know some rules, only under these conditions everything will be done correctly:

  • measure the temperature at the same time every day in the morning;
  • basal temperature is measured after a calm night sleep lasting at least 3-6 hours;
  • the mercury thermometer should be measured, the rest are considered less sensitive and less accurate, for this take one thermometer and throughout the measurement time use only it;
  • the temperature should be measured through the mouth, rectum or vaginally, mainly measured through the rectum;
  • stopping the choice on one of the measurement options, stick to it at all times;
  • when vaginal measurement, the thermometerthe middle, the temperature is measured 5 minutes, through the oral cavity hold the thermometer under the tongue 3 minutes, through the rectum - the tip of the thermometer is smeared with baby cream, so that the measurement procedure is less unpleasant, keep 5 minutes;
  • children's cream, a thermometer must be prepared in advance from the evening, so that in the morning you can do everything calmly, without unnecessary movements;
  • Before measurement it is impossible to rise, make sharp movements, prepare a thermometer so that it was possible to reach to it by slow movement;
  • it makes no sense to measure the temperature inIf you: get sick with viral diseases, take contraceptives, drugs that were forbidden during temperature measurement, took alcohol on the day before, entered the day before the measurement into sexual intercourse;
  • the obtained data should be entered into the table, after which a schedule will be drawn on which you can see if the onset of ovulation has occurred.

When measuring basal temperature,attention that after the hour time, the temperature will rise every hour, and it is impossible to consider these figures as accurate. If, for example, you woke up earlier, go to the toilet, but then want to lie down again, then you first need to measure the temperature and only then do other things. The basal temperature on the graph will be the boundary between the first and second phases of the cycle. On the day of ovulation, as a rule, the temperature is considered the lowest, and after it rises. This phenomenon is perfectly normal, because under the influence of the hormone progesterone the body prepares for the onset of pregnancy, if fertilization does not occur, then before the menses the temperature again comes back to normal, gradually dropping. This method has its pros and cons. Pluses:

  • inexpensive method - the only thing you need to buy a thermometer to measure basal temperature;
  • suitable for women with irregular menstrual cycles;
  • the method can also be used later to prevent unwanted pregnancies (sexual intercourse should be avoided during the most fertile days).

Disadvantages of the method:

  • inconvenience - to measure the temperature is necessary every morning, and the nature of cervical mucus should be monitored throughout the day;
  • if you suddenly get sick, all the results will be in vain, because the disease and even the change of climate or work can lead to a disruption of the menstrual cycle, which will cross out the whole picture for this month;
  • for a relatively accurate definition of the day of ovulation, tracking should be at least 2-3 months, preferably six months.

pharmacy tests for ovulation

Pharmacy tests

It is a good way, working on the principle ofmeasuring the level of luteinizing hormone in the urine. Such tests can be purchased without a prescription at any pharmacy. But they are a good assistant only if you have a regular menstrual cycle and there is no deficiency of luteinizing hormone. In the second case, the test may indicate that there was no ovulation, although in fact it has occurred. But with a regular cycle, you can use them. Tests show a positive result already the day before ovulation, this gives extra time for planning sexual life with the aim of possible conception of the child. The principle of operation of such tests is based on the fact that the level of luteinizing hormone before ovulation increases, therefore, soon an egg will leave one of your ovaries. In the calculation, if the second strip is weak on the test, it must also be taken into account. Advantages of this method are greater accuracy, convenience than when measuring basal temperature, and prediction of ovulation for 6 hours before its onset, which greatly facilitates the timing of intercourse. In addition, you do not need to count every day, just use the test in the middle of the cycle. When buying, do not forget to look at the expiration date. But there are also disadvantages. These tests are not an economical option, because it is quite expensive, and for one cycle they will have to spend 20-50 dollars on them. This method does not work well for women who have an irregular menstrual cycle. In addition, if you are taking medications that help improve fertility, an ovulation test may show an unreliable result. These options are the most common ones to calculate ovulation. Which of the ways to use, it's up to you: to deal with plotting the changes in basal temperature or just buy a test in the pharmacy.