how to apologize to a guy Every person once had to asksomeone's forgiveness. Apology is an expression of guilt and remorse for what has been done or said wrongly. It's a request that you stop being angry. And yet, sometimes it is very difficult to swallow your pride and say: "Dear, I'm sorry!". If you find it difficult to find the right words to apologize gracefully and with dignity to your loved ones, read this article. It deals with how to do it best. So, let's learn to apologize correctly.

We find the cause of the problem

You can not apologize to a guysincerely, if you do not really understand what you are asking for forgiveness. If you do not think that you have done something wrong, but at the same time apologize, your words will sound unconvincing. Try to think everything over, weigh it, take its place. Perhaps the reason is not in you. And is it worth making concessions then? After all, if you once take the blame on yourself, then in the future you will be extreme.

Apologize - does not mean excusing

Apology with excuses is no longerapology. Take full responsibility for your mistake. Recognize that you were wrong, and do it resolutely and without reservations. Justifying yourself, you try to take off part of the guilt. A partial apology is often worse than if you did not say anything at all. Imagine that you, for example, were jealous of a guy. So, you quarreled, but there were no reasons for manifesting such stormy feelings, since he loves only you. We must ask for forgiveness. Agree, if you begin to reproach a young man with that part of the blame and on it, another scandal will erupt. And this you need? how nice to apologize to a guy

Choose the right moment

Many of the fair sexI wonder when and how to apologize to a guy so it's not too late. Sometimes it's better to do it right after your mistake, and sometimes it's better to wait. On the one hand, your sharpness can be mitigated by a quick "forgive" and passionate kiss. But it sometimes happens that an offended person needs some time to cool before he can hear your apologies. Nevertheless, the earlier you can apologize to a guy for his misdemeanors, the more likely that they will be considered as errors in judgment, and not as shortcomings of your character. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to adjust the relationship with the words "well, that's it for me, but forgive me for being so bad." Let's just say, if you are to blame, it's better not to wait more than two days. Otherwise, the guy just might not want to talk to you. If the problem is of a mutual nature, then you can try to talk and the next day. But even if you are white and fluffy, and he is evil and disgusting, try to go to the world.

Learn to speak correctly

How to apologize to a guy so he immediatelyforgive? It is necessary to do it beautifully and correctly. Do not use the words "but" or "if" ("I'm sorry, but ...") at the end of my long and intelligent speech. This very "however" has a clear subtext - "In fact, I do not regret." Below are a few formulations of apologies that will help you in such a delicate problem, and the second option is presented - wrong. Between them there is a huge difference. Some say that you admit that you have done something wrong and take full responsibility for it. Others say that you are trying to remove this blame from yourself, because you think that you have done nothing wrong. They give reason to believe that you do not even realize that you actually did something wrong. And the guy might even think that you want to transfer your guilt to someone else (his own, relatives, friends, random passers-by, a dog, a bus, etc.). It's right to say: "I'm sorry that I offended you," "I apologize for being late; it's embarrassing for me that I have to wait an extra ten minutes "," Dear, I'm very ashamed that I forgot about your birthday! I just do not have an excuse! ". It is wrong to say: "I'm sorry if I offended", "I'm sorry that you are offended."

Learn to answer for your actions

Try to understand the reason for your actions. Did this happen because you are too busy with things to remember the significant dates? You tend to react too quickly to remarks, not waiting to consider alternative views? You are not completely satisfied with your life, and involuntarily transfer your dissatisfaction to others? Find your main problem and describe it to the one to whom you apologize - not as an excuse, but as an explanation. And immediately tell me what you intend to do to correct the mistake and avoid this mistake in the future. Otherwise, the guy will think that it's still there.

  • I forgot about the invitation, because I was veryloaded work recently. I'm really very much to blame for you. From today I will keep a record in the diary, this will help me plan the time and find more opportunities for our meetings.
  • I was very nervous and irritable lasttime, because I was worried because we do not have enough money. It seemed to me, dear, that you are angry with me for spending too much. Look, I made a list of necessary purchases, and more I will not spend money thoughtlessly.

apologize to the guy

Patience is the key to success

If your apologies are not accepted,thank your young man for listening to you at least: leave the "door" open so that he can reconcile with you later. For example, "I understand that you are still upset and angry with me, but I am grateful for the opportunity to apologize to me. If you still change your mind, please call me! ". Sometimes people are ready to forgive you, but they need a little more time to cool down. Remember: if someone accepted your apology, this does not always mean that he completely forgot about the insults inflicted. If this person is dear to you, then you should give him time so that his resentment for you will abate. After all, just as you needed to understand how to properly and nicely apologize, some people need to learn how to forgive. If the person to whom you apologize, categorically does not even want to communicate with you, then he does not deserve your attention. If you patiently waited for him to cool down, tried to apologize sincerely and gently, but he continues to be angry with you, then it is rather his problem. You have done everything possible to correct your mistake! In this case, just let the person go his own way, and go ahead yourself too.

What not to do to guilty persons

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to apologize toguy so as not to hit the dirt face. Pleas, tears, humiliation - this is not what you and he needs, if, of course, he is a normal person. You can give emotions later, when you are alone, so that no one sees you. Also, do not give gifts - you will not be able to buy forgiveness. In this way you will only push your loved one away from yourself. And even if he was ready to go to the world, in this case, pride will take its toll. You can bake a cake, make a romantic evening, cook a delicious dinner - it will be completely different. So he will understand that you tried to do something pleasant for him. We advise you to read: