how to win the lottery Probably, there is no such person in the world,who would not dream of winning a cash prize. We all of the time imagine ourselves to be the lucky owners of a million jackpot. However, not everyone is in a hurry to buy lottery tickets. They dreamed and dreamed, and calmed down. Why is this happening? Why does a person, dreaming of something, not strive to achieve his dream? And the question of how to win the lottery, and remains unanswered? Many simply do not believe in themselves and believe that their chances are minimal among those who want to participate in the rally. And so spending money on lottery tickets does not make sense at all. And indeed, if you look at the statistics - the probability of winning is very small. But people are playing! And most importantly, they win! Do not have to think long - can you win the lottery? Better try. Start small - buy a lottery ticket. You will automatically become a participant in the game, in which, alas, there are more losers than winners. The main thing is not to be fatalists and believe that only one lady "Luck" is able to help you win. After all, fate is treacherous. Someone she smiles even when you do not expect, and someone suffers defeat, being completely confident in the reverse course of events. You just need to help her, push her gaze in your direction. And here a few tips will help you.

Believe in the magic of numbers

The concept of numerology is familiar to all. And we all know that each person has his own special numbers that can bring him luck. So, in the game, the magic of numbers does work. You just need to calculate your number. First of all, luck attracts the number of your birth. For example, you were born on March 20, 1982. This means that your numbers: 20, 3 (March, the third month of the year) and again 20 (1 + 9 + 8 + 2 = 20). You can also use those numbers that correspond to the initials of your full name. Below you can see a sign with the correspondence of letters and numbers. А1 Д5 З9 М13 Р17 Ф21 Ш25 ​​Я29 Б2 Е6 И10 Н14 С18 Х22 Щ26 В3 Ё7 К11 О15 Т19 Ц23 Э27 Г4 Ж8 Л12 П16 У20 Ч24 Ю28 If you are determined to win, never treat this process lightly. All the figures that you will encounter at the time of preparation are of great importance. Pay attention to the day you bought the ticket: the number, month, year. Some knowledgeable people advise you to put it on the number in which the ticket was purchased. And if you bought it on May 1, 2012, then your numbers may well be: 1, 5 and 5. And if you take into account the days of the week, then it's best to go for a ticket on Monday or Tuesday morning. But Saturday and Sunday are more favored by the evening birds. Always look narrowly at the numbers that come to your way. For example, machine numbers, important dates, hands on the clock. If you notice that the same number repeats several times a day - this is your number! However, having crossed out the "your" numbers in the lottery ticket - do not relax. Let at this moment all your internal "I" will be configured to win, believe only in a successful outcome of the game, and the opportunity to win in will increase several times.

The Claus Joule Method

Can I win the lottery in another way,less complicated than counting numbers? Experts say that you can. There is a book by Claus J. Joule in which he describes his methods and the possibilities of winning the lottery, horse racing or other sports events. The method is quite interesting and simple enough. You only need to make a journey into the future, of course, visually. Go to the quietest room in your apartment, preferably so that no one can stop you. Take a comfortable pose - relax in a soft chair or lie on the couch, close your eyes. Now imagine what you eat on the train. Each station that you pass is one day. Let's say your game is scheduled in a week, so you need to get off at the seventh station. Coming out of the train, find the nearest newsstand and buy there a magazine in which you must publish your winning ticket. Read carefully and try to remember the numbers that you won. Remember? Then quickly take the return train - and go home. Digits write in a notebook. Of course, not all of them can be winning, and then include your intuition, choosing those that you prefer. This is the way for people who have a good imagination. Do not treat him skeptically, because our subconscious sometimes throws out things that are hard to believe. So trust him and the results will not be long in coming. win the lottery

Clothes and food also matter

How to win the lottery relying only on yourself,not using fantasy and magic numbers? Here, too, there are methods and tips. Going after a lottery ticket, pay attention to how you are dressed. Your things should not have red and yellow shades. Most likely it will be black or just a dark color. Even underwear try to choose darker. A cage, peas and a strip are also excluded. These colors only scare away luck. In addition, you should not dress up in a new dress and shoes - leave new things for the next weekend. And a minimum of ornaments. What you can afford is a silver chain. The main thing is no gold. Day after three or four before the start of the lottery, exclude from your diet dairy products, beets, garlic and other spices. In this period it is better to eat meat, as well as eggs and fruits.

Astrologers advise ...

Can I win the lottery based on thepredictions of astrologers? And why not try it! However, the point is that astrologers believe that luck is not all smiling. And the person who loves fortune does exactly his horoscope. And it should be special. Namely, a person should be marked by two planets - Uranus and Jupiter. But that's not all. The planets should favor him on this day, that is, have a good attitude to the "money houses". It is not without reason that in ancient times Jupiter was considered a beneficent planet. It is in the horoscope that it stands for financial stability and ways to get it. But Uranus is a planet of surprises. He then provides the person with such an unexpected way of earning as a prize in the lottery. With this method, everything is more complicated than with the previous ones. After all, in order to find out how the planets are located in the time period you need, you need an appeal to a professional astrologer. And only they will be able to give you a detailed answer about how to win the lottery, being under the favorable influence of the planets.

Material gain is also a lottery

This method does not imply cash prizes. But you can not only find happiness in money! For example, you dream of a new car. And now all you need is to find a suitable lottery. Cars often get used to the rallies quite often, so there should not be any problems with this. So, is it possible to win a car in the lottery? And here everything depends on you. Find a contest and take part in it. Remember the main rule - what do you think about, then you will receive! Say out loud the name of the machine, its color, the material for the upholstery. In general, everything connected with it. Dream a little about the fact that a new car is already yours, you eat it around the city, causing the envy of all acquaintances. Also help with drawings from the car or the statement that you have already received a cherished prize, hanging around the house. The main thing is to believe in yourself and in the fact that you will always succeed!

Do not get carried away

If you decide to try one of these methodsthe main thing to remember, under no circumstances, do not give the last money for a lottery ticket. And you do not have to wonder - is it possible to win money for an operation in the lottery? Your life or the life of another person should in no case depend on whether you lose or win. If fate turned to you face, and you have already won a certain amount of money - stop. After all, luck is a capricious girl and does not like those who exploit her for her own gain. You can easily be offended ... All your actions should be easy and at ease. Let it be like a habit - once a month get a lottery ticket. And, in the end, fate will be on your side!