how to use makeup to enlarge the eyes What is there to say: skillfully painted eyes always look brighter and seem more than they really are. No wonder so popular are the pictures "before and after makeup" in the portfolio of professional make-up artists, and beauty bloggers actively (and willingly) demonstrate the magical effect of such a transformation on their own faces. And if the first modestly store their professional secrets, then the girl-girls are just trying to disclose and disclose these secrets. Considering the eternal dissatisfaction of women with their appearance, the desire to always look better and better, we will take the liberty of presenting a set of rules and an overview of receptions and tricks that tell how to enlarge the eyes with the help of make-up.

What can and should, and what can not

Small eyes are a relative concept. So, probably, the black beauty of the eyes of European goods seem small, while almost any girl of Asian appearance will envy the size and depth of all the same European eyes. However, the eyes of absolutely any size and section can be increased: due to properly imposed shadows and deceptive lines, they will definitely look more. So, what can and should be done to do this?

  • use a combination of dark and light shadows;
  • use eyeliner;
  • use false eyelashes and curler;
  • Use a white (beige) pencil to draw the lower eyelid;
  • Use dark shadows or a pencil for the bottom arrow;
  • draw lines and arrows, going beyond the natural contours of the eye;
  • it is necessary to use the feather shading technique and shots.

What not to do at all:

  • draw a dark eyeliner lower eyelid;
  • close the lower and upper arrows in a single contour;
  • use colored mascara for the eyes.

On what to pay attention, choosing means and technique of a make-up:

  • shape and color of the eyes;
  • shape of eyebrows;
  • hair color.

Do not forget, please, that the sametechniques of visual eye enlargement are not suitable for small Asian eyes and for small round and deep-set eyes. The technique of make-up in these cases will be different, although the rules for its application will remain the same. Remember that the task of your makeup is not just about increasing your eyes: your image should be thought out, harmonious and finished. And therefore, use colors that suit your image (romantic, business, etc.) and your type of appearance (winter, summer, autumn, spring). how to increase your eyes with makeup

Stages of make-up that increases the eyes

Having chosen your color range of cosmetics, tryto start using the universal algorithm of magic make-up. Such makeup will increase absolutely any eyes, even those that do not need it at all.

  • The first stage - eyebrows Yes, do not be surprised! If you have small eyes, then low and too thick eyebrows are not for you, and therefore you will have to raise them and refine them with the help of an ordinary tweezers and a pencil (eye shadow) for the eyebrows.
  • The second stage is the laying of the foundation. It can consist offrom the usual day cream and foundation. Do not forget also about the concealer, with which you can disguise minor shortcomings: dark circles under the eyes, pimples, etc.
  • The third stage - applying shadowslight shades of mother-of-pearl shades for highlighting the upper eyelid, and very, very light shadows cast under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye. Dark shadows can be slightly colored over the fold of the upper eyelid from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.
  • The fourth stage is the outline of the eye. The inner side(mucous) of the lower eyelid make up a white pencil (hypoallergenic kayal). The upper eyelid along the line of eyelash growth with a dark pencil, and the lower one - below the line of growth of the eyelashes. Lower the arrow well.
  • The fifth stage - eyelashes Twist and thickly make upupper eyelashes (only not colored ink!). Lower eyelashes tint only slightly or do not tint. But in the second case, try gluing several overhead cilia to the outer edge of the lower eyelid and a little below the real eyelashes (along the arrow drawn).

That, strictly speaking, that's all. Even these five steps will help you achieve a visual increase in the eyes. However, if your eyes are not only small, but have other features, then try to use advice from professionals for corrective make-up. enlarge your eyes with makeup

Corrective make-up of small eyes

  • Asian eyes

To expand narrow eyes will help the deceptive contourline, drawn under the lower eyelashes. "Lift" the crease of the upper eyelid on such eyes will allow the drawn line simulating this fold: from the center of the eyelid to the upper edge of the eye. Only this line should be applied with a brown pencil, carefully shaded and masked with powder or beige (brown) shadows. It will help to make the eyes more open and a white outline along the inner side of the lower eyelid.

  • Close-set eyes

"Spread" small and close-set eyeswill help correction of the eyebrows (they need to be slightly pulled out from the bridge of the nose). Concealer, light tone or light shadows, superimposed on the eyelid at the bridge of the nose, as well as brightened inner corners of the eyes, will also help to correct the effect of closely-set eyes. And also an excellent way of correction will be long false eyelashes glued only to the outer corners of the eyes.

  • Eyes with heavy eyelids

Fold the upper eyelid with dark shadows andthoroughly shake. Dark shadows on the crease of the century should gradually and naturally move into a very light color of shadows superimposed on the moving part of the upper eyelid and under the bend of the eyebrow. The outline of the lower and upper eyelid, drawn with a pencil, must be shaded to the effect of a thick haze. In general, it is possible to list all the possibilities of corrective make-up for a very long time, we had a slightly different task for you. We needed to enlarge the eyes, the size of which does not suit their owner. By the way, small eyes - this does not mean ugly. Believe that any woman is beautiful (especially in the eyes of a man in love). But to us, picky and demanding, we want to be even more beautiful. Therefore, we are looking for answers to questions about how to increase the eyes with make-up, how to make them even more expressive, while itself still look more charming. Well, there is no limit to perfection, so dare! We advise you to read: