omelet in the oven Certain things, music, people foreverconnect us with specific events. So, all the well-known song "Where the childhood goes" reminds of the last call, the sweet perfume aroma stirs the image of the first lover in memory. Each has its own "strings" that connect with the past. Remember the lush and airy eggs fried in the school cafeteria during the Soviet era? For sure, this dish is associated most with a carefree and joyful childhood. You can surrender to memories by looking at photos, smelling or eating certain dishes. Today, we will reveal the secrets of cooking appetizing food. We suggest making an omelet in the oven, adding it with vegetables, mushrooms or meat ingredients: sausage, balyk and others. Going for shopping, try to buy homemade eggs - they get better. Those who follow their figure, we recommend giving preference to the dish on the water. In extreme cases, you can use low-fat kefir or curdled milk. Well, if you do not worry about extra calories, choose the most delicious recipe for scrambled eggs with milk.

Omelette "Children's"

This option comes from childhood, only if earlierThe eggs for you were made by cooks in the kindergarten or in the school cafeteria, which took a classic recipe, but today it can be cooked by yourself, a little departing from the traditions. This will require a fairly economical set of products: pasteurized milk, eggs and a little oil. Usually the dish is fried in a frying pan, but we'll go the other way - bake an omelet in the oven. Some mistresses mistakenly believe that the flouriness of the product gives flour. Of course, if you wish, you can enter a few grams into the egg mixture. In this case, the food will be more dense. However, in fact, the whole secret is directly in the procedure for whipping the food. Most simply connect the eggs with milk and mix the whisk. Real professionals advise to take into account another recipe: first separate the yolks from the proteins, placing them in different bowls. Then carefully "sweat" each ingredient with a mixer or a conventional fork until a thick foam forms. After combine all in one bowl, add a warm dairy product and mix several more times. A delicious omelet is also obtained with cream, sour cream, yogurt. The most low-calorie is a dish, cooked on the basis of boiled or mineral water. Due to the small amount of flour or mango added to the mixture, you can achieve a density - the eggs will rise well, but will not turn out to be too delicate. We have uncovered several culinary secrets, and how to proceed, which recipe to apply in practice, each hostess decides on her own. Our business is to tell you, yours is to cook. So, let's go back to the "children's" omelet. Ingredients (based on six average servings):

  • 500 milliliters of slightly warmed milk
  • ten selected eggs
  • a small spoonful of shallow salt
  • 12 grams of butter (needed to lubricate the walls of the mold)

Cooking method: Let's start with the recommendations regarding utensils, namely: the omelette can be made in a special heat-resistant glass form, or for lack of such use a regular pan with a thick bottom. Naturally, it should not have any plastic or other elements that will spoil in the oven under the influence of temperature. To ensure that the product is not burned, it is necessary to pre-treat the inner walls and the bottom of the dish beforehand with oil. Now, directly about the omelet: many believe that the dish is lush, only if you add baking soda or wheat flour to it. This is not entirely true, just above we mentioned that there is a certain procedure for whipping the ingredients: yolks apart from proteins. However, if you do not have enough time for this, put into practice a simpler recipe. So, combine in one bowl home eggs and barely warm milk. Add salt, if desired, enter a couple of pinch of sugar. Now start vigorously mixing, gradually increasing the speed of movement. You can work with a whisk or a fork. When you master the task and the mixture becomes homogeneous and lush, treat the form with butter. Then turn on the oven and heat it to 200 degrees. Omelet mass pour into the prepared dishes for this, which you send to the oven. Please note that the dish will rise about one and a half to two times, so it is not recommended to completely fill out the form. Prepare the omelet for about 25-30 minutes, while trying not to open the door, otherwise it will settle. Once the product is browned and enough to grasp, turn off the oven and hold the eggs in it for some time. Then cut it into small portions and serve it on the table. We hope that this recipe at least for a couple of minutes will bring you back to a carefree childhood! omelet in the oven recipe

Omelette "Greek"

If the first recipe is surely familiar to many, thenthe following dish is a rather unusual combination for a Russian person. Well, did you ever have to try fried eggs with figs and almonds? That's the same. A taste of an air omelette is worth it, because nutmeg, which has a spicy-hot taste, gives it piquancy, and cinnamon - an incredible flavor. The great advantage of the food is that it is very easy and easy to prepare. Spend a little time to get an unforgettable pleasure from appetizing and healthy food. Ingredients:

  • 1000 milliliters of stock milk
  • two large spoons of ground almonds
  • 220 grams of sifted flour
  • four figs
  • salt - according to your taste
  • eight milliliters of vegetable oil
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • dining room (without a slide) a spoonful of sugar
  • nutmeg - at your discretion

Cooking method: The first thing is very good sift flour, this will help make a more homogeneous dough. Then lightly heat the milk, not bringing it to a boil, and combine it with the eggs. The latter is first recommended to whip a little with a fork. Pour the wheat product into liquid ingredients, add salt and nutmeg. Thoroughly mix the mass so that not a single lump remains. In the end, you should get an elastic, elastic dough for the future omelet. Cover it with a plate or lid and let it brew for about half an hour. You can prepare an omelette in many ways. Some prefer a quick dish of eggs and milk, fried in a frying pan. This is an appetizing option for every day, and if you want variety, you can safely pamper your loved ones with scrambled eggs "in Greek", especially since her recipe is now familiar to you. Let's return to culinary creativity: cut thin strips of figs, and chop the almonds with a blender. Combine both ingredients with ground cinnamon and gradually, adding small portions, enter into omelet mass. Put it in a heat-treated dish and put it in the oven. To make the product beautiful, gently level it on top with a spatula and sprinkle with sugar. Cooking "Greek" fried eggs is recommended at a low temperature - heat the oven to a maximum of 180-190 degrees. Bake the dish for half an hour, when you notice that it is covered with an appetizing golden brown crust, gently remove it, cover it with a towel and let it cool. Omelette with such an unusual taste and pleasant aroma is a great way to diversify the boring menu. So take note of the recipe and do not stop surprising the family with delicious and delicious dishes. Omelette recipe in the oven

Omelette from quail eggs with sausage and ham

Many are used to preparing a delicious omelet from ordinarydomestic chicken eggs, but there is far more than one recipe based on quail. Adding milk, get an air dish, and sausage in combination with a ham will make it quite satisfying. If desired, you can even introduce a little smoked fish, which will give the product a special flavor. This food is ideal for a quick snack with your family. Ingredients:

  • 20 milliliters of milk
  • fourteen quail eggs
  • salt
  • Ham and smoked fish - according to your taste
  • 15 grams of any sausage
  • small piece of butter

For decoration:

  • three feathers of spring onions
  • greens - if desired

Cooking method: Divide the miniature eggs into a deep bowl, then add the milk, a couple of grams of salt and mix thoroughly, actively working the whisk from the bottom up. Then cut small cubes of ham and sausage, send them into a frying pan with melted butter. Fry the ingredients for a short time - three to four minutes is enough. Now put the meat products in a baking dish, beforehand having processed it with oil, pour it all with the egg mixture and put it in a preheated oven. The right temperature for omelet cooking is 190 degrees. After 20 minutes, take out the dish, sprinkle it with chopped herbs, chopped onion rings. If desired, decorate the product with pieces of smoked fish. how to cook an omelet in the oven

Omelette with vegetables

Cooking a magnificent omelette is easy and simple, so whywould not learn a few recipes? Moreover, the modern rhythm of life involves doing everything quickly, with lightning speed. Work, study, caring for au pair - this takes time, so sometimes hands just do not get to cooking. Despite the fatigue and abundance of cases, I always want to eat. The following dish will help and satisfy the hunger, and save precious minutes. So we learn and act! Ingredients (for one serving):

  • homemade eggs - two pieces
  • 1/3 cup of milk
  • butter - for frying vegetables
  • four fresh large champignons
  • two tablespoons soy sauce
  • one ripe tomato
  • olive oil
  • dried rosemary
  • salt

Cooking method: First you need to fry the vegetables. Melt the butter in a pan and, in order not to lose time, turn on the oven to warm up. Then make a small incision on top of the tomato and beat it with boiling water, then with ice water. Due to a sharp temperature drop, the skin will burst - carefully remove it and chop the pulp with medium cubes. Clear the mushrooms, remove the stem and cut them into thin circles. Both ingredients fry over low heat until a dark golden hue. Please note that the vegetables should be semi-prepared. Eggs, together with milk, salt and the spices specified in the recipe, whisk into a thick foam. After that, add soy sauce to them and stir again. Process olive oil dishes in which you plan to bake an omelet, put vegetables in it, pour the egg mixture and send it to the oven. At a temperature of 220 degrees, the dish will be ready in ten to fifteen minutes. So that it does not immediately sit down, turn off the oven and hold the product in it until it cools down.

Omelette with fish

Finally, let's share another recipeincredibly mouth-watering omelet. The highlight of the dish is the presence of salted salmon. Although you can use other fish, for example, salmon is ideal. The egg mass is prepared on milk, if you want to improve the product, try to replace it with cream of medium fat content. Omelet will turn out insanely gentle! Ingredients:

  • three eggs
  • 45 grams of cream (milk)
  • 38 grams of slightly salted fish (take it at your discretion)
  • freshly squeezed lemon juice - to taste
  • butter - ten grams

Cooking method: Fish, peeled from bones and skin, cut into cubes and combine with omelet mixture. Prepare it simply: whip the whisk pasteurized milk and eggs, adding a little lemon nectar and salt. After put on the bottom of oiled dishes of salmon, pour it with the mixture obtained and send everything to a hot oven. The omelet in the oven is baked for no more than half an hour. As you can see, if you include fantasy, the usual dish turns into a real culinary masterpiece. So let your cuisine be delicious and varied!