olive oil for tanning "I know your sorcery, olive, you blood fromthe land you mine for the world. " Federico Garcia Lorca Do you like olive oil? Surely you will say that yes. And how can you not love it, if it is so rich in vitamins and useful trace elements, and any dish, flavored with it, gets a completely fantastic, delicate taste! Olive oil is used by housewives in cooking, they are actively used by girls who are dieting, with the help of it improve the condition of hair, nails, and skin. But did you know that our favorite olive oil can be used for sunburn? What is it, in fact, an excellent substitute for cosmetic products to give the skin a smooth, golden hue?

About the benefits of sunburn

Doctors all over the world are sounding the alarm: it turns out, you should avoid sunburn, as it is very harmful for the health of the skin. Negative exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause skin diseases, from pigmentation to cancer. Around the world advocates the refusal to stay in the sun for a long time, cosmetic companies that produce cream with SPF protection, flood the market with new offers, and in a number of countries prohibit visits to the solarium for persons under the age of majority. So what to do, sunbathe or not to sunbathe? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. For girls with thin white skin, prone to dryness and irritation, direct sunlight is really dangerous, especially without special protection. Entire generations of women - our mothers and grandmothers - were happy to "roast" in the bright sun, and many of them with age really got the unpleasant consequences, which were mentioned above. In the end, a couple of decades ago, few people would have thought of being smeared with sunscreen on the beach, and there were almost no such tools on sale (especially in our country). Over the past hundred years, the ecological situation in the world has changed for the worse, the ozone layer is slowly but surely destroyed, and being in the sun without special protection is becoming increasingly dangerous. So it is so, but still do not forget that not only harm brings us tender sun rays. Many scientists and doctors slowly (almost in a whisper) admit that a complete refusal to take sun baths is no less dangerous to health. All of us are children of the Sun, and all of us need its energy. Ultraviolet UV-B radiation helps our body to obtain such an important and essential vitamin D. It is he who participates in the process of suppressing the growth of cancer cells, restores metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Now, in connection with the general failure of sun tanning, many of us experience a serious deficit of this vitamin with all the ensuing consequences. Therefore, do not rush to extremes: sunbathe to burns without any protection, or, conversely, to hide all year round in the shade. You just need to reasonably and responsibly approach the issue of protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation and use the means to help you achieve even tan, and protect yourself from illness. To do this, do not be lazy and rub into the skin cream with a high content of SPF. Well, in addition to protecting the skin getting enough food and tanning turned out beautiful and smooth, you will need a wonderful, environmentally friendly product - olive oil. useful olive oil for sunburn

"Shop" lotion or olive little?

Deciding to go to a sunny beach, we wishas soon as possible to get a smooth, golden shade of skin. Most often for this purpose, special creams and lotions are purchased, which simply promise an excellent result. But, having run our eyes through the shelves with cosmetic means, we with horror understand how much money will have to pay for pretty color tubes, and after reading the composition on the package, we begin to doubt even more. Indeed, many of us have thin, sensitive skin, prone to allergic reactions. Despite the beautiful color and pleasant smell of an expensive lotion, we understand how many chemicals there are. And it's far from the fact that all of them favorably affect our skin (especially with regular application and in large quantities). So what to do, rely on the conscience of the manufacturer and take the risk of using these funds, or try something natural, absolutely safe for the skin condition? Of course, the second option is much preferable. And help us in this is just the usual olive oil, standing on the kitchen shelf of almost every house. It is not only safe for health, but also will bring considerable benefit to the skin that is in the sun. Olive oil is just a find for dry, sensitive skin. It will help it to soften and permanently retain moisture, so necessary for elasticity and elasticity. Olive oil rejuvenates the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles and prevents their appearance. In addition, using olive oil instead of cosmetic products, you will firmly believe that no allergic reaction after its application will happen. Is this not enough reason to take this natural product with you to the beach? Moreover, in numerous forums on the Internet devoted to sun tanning, an interesting trend is noticed: all the girls who use olive oil instead of the usual cosmetic means noticed that the tan sticks much faster and more evenly. Even if you are a white-skinned beauty, accustomed to blush in the first days in the sun and only get a dark skin color after a week, then when you use olive oil you will get an amazing result! On the second day your body will acquire the desired color of sunburn. In addition, the very shade of skin obtained from a tan with olive oil, will cause you a lot of enthusiasm. We all know that the "sea" tan is very different from the usual: it is always clear who in the beds sunbathing, and who is on the shore of the sea coast. And to explain it very simply: in sea water a high percentage of iodine. It is he who is responsible for that gentle, golden shade of skin that we bring from the spa holiday. Returning home, we quickly wash iodine from the deep layers of the epidermis, and we are very surprised why this sea tan is so quickly washed off. So, the trick is that there is a lot of iodine in the olives too, this element is preserved and olive oil, which we rub into the skin before sunbathing. That's why the skin turns so golden and beautiful that it is not possible to call such a tan a "river" language. So if you decide to lend a little to friends and acquaintances, saying that you spent your vacation not in the country, but in an expensive resort by the sea, you will be completely reliable, presenting as proof a radiant, golden skin from sunburn.

How to use olive oil for tanning

If you are afraid to look on the beach is silly, withfeet to the head smeared with brilliant olive oil, then your experiences are in vain. Of course, for a durable and smooth tan you need a sufficient concentration of this product, but it is not necessary to use it in its pure form. There are a lot of recipes for how to use oil to apply it to the skin. The most useful and effective of them we can imagine: Olive oil and water Perhaps the simplest and most labor-consuming method is to mix olive oil with pure drinking still water in a one-to-one ratio. Stir well the resulting mixture and pour it into a bottle with a spray gun for ease of application to the skin. If you think that olive oil is still not the cheapest product, you can not be upset: you need a very little oil, a hundred grammes. As a result, you will have at hand an excellent two-hundred-ounce homemade tanning lotion. Believe me, it will be enough for you for a long time. The only precaution: store this lotion correctly. If he lays in your beach bag for months, he can just get messed up. Therefore, keep it in the refrigerator, taking out every time for a couple of hours before going to the beach so that the oil warmed and melted. Olive oil plus coconut The benefits of olive oil are heard by many, but that's what is useful in coconut oil, most of us do not guess. Nevertheless, on the benefits of coconut oil for skin health, you can write whole treatises. Firstly, it contains a large amount of lauric acid, which in its chemical composition is very similar to the fatty acid contained in our skin. It kills harmful bacteria and prevents the appearance of warts, pimples and freckles on the skin. Secondly, coconut oil is a wonderful antioxidant that prevents aging of the skin, it protects from the dangerous effects of ultraviolet rays. In addition, coconut oil promotes the exfoliation of dead skin cells and the regeneration of new ones. Perfectly absorbed in the skin, it moisturizes and protects it, being an excellent tool for a healthy, even skin color. Therefore, it is not surprising that in combination with olive oil, coconut does real miracles. Using such a mixture for sunburn, you very quickly get a beautiful, golden shade of the skin without any harm to health. Prepare such a tanning lotion is not difficult: just mix both oils in equal proportions. To rub this mixture on a damp body is a proven sunscreen that helps to get a quick and even tan. However, if you first went to the beach, you should not abandon conventional creams with SPF protection, otherwise you risk "toasting" in the sun. Olive oil with lemon and iodine It is widely known that lemon is rich in vitamin C content, and is also an excellent remedy for getting rid of pigment spots and freckles. Due to the fact that lemon is a bleaching agent, it should be used only in tanning lotion when you already light up a little. No, you do not lose your tan and do not become milky white after using this lotion, because you will need just a few drops of lemon juice. On the contrary, together with a golden tan you will get a flowering, well-groomed skin that has received enough nutrition and moisturizing. We spoke about the benefits of iodine for sunburn earlier, discussing the reason for the beautiful tan on the sea coast. But a pleasant golden shade is not the only effect of this element, as it literally "awakens" our skin, making it soft and supple. Do you know that workers who hand-wash sea kale, rich in iodine, soften the skin of the hands and become smooth? The same effect is observed and from various cosmetic means for skin care, rich in this element. Therefore, it is quite clear that a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and iodine is a wonderful tool not only for a beautiful tan, but also for the health of the skin as a whole. In order to prepare this mixture, we need about half a cup of butter, half a lemon juice and five drops of iodine tincture (do not overdo it with iodine - in large quantities it will not be of use). To store such a tanning lotion is better in a glass bottle in a dark, cool place. Olive oil with cocoa To all lovers of chocolate and cocoa drinks, we can offer to use this wonderful product not inwards, but on the surface of the skin. Having got used to count calories in each slice of delicacy or a cup of a tasty drink, you and do not suspect, how much cocoa powder and cocoa butter for health of a skin are how much useful. They contain valuable minerals such as zinc, iron and melanin pigment, which can protect the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. In addition, cocoa perfectly removes stress, tones up the skin and increases its elasticity. To prepare this lotion we will need: olive, coconut and cocoa butter in equal proportions. It is necessary to mix these ingredients and lightly heat on a water bath so that the mixture becomes homogeneous. After that, add one teaspoon of cocoa powder and stir well. Of course, ideally for this lotion would come natural grated cocoa, but if there is none, then the usual powder will do. Thanks to this mixture your body will quickly acquire a luxurious chocolate shade. the right olive oil for tanning

Olive oil: double benefit

We talked a lot about how important it was to applyolive oil on the surface of the skin for what is beautiful and even tan. And have you ever thought that the usual use of this oil as food can help you to find the tan of your dreams? Surprisingly, this is a fact: olive oil contains substances that can not only protect the skin from burns, but also give it a wonderful golden hue. And not only with external, but also with internal application. Have you ever thought about why men manage to get tanned much faster than we women do? After all, they should appear in the sun, as their skin immediately darkens, and from sunburns they suffer much less than ours. How can you not envy these lucky ones: no birth, no epilation, and even sunbathe faster and more smoothly than we do. What is the secret, why such injustice? In fact, there is no secret here. Their quick tan is simply explained: the male skin is fifteen to twenty percent denser than ours, and besides it contains a lot of melanin. It is this substance in the skin that is responsible for protection from burns and for a smooth, beautiful tan. Perhaps, with the density of the skin, we can do nothing (and we do not want to, honestly), but to increase the amount of melanin - are quite capable. There are many food products, with which you can increase the amount of melanin, so necessary for a good tan. And among them, of course, is olive oil. You can eat salads seasoned with these oils, or add it to a few drops in your favorite juices and drinks - the result will be the same. The main thing - do it immediately before sunbathing. There is a well-known saying: "We are what we eat". And this is absolutely true. Using olive oil regularly, we enrich our body with important microelements and vitamins, improve the work of the stomach and intestines. And it is not surprising that thanks to these effects on the body, our skin just blooms - it becomes tender, smooth and velvety. And it is this kind of skin that can get the most even, most beautiful tan. So the conclusion is obvious: eat olive oil and rejoice in the fact that you have achieved an amazing, golden tan.

Interesting facts about olive oil

  • According to the ancient Greek myth, an olive tree was created by the goddess of war - Athena.
  • The great ancient Greek philosopher and philosopher Aristotle singled out a whole science for studying the properties of olive oil.
  • The oil is olive oil, consecrated with special church rites and used in many Christian services.
  • For polishing diamonds, olive oil is used for the first pressing.
  • Raw olive fruit is characterized by a bitter, unpleasant taste. Before becoming suitable for food, the olive is soaked for about a month in a special brine.
  • Cream based on olive oil - an excellent remedy for cellulite.
  • In one glass of olive oil (two hundredsixteen grams) contains 29.1 grams of saturated fat, 21.6 polyunsaturated and 159.6 grams of monounsaturated fats. The latter two species are very useful for the body due to the fact that they help fight against obesity.

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