The first - and so far the only one -beautiful blonde Olga Arntgolts married Vakhtang Beridze in 2009. Last year, the couple parted. According to rumors, because of the changes Vakhtang. And surrounded by a couple of rumors that young people just hurried with the marriage. Be that as it may, together Vakhtang and Olga lived for six years. They had a daughter Anna - the girl this year was three years old. Since then, Olga seemed to have buried her personal life - not even met with anyone. But, it seems, the actress tried simply not to advertise the fact that she is meeting someone.Photo:As, the other day Olga was noticed at the door of one of the antenatal clinics in Moscow. The emerging belly of the actress hid a voluminous sweater. The blonde went straight to the ultrasound room. And then - back home. The conclusion is quite obvious - Olga is expecting a second child. As it became known to journalists, this version is also supported by the fact that Olga has recently refused to play roles in films. Yes, and on the stage no longer appears - apparently, she protects herself from stress that pregnant women have never benefited from. Corrosive reporters made an assumption about who the future dad is. Probably, this is the director Dmitry Petrun, whom Olga met on the set of the series "Officers' Wives". As the friend of the future mother Anna Vertinskaya told "StarHit", the director immediately drew attention to the bright girl. In addition, the shooting took place in Ukraine during the coup. Therefore, Dmitry and Olga spent a lot of time together, not only on the set, but also outside it - it was safer. Dmitry himself does not deny that he had an affair with one of the Arntgolts twins. But I'm not ready to share details and plans about the wedding yet. By the way, Dmitry also has a child from a previous marriage - he was married to actress Olga Krasko, their daughter Olesya is growing up.