Trendy trends of the summer season What can not do without this summera real fashionista? Want to know what fashion trends this summer are stored in the wardrobe of celebrities? Today we reveal the secrets of Hollywood celebrities: what they wear this summer and what is the secret of the stunning images of this season. This summer, you can safely experiment with color. Moreover, this summer, bright outfits are ideal for both evening dresses and going out. The hit of this summer is dresses with an open back from the fabrics of pastel and leopard colors. Having such an outfit in your wardrobe, you will certainly eclipse others at any party. Summer dress in a flower, like Jessica Alba, will give your image finesse and romance. The fetish of Hollywood in this season is mini shorts of different colors and styles. Having in your wardrobe this fashion thing, you will become the object of close attention to the fans of slender legs. In such shorts, you can go not only to the beach or shopping, but even to a dinner party. Mini-shorts look great with high-heeled shoes, a jacket and accessories. A small black dress is also actual, as before. However, this season designers offer to play with cut: in fashion asymmetry of form. Do not be afraid to experiment with color, because this summer in the course of bright colors. To create a unique image, use bright, saturated colors in clothes. See how Gwyneth Paltrow looks great in a bright cyclo-dress. A wide belt in this season has become a universal panacea for almost any outfit. Catherine Zeta Jones prefers to wear such a belt with a turquoise dress made of flowing fabric. Also it can be worn with tops, shirts and tunics. As a rule, in the wardrobe of every woman there are universal things for all occasions. Purple is a universal color for the summer season 2010. Dress of this shade will not let you get lost in the crowd. This summer in vogue bright dresses with an unusual pattern, flowing hem and deep decollete. This outfit is suitable for a day cocktail, and as an evening dress, it is only necessary to throw a ballet or a fashionable jacket. We advise you to read: