Unusual rings - an attractive novelty of the season Bijouterie and jewelry recentlytake more and more amazing and unusual shapes due to the bizarre flight of the imagination of modern designers. Well, tell me, what can there be in common between such formidable, purely masculine weapons as brass knuckles and modern fashion for jewelry? But the "not zamylenny" eye of the artist saw even here the original idea. An interesting find in the fashion of 2011, undoubtedly, will be jewelry and bijouterie in the form of twin and even rings. Look like these rings and rings in different ways, but attention is attracted unequivocally. Thin, refined jewelry decorated with natural gems or sparkling with rhinestones jewelry, in the form of twin and built rings, will undoubtedly interest those who love everything new and are not afraid to experiment. The increased "useful area" allows such rings to be populated with original compositions from wingless butterflies and exotic inflorescences. Ladies jewelry "a la kastet" is generously decorated with many colored enamels, beads, natural and artificial pearls. For men, such jewelry is offered in a more aggressive design. Since this year again coming into fashion, all sorts of rocker accessories and costume jewelery, naturally double and built massive men's rings will be decorated with awesome skulls, bones, thorns and various chains. People are irresistibly tempted by everything that is not standard and original. Therefore, jewelry such a non-conventional form will certainly be in high demand, especially in warm seasons.