"Nostalgia" for Soviet games As they say, everything new is a well-forgottenold. And if not completely forgotten and evoking pleasant memories from the past, then this is even better. So adults are even useful to periodically nostalgic about the old days. People tend to compare old times with the present. Then de and the products were more natural, the sun is brighter, the grass is greener and ice cream is 10 cents ... Sometimes this is due to the fact that in a real life a person does not have so many joys, so he turns to good memories in the past. Or he has too much free time, so he has nothing to occupy himself. And sometimes similar references to the past are connected with the fact that a person tries to acquaint the younger generation with the history of their childhood, compare these epochs. And to make the children more interesting, you do not need to tell them about the economic or political situation, better teach them their childhood games, especially since recently many undeservedly forgotten games regain their former popularity. In Soviet Union were truly a people's game. Since 1936, the USSR championship in this sport has been held annually. And in the 1960's and 70's. they played over 350 thousand people throughout the country. However, by the 1980s and 1990s. interest began to fall, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, even stopped producing inventory for the game. However, in the XI century the situation changed for the better. Now even draws of the Cup of Europe on small towns, and in Russia the interest to them again began to revive. This is a wonderful kind of entertainment for a family picnic, walking with friends or even corporate. The game refers to the motor-minded, the rules are not complex, involving dexterity, precision and a little strength. It can be both command and individual. In general, almost any person will be able to find something in the towns for themselves. Gaming machines of modern children are unlikely to surprise. They are high-tech, immersed in the game as much as possible and bring it closer to reality. But instead of going with the child to another raid against the terrible monsters, it's better to take him to the museum of Soviet slot machines. Now there are about 40 cars exhibited, many of which still work! And they can even be played in them. You'll find there "Sea Battle", "Magistral", "Autoralli", "Sniper" and even the "Towns" already mentioned. Table football and basketball are familiar to modern children, but in Soviet performance and they will attract their attention. So store 15 kopecks, you can not get out of such a museum soon. At the same time, you yourself "shake the old days" and how to have fun. But the Soviet now is at the peak of popularity, thanks forthis is one popular music channel. For many it is already known from school, where, for lack of a perfect specialized set for playing it, we played in the "American student" by a similar rule. But "Crocodile" is better and the better, that this is a team game, for which everything is already prepared. Even words do not need to be invented, there are a lot of cards with them, so you will not soon learn them all. But smartness and ingenuity will be trained for your pleasure.