menopause Climax refers to a special period in lifeevery mature woman. Usually accompanied by a climax minor, and in some cases, significant disturbances in health, a clear deterioration in health and a sharp change in mood. Therefore, many people are worried about such a pressing question: is it possible to survive such a difficult time without the use of hormonal drugs? And what non-hormonal drugs with menopause exist? Which of them are effective? Undoubtedly, with climax, non-hormonal drugs are used that play an important role in the life of a mature woman. Over the past decade, representatives of the fair sex of Europe and America, based on ongoing experiments and practical indicators, began to actively use hormones that do not contain hormones. Now these drugs have become more popular, in comparison with hormonal. consultation with a doctor

How does the menopause manifest itself and when does it come?

So, having entered the premenopausal period,a woman feels all the signs of the beginning of a new phase in her life. This is expressed in violation of sleep, excessive sweating and frequent mood changes. But the most unpleasant manifestation of menopause is hot flashes. Here it is necessary to understand that menopause is not a disease that should be treated, but this is an unavoidable state of health, which must be experienced with the least losses. It is considered quite natural that the onset of menopause in every woman begins at different times. Its beginning is determined by the state of health, living conditions and hereditary factors. Therefore, modern medicine is not able to prevent the earlier occurrence of such a phenomenon. Because of this, at the moment there is no medicine that can at least extend the fading function of the ovaries. In addition to genetic inheritance, the early manifestation of this phenomenon is strongly influenced by gynecological and infectious diseases, stress, hormone treatment and bad habits. Thanks to modern medicine, the number of nonhormonal drugs used in menopause is constantly growing. This can be seen, because today every pharmacy offers a variety of herbal hormone replacement drugs and vitamin-mineral complexes to maintain a good state of health during the menopause. But you should know that any independent use of drugs can cause irreparable harm to health. All medical products are selected strictly after consultation with your doctor. non-hormonal agents in menopause

Non-hormonal agents with menopause

With such a phenomenon as menopause, one of theeffective drugs are drugs from the group of phytoestrogens, which are an analogue of human hormones of plant origin. These drugs are distinguished by the absence of side effects and the safety of their effect on the body. Due to their characteristics, the drugs of this group are in great demand among women.

  • Of all the drugs in this group,Estrowal, which contributes to the elimination of a deficiency in estrogen in the female body. This drug significantly reduces discomfort during hot flashes and has a favorable effect on the emotional and psychological state.
  • Another widely used preparation of a similar effect with climates from the group of phytopreparations is Feminal, which is made from the extract of red clover.
  • In addition to the above specialnon-hormonal agents, often the doctors are appointed to improve the overall health of selective estrogen receptor modulators. Among them, the most popular drugs are Raloxifene, Tamoxifen and Tsimicifuga. But they should be taken with extreme caution, every woman should be monitored for her health and, if necessary, to see a doctor.

  • Is able to influence the sameestrogen preparation Tibolon. This medicine has a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane of the vagina, normalizes the hormonal background and prevents osteoporosis. But it should be borne in mind that Tiblon has a sufficient number of contraindications and side effects.
  • Such phenomena with menopause, like hot flashes,tearfulness, rapid heartbeat, sweating, frequent mood swings and increased irritability, significantly weakens and reduces the homeopathic drug Climaxan.
  • Remens, which has become particularly popular recently, helps restore hormonal balance, improves blood circulation and normalizes the activity of the heart muscle.
  • Good recommendations and reviews have the drug Tsi-Klim, it contains phytoestrogens of tsimitsifugi, which help to eliminate climacteric neuroses.
  • Effectively supports the body in the development of its own estrogen and relieves unpleasant sensations in menopause antimicrobial drug Klimadinon.
  • There are many non-hormonal drugs known,used in menopause. They, as a rule, have a positive effect on the female body and help to transfer this illness well. But doing things you love, caring for yourself and loved ones, meeting with friends, relaxing in nature even better contribute to a woman experiencing a difficult period of menopause. Equally important is the support and care of family and friends. The main thing is for a woman not to close herself and concentrate all her attention on this temporary problem.