About the memorability of precious metals In the best traditions of Tsarist Russia, when the fashion fordecoration was demanding and original, and the wrists and necks of court ladies were laced with works of art exclusively from precious metals and precious stones, modern fashion trends dictate products made of silver and other precious metals. If the court ladies of the 16th century found themselves in a modern ball, they would be amazed at the length of the bare feet of the invited women, frank décolletage and bold, bordering frivolity, speeches that are held at these evenings. All this, of course, would not leave them indifferent, and they would have nothing but to envy our women. They would still be delighted with those jewelry that not only did not lose its charm, but also acquired new shades of playfulness, playfulness and bold piquancy. Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, our women can rejoice that such different standards, inherent in all times, are firmly established in the cell, which assumes a virtually complete absence of dictatorial fashion, when it was possible to choose things based solely on their preferences. It is doubly more pleasant that, despite democracy in clothes, the preferences of the bulk are given to something real and natural. As you guessed, it is about natural materials, metals and stones. Indeed, now not only are not relevant, but gold and silver plated ornaments from artificial materials are considered bad form, with their bright and catchy appearance eclipsing the true, natural beauty of the body. Moveton in our time are lurid knick-knacks with massive stones made of glass and crystal - much more relevant and worthy to look at on a thin female finger, and barely noticeable earrings in the small ears of a flirt. The same can be said about other ornaments - for example, elegant , unobtrusively wrapped around a fragile wrist, cantell others about the categorical taste of their owners, and a thin chain, playful snake pricked neck, will force the hearts of admirers to hack in three times faster than usual. Feel like a queen of the ball, surrounded by fans who argue, whose turn it is now to bring ice champagne or ice cream with fruit liqueur, you will be helped , its modern elegance and pretentiousness is not inferior to that worn by the court ladies of Russia in the 16th century. We advise you to read: