New Year gifts with own hands New Year is a holiday with a uniquethe atmosphere of anticipation of the miracle that is on the threshold of your house. The New Year is a miracle that is about to happen. But why wait for miracles, if in this magical pre-New Year's time we are able to perform miracles with our own hands? In any case, for our family and loved ones in the New Year we can become the most real wizards. And for this it is not necessary to spend huge sums for gifts. After all, the purchased thing, no matter how expensive and desirable, does not carry in itself the warmth of our soul. But simple and inexpensive gifts, made by themselves, have a truly magical energy. Making New Year's gifts with their own hands is not only fascinating, but also enjoyable. The very process of creating such a gift turns into a holiday! And they will please your family much more than a regular perfume set, cufflinks or a statuette bought in an antique store. Because your gifts will be special, no matter what ideas you visit, and what exactly you will make. But try to implement such ideas first.

New Year cards

Remember your school work lessons. With what ecstasy you painted cotton, pasted it on pieces of cardboard and decorated with "rain", making New Year cards! Why not remember your childhood and not make a birthday card for yourself? Try it! What do you need for this? A sheet of colored cardboard, confetti, nail polish with sparkles, pieces of foil and a little imagination. Make a composition from the dragon carved from the foil, paste on a folded sheet of cardboard, adorn the pea with peas and cover with nail varnish. If you want to do something special, you can also make paper for the postcard "weld" yourself, following the example of the ancient Egyptians with their papyrus. Just chop finely sheets of paper, wrappers from sweets, threads, confetti, fir-tree tinsel, and throw them to boil in a pot of water. Cook until the paper turns into a mess, then flip it over the sieve and roll the resulting mass with a rolling pin on a cutting board. Cutting board is better to take a glass, so that the paper does not stick. On top, press the second board and let it dry for 24 hours. This man-made papyrus can be decorated with the same sequins or voluminous appliqué. New Year gifts with own hands

Icy Candle

Candles on New Year's Day create a specialatmosphere of mystery, intimacy and warmth. The ideas of casting man-made candles are simply in the air. Anyway, looking at the New Year's candles being sold in stores, you are thinking: "What if you try to make such a candle with your own hands and present it to a loved one as a gift?". And even if this idea has not visited you yet, then try yourself as a candle master anyway. To do this, you need a few ordinary stearin candles, which are most likely in any house in case of a power outage. Ice cubes, coloring, flavoring, a form greased with vegetable oil, and a saucepan. Put a long candle on the middle of the mold, enclose it with ice cubes - this is the basis. From the remaining candles, remove the wicks and fold them into a saucepan. Melt the stearin in a water bath, stirring it constantly. When the stearin is heated to a temperature of ninety-five degrees, add the dye and flavor. Gently pour all this into a mold with a candle and ice. Carefully make sure that the wick is always above the surface of the mold. Leave the mold aside and allow to cool. When the candle has cooled, carefully remove it from the mold, let it dry. The lacy magnificence of the "ice" candle will not leave anyone indifferent.

Sculptures of cold porcelain

Gifts for the New Year with their own hands - thisthe opportunity to realize their creative potential by one hundred percent. If you like more "long-lasting" gifts, cards or candles, try to express your mood in a craft made of plastic (cold porcelain). It does not require firing in the furnace, as an ordinary clay, and from it you can mold everything that your heart desires. You will need a set of color plastic (it can be bought in a specialized store), a metal pin for the frame and tools for modeling. Make figurines of the symbol of the next year (on the Eastern horoscope), or blind figures of funny cartoon characters, a vase, a bunch of flowers and even an unusual hair clip. By the way, in this case you will also need a special basis. Crafts from cold porcelain will dry for a few days. And please your loved ones for a very long time! If you do not have the opportunity to purchase plastic in the store, then cold porcelain can be cooked by yourself. Mix half a glass of cold water in a saucepan, a third of a glass of PVA glue and a teaspoon of glycerin. Now add to this mixture a glass of corn or potato starch and, stirring constantly, cook over low heat. The mass begins to first gather in small lumps, and then into a ball. When your cold porcelain starts to depart well from the walls of the pan, place it on a towel and knead. First, while the mass is very hot, right in the towel, and then just with your hands. Here is the material for sculptural works. New Year's gifts

Handmade soap

And the idea of ​​hand-makingexclusive soap did not occur to you? In any case, New Year's preparations are an excellent occasion to learn home soap making. Soap made by own hands, moreover, taking into account the tastes of the person to whom it will be presented, can also become a pleasant surprise. For its manufacture you will need:

  • soap base - it can be purchased at a specialized store;
  • aroma oils;
  • vitamins in capsules - best A and E;
  • molds for soap - children's forms for playing in the sandbox are also suitable;
  • a couple of pots;
  • wooden spatula.

Melt soap base melted in waterbath, stirring constantly. Add aromatic oils, a colorant of the color that you like, and at the very end - vitamins. Pour all this into molds, drizzle with alcohol and cool down. By the way, this is only one of countless recipes of soap cooked by own hands. It all depends on your choice. After hardening, this soap is best wrapped in parchment, and then in wrapping paper. A useful and pleasant gift is ready! To give presents for the New Year is a long and very pleasant tradition. After all, giving presents is no less pleasant than getting them. The choice and purchase of gifts, of course, is an important occupation, because dear people do not want to give something very ordinary - a new year, after all. And what should I do? Ideas of hand-made presents are your salvation. In your power to interrupt the endless cycle of faceless New Year gifts and invest in each of them a piece of his love, a little time and an endless flight of fantasy. Make a gift for the New Year with your own hands. It's better than a thousand words to say how dear your loved ones are to you, how much you value your relationships, how much they value and how much you love! We advise you to read: