new year in thailand Exotic country Thailand enjoys a simplea huge popularity among vacationers around the world. And this year was not an exception, in which the record of attendance of tourists by the country over the past few years was fixed.

A little bit about Thailand

Thais by nature are very friendly andpolite people, who rejoice at every new day, honoring the centuries-old customs. They celebrate all the solemn dates and turn life into a merry holiday: a merry-go-round from the mass of positive emotions and a million radiant smiles. And regardless of why tourists come to Thailand - just for rest, for treatment, fishing or even to meet the new year in Thailand, they have the right to count on impeccable comfort, cordial and friendly attitude of local residents, as well as for an unforgettable paradise vacation. Thailand is the leader in attendance among all countries located in Southeast Asia, because this is a country in which people are very respectful towards visitors. And in this truly amazing country, tourists are attracted not only by the traditions and luxurious beaches of Patong, Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui, but also by thousands of Buddhist monasteries and temples, amazing pagodas and palaces, stormy night entertainments with a variety of show shows, the notorious Thai massage and martial schools arts. No less interesting are the long riding on elephants, numerous floating bazaars and exotic desert islands of the Andaman Sea. However, the most outstanding Buddhist festival is the New Year in Thailand, which occurs several times. It will surely be remembered for tourists by the delicious dishes of the famous Thai cuisine, as well as by colorful Buddhist festivals, full of laughter and joy. chinese new year in thailand

How to celebrate New Year in Thailand

In Thailand, the New Year is celebrated three times: the main celebration takes place on December 31, the second time New Year is celebrated according to the lunar calendar - the eastern Chinese New Year, and the date of the change of years, which is usually celebrated no less solemnly, occurs on April 13 at all. Traditional New Year, the Thais celebrate exclusively in the family circle, and prepare for the celebration very carefully. Usually even a few days before the holiday in numerous Buddhist temples, monks read special pre-New Year prayers, which are called Khurali. On the eve of New Year's Eve, local residents are invited to invite a lama to their house, who holds a special ceremony of purification, thus "throwing" out of the house all the bad things that have accumulated in it for a whole year. After a solemn meal, the Thais gather various rags, rests of food, small coins, as well as a dome - a figure made of a special dough and painted in bright red color, and an hadak - a small scarf, which is presented as a sign of respect to the guests. In the evening, all these items, according to the ancient Thai tradition, are taken to the wasteland and discarded, saying the words: "Get out of here, evil!". After that, the Thais quickly return home, and continue the celebration. when the new year in thailand

Chinese New Year in Thailand

Chinese New Year in Thailand is a speciala holiday that takes place in an incredibly festive and cheerful atmosphere. And the date of his celebration changes every year. On New Year's Eve the streets of the country are full of merry jokers and jesters dressed in bright funny costumes, which are simply drowned out by explosions of endless magnificent fireworks and numerous firecrackers. Traditional attributes of the Chinese New Year are: lions, dragons and red paper lanterns, which are usually posted on all houses and streets. In general, the Chinese New GOD in Thailand celebrate for three days - Chui, Chuer, and Chusan, each of which is a special holiday and celebrate them especially solemnly. These days people have fun and enjoy life, go to visit and to various entertainment events.

Thai New Year

Thai New Year - Songkran, which is comingApril 13, is significantly different from other holidays and on this day it is customary to go to the temple, offering various fine dishes, fresh fruits to the monks, as well as new cassocks that act as a special sign of reverence, playing a special role in the philosophy of Buddhism. For Europeans celebrating the New Year in April, is one of the most unusual holidays, because the change of the year in the spring is a very mysterious event. The people of Thailand transmit, from generation to generation, an old legend that explains why the change of the year occurs in the spring, according to which one boy who understands the language of birds and animals, made a bet with the God of fire. to celebrate New Year in Thailand On this wager, the boy was due in seven daysanswer the three most difficult questions that God asked, if he gave them at least one wrong answer, he would have to lose his head, and if he could answer, then the head of the fire must have been deprived of his head. The boy first came to despair and at the end of the week was already ready to commit suicide, but hearing how the eagle told his chick about this dispute, telling him all the correct answers to the questions of God, he realized that he won the dispute thanks to his magic gift. A delighted young man answered all the questions, and the fire-god had to cut off his head, which the boy put in a basket and hid in a distant cave in order to prevent drought, the drying out of the sea and the burning of the whole world. Every first day, from that day, the daughters of the God of Fire make a special ritual - they take the basket out onto the street, thus giving a tribute to God, who is considered to be the center of the universe. Daughters make 3 circles around the ground, after which they bring the basket back to the cave. It is for this reason that the first few days of the new year in Thailand are very hot - about +40 degrees in the shade. In Thailand, a huge number of unusual and quite interesting customs. So, for example, if you go to such an exotic country like Thailand, tourists can not only meet the New Year three times, but when the new year ends in Thailand, there is an opportunity to go on windsurfing, exotic fishing, to take part in amusing shows that give a sense of luxury holiday. Tourists can visit one of the most famous tropical gardens in the world - Nong Nooch, which has the largest water park in Thailand, ride in the jungle on elephants, visit the huge crocodile farms and walk through the flowering gardens in which exotic plants grow and flit bright tropical butterfly. This wonderful and exotic country awaits vacationers all year round and, despite the choice of holidaymakers, a holiday in Thailand will be remembered for a long time, because Thailand is a "paradise on Earth". We advise you to read: