my husband's new wife How strange women are. It seems that a hundred years ago they divorced themselves, they were the initiators of the gap, they arranged their personal life safely, like - bah .... My husband's new wife. And all that was hidden in the soul of a woman behind seven locks, flares up with renewed vigor.

The relationship "ex-wife is a real wife"

She looks inquisitively into the face of the new passion of her former, trying to find something (for example, shortcomings). Inspects a figure, clothes. Analyzes the relationship of ex-husband with his new wife:

  • Well, you must! He opens the car door to her. I almost threw it out on the move. He also shouted: "Come on quickly and do not slam the door very much."
  • No, well, did you see? This stole a new gold finger ring. And I was melted off from the grandmother's ring. Serega believed that all these "pieces of iron" on the fingers are women's quirks.
  • Look, THESE went to the Emirates. We did not carry us farther than the Crimea.

Probably, in the soul of every woman there is a hope,that the former husband will continue to suffer unrequited love for her, and if he ever marries, his new wife will be more terrible than an atomic war. How to force yourself not to be jealous? Learn to perceive the new wife of the former as a simple interlocutor, and not as an opponent? The answer is simple: pity her. Remember all the shortcomings of the ex-spouse:

  • he often forgot to brush his teeth;
  • switched the TV on the most interesting place;
  • I forgot about birthdays and other dates;
  • considered flowers a useless gift, and beer - the best drink;

I am sure that there are a lot of such items. Write them down on paper and see what kind of monster this unfortunate person has to live with. You have already escaped from him, and she will have many years of torment. Well, how? Happened? Then continue the treatment.

"Stepmother" relations

Very often after the divorce, children are not left to work. They just got used to the fact that the pope, who lived with them all the time, now comes on weekends and talks with his mother in a dry business tone, as a strange aunt appears. And this woman for some reason gently holds her father under the arm and even occasionally kisses him. A whole storm of emotions is brewing in the soul of the child. How so? His dad with someone else's aunt? And Mom? This reaction is most exacerbated in families where the ex-wife at the time of her husband's new marriage has not yet managed to arrange a personal life. Add to this the negative feelings of the ex-spouse, who simply can not help feeling the child. And - it's ready. The kid begins to quietly hate his father's new wife. What to do? Whether to allow a child to communicate with his new husband's wife, if you feel that this communication does not benefit the baby? Talk to the ex-husband. Ask him not to take his wife to meet with the child. Do not let the baby to his home. From the meeting in the entertainment center or the zoo of benefit will be much more than from the child's home communication with the "new mom." A former spouse does not share your fears? Try to go to a meeting together with the child. The kid will feel your support. And most importantly, he will see that you communicate peacefully with each other. Well, you do not stick her hair, right? By the way, we can reassure you: the hot desire of a new wife to get acquainted with your child and like him very soon will pass. At the very beginning of the relationship, every woman wants to show all her best aspects. And friendship with the child from the first marriage is a serious application for the title of "Miss Wisdom". When the position in the heart of the chosen one is reached, and the woman is satisfied that she has taken in exactly the place she planned, the enthusiasm will subside. Should a new wife help a child husband

Relations "alimentary"

Unfortunately, by this moment the new wife will sober up so much that she will start counting every penny that goes past the family budget. And let it be legitimate alimony, it will seem to her that:

  • smart mother spends everything on herself;
  • the former wife has successfully married, so let the new husband provide the child, and it is impossible to live by it either;
  • something he pays them too much. With this money, you can feed an entire African republic.

Money matters are especially acute in thosefamilies where the former wife did not officially file for alimony, and the husband brought money voluntarily. As a rule, this amount was several times higher than our standard alimony, which is not something that the child does not support, but a small kitten can not provide, which does not need clothes and payment for training. And then the question arises: "And should a new wife help a child husband?" And the only help is to allow the new spouse to allocate the necessary amount from the budget. Practice shows that it should not. Moreover, in the side there is also once a caring husband who for some reason ceases to give money for the child, motivating it with purely female excuses. (I wonder who taught him this?) What should I do? Go to court. And to file for legal alimony. Because "in a good way" you will not see money anymore. And, hurry to file documents before the birth of a child in the family of the former. He not only can forget that he has somewhere else children, but also cut down the size of already small child support, arguing that the child is not alone.

Relations "a good new wife of her ex-husband"

However, it happens that the ex-husband ishard enough. And the new passion can not in any way affect the amount of alimony and the number of meetings with the child. If the girl is stupid, soon she will go back to the former. And if it's smart, then the game "look, what I'm good" will begin. This is the most painful development of relations for ex-wives. Watching how the new wife spreads into a sweet smile - this will not stand each. And if the child has also penetrated to "good aunt" sympathy - write "gone." Now the woman will begin to be jealous of not only her ex-husband (which in itself is meaningless), but also her son or daughter. Here, the ex-wife is very important to understand that for children more than her mother no one was and no. And what a wonderful new marriage would not be, she would never take her place in the heart of a child. Of course, it's very difficult to think and react when you are strangled by blind jealousy, and you are ready to cling to the carefully laid-out hair of a starched duck. Therefore, if you feel that you can not control yourself, minimize communication with your ex-wife's new wife. And when the child comes from the father, do not ask him about the details of the day. Do not hurt your soul. Time will pass and everything will fall into place. You look, and the ex-husband will lead one more passion to get acquainted. And you already have so much experience! We advise you to read: