New Year films Despite the fact that the New Year is the most anticipateda holiday, it always comes suddenly. Yesterday we only thought about gifts, and today we are already congratulating each other at the table. He comes to someone with a song from children's cartoons, "Tell the Snow Maiden where you were ..." or "Well, hare, wait ...", and to someone creeps around the corner with a wave of fun and asking: "Well, , did not expect? ". And those who did not have time to prepare for the holiday again take part in the annual reality show "To be in time for 24 hours", and then sit down at the festive table with no strength, but with a sense of accomplishment. And so you want to believe that there are still people in the Russian land who prepare for the holiday in advance, and on the day before the New Year they slowly slice vegetables for their beloved "Olivier", cutting carrots with straws, and making potato snowflakes from the potato, inventing New Year's contests and purr under the nose "a fir-tree was born in the forest ...". For those who have not forgotten the importance of the mass-entertainer at the New Year carnivals, we have prepared a script for another fun that involves checking the knowledge of the New Year's cinema. However, you can compete not only in the length of the list of films that managed to be remembered by both teams. Complicating the competition is easy - it is enough to suggest to name films in order of their appearance on screens or alternating genres. "Carnival Night", "With a light steam", "Wizards", "Morozko" and so on ... "Three Nuts for Cinderella" - this film is a fairytale love not only here, but also in the Czech Republic, in the homeland of the creators. If such a game was conducted, for example, in Connecticut at the New Year's corporate of one of the plants, then in the list of films there would have been a "Christmas story" and a cartoon "Polar Express". The amazing film, which was the Oscar nominee five times, and received the Golden Globe five times - "This Beautiful Life", is still the leader in the national hit parade, although he was shot in 1946. All parts of the merry Christmas comedy "Alone at home" are loved and desired both abroad and in Russia. Russian New Year's films

Hits of Russian cinema

As soon as the boxes with blue screens appearedalmost in every Soviet family, a tradition has appeared - every year for the New Year to present a new film. Some of them have long been forgotten and dust on the shelves of storage facilities, and some have become pearls of New Year's cinema. It is the best films that broadcast during the New Year holidays - this kind tradition allows us to plunge into the atmosphere of the holiday even more. These brilliant movies, which are imbued with the spirit of the era, not so much. "Carnival Night", followed by "The Irony of Fate" is always recognizable and desirable, their subjects are not so relevant, but as true masterpieces of cinema art make us happy every year. Carnival Night This musical comedy directed by Eldar Ryazanov went on television screens in 1956 and immediately became a favorite folk comedy, the phrases of which differed in quotations. The plot of the comedy is simple - everyone wants a fun carnival at the club, only the director plans to hold an extraordinary serious event on New Year's Eve. But Lena Krylova was able to gather active youth around her and they, bypassing the bans of Ogurtsov, still arrange a real merry holiday. Carnival Night-2 This film was filmed in 2007. A similar plot, but only instead of Ogurtsov, the club is run by a certain Kabachkov, who, like the former leader, is still a bureaucrat. On New Year's Eve Ryazanov decides to visit the club where the first Carnival night was held and, although Monsieur Kabachkov is flattered by the celebrity's visit, his idea of ​​removing the continuation of the first Carnival night, perceives without enthusiasm, believing himself to cope with the entertainment program. Ryazanov leaves, leaving Kabachkov himself to deal with the shooting and he "figured out" by adding propaganda and changing costumes to chastushki ... Old New Year Comedy, which for many years only went on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater, was screened in 1980. The story is that the neighbors decided to celebrate the Old New Year, inviting friends to their homes. But Peter Poluorlov had an intelligent society, and people from the working class came to see Peter Sobeykin. Naturally, the interests of both companies are different, which almost led to a conflict. And although there is a huge chasm between these people, but the joint feast and warmth brings them together for at least one night. Pasternak's poems and Nikitin's music shade the actors' play, making it even more expressive. Irony of fate or With a light steam In the yard is the end of 1975, and according to the old tradition, friends before the new year go to the bath. As usual, they drank and drank. And most of all, he suffered the one who always led a sober way of life: instead of his friend he was "loaded" into an airplane flying to Leningrad. The taxi driver takes him to the address, which completely coincides with his address in Moscow, even the key of the apartment is suitable. He enters, settles down and here in the apartment there is a young woman - the present owner, to which girlfriend and future husband should soon come. The Irony of Fate. The continuation of 30 years has passed since the first meeting of Zhenya Lukashin and Nadia, she went to her Leningrad and married Ippolit. In the yard of 2007, the tradition to go to the bathhouse before the new year was preserved, but the company appeared Kostya - Zhenya's son from a new marriage, which also disintegrated. Uncle Pasha and Uncle Sasha, deciding to arrange a surprise, or rather repeat the story of thirty years ago, just soldered Kostya, like his father once - and he flies to St. Petersburg to allegedly reconcile Nadya and Zhenya. But now on the street Builders in the 12th apartment of the 25th house lives the daughter of Nadi and Hippolytus, who is also called Nadezhda. And again my friends, waiting for the groom and unexpected turns of fate. Come see me The film was shot in 2000. Sofya Ivanovna has not got up from a wheelchair for many years, her only entertainment is to look out the window, cut and glue figures from paper and sometimes listen to Dickens, whom her daughter Tanya reads to her. It seems that time has stopped in this ancient apartment, although years, and with them, life, are passing slowly and inexorably. And it is possible that two lonely women lived many more years in this frozen cozy episode, but on one of the New Year's Eve even Sofya Ivanovna was about to die. But she wanted to die, only after making sure that Tatiana was happy. And now, in an old Moscow apartment, incredible things began to happen ... New Year's adventures of Masha and Viti A good musical tale about how Father Frost asked for help from two Soviet children - Masha and Viti. It was necessary to save his granddaughter, Snow Maiden, who was captured by Koshchei immortal. And although the film was filmed in 1975, the adventures of children and their encounters with Lesch, Baba Yaga and other villains from Russian fairy tales are still interesting. The main storyline is that the children have already prepared for the holiday, having learned poems and songs, dressing up a Christmas tree and hanging garlands, and then comes a message about the kidnapping of the Snow Maiden ... Songs from the movie like today's kids, and parents will be reminded of their childhood. Popular New Year's films Zigzag of good luck The film was shot in 1968. On the eve of the new year, a young photographer Oreshnikov secretly borrowed money from the mutual aid fund for a lottery ticket. And he won an incredible sum of 10,000 rubles at that time. Now he is being tried by a comradely court. And it is not known what would be the end of this story, if not a reconciling New Year's celebration. Orphan of Kazan. It was removed in 1997. The film is about the teacher Nastya, who knows nothing about her father, as her parents met at the resort and have not seen each other since. But she has a letter from her mother to her father, which remains unsent. Publishing it in the newspaper, Nastya did not expect that not one but several potential fathers would come to her. And before the New Year's night, Nastya, her fiancé and all three "fathers" have to solve a difficult task ... Poor Sasha Filmed in 1997 too. This is not a Christmas comedy, but a real detective. My daughter wants to rob her mother, who, living the life of a business lady, completely forgot about her daughter. The film tells that both adults and children just need warmth and love. In this tale there is a place for both maternal love and the love of a man for a woman who appears out of nowhere as a magical prince and then mom and daughter begin to feel protected. Railway romance 2003 year. Alexey, being a very charming and romantic man, decides to explain his favorite girlfriend in love in a non-standard way. Due to a combination of circumstances, the Muscovite not only does not have time to admit his feelings, but also falls into an adventure, eventually losing his job and apartment. So, quite by accident, Alexei becomes a persona non grata for law enforcement agencies, which lead him to hunt. And so, many years later on New Year's Eve Alexei accidentally meets the one he loved. And old love does not rust, and it takes an unthinkable and risky decision ... Listener 2004 year. Successful businessman Sergei Petrov is losing everything: money, power, family, position and even an apartment. And in senseless walks along the street, he meets his former classmate - a small rogue Kulemu. Kulema leads him to the employment service, where he is offered the work of the "Listener". It is the duty of the listener to listen daily to the abuse and abuse that members of the Fedulov family do not dare to say openly to each other. A little later, and appears one more member of the Fedulov family - daughter Marina, left by a negligent spouse. A new series of "hearings" gradually comes to a completely different level. And, when it would seem that the misfortunes and misfortunes of Petrov and Fedulov have reached their climax, miracles begin to occur and the most important miracle happens on New Year's Eve. New Year in November 2000. All the movie stars once took part in the "Blue Light". This is the captain of the icebreaker "Arktika" Trofim Semochkin, Kapitolina, Nikolai Vasin in the past captain of the ice hockey team and Yefim Kakhovsky - a budding composer and part-time captain of KVNschikov. On the eve of the new year, they decided to invite heroes of thirty years ago for the captain's table. And so, on the eve of the show's release on TV screens, viewers are given the opportunity to learn all the secrets of television cuisine and see how this show was filmed. Comedy or melodrama, the genre of this film is ambiguous, but the heroes have to solve the most unpredictable tasks, which sometimes are fun, and sometimes sad. New Year Romance. This romantic musical melodrama about love and fidelity that help overcome any difficulties. On New Year's Eve, two girlfriends of ballerina Anya and artist Sonya choose gifts for their closest people. But Sonya is in trouble, her friends and relatives are struggling to help a young artist and only a New Year miracle can save her ... Foreign New Year's Movies

Foreign New Year's cinema

It is known that America is a country of ratings, andmovies, especially New Year's, are usually ranked on Top-10, Top-20 and so on. But the ratings do not always give complete information about the attitude of the audience to the film: for example, someone thinks the same tape is too "soapy" or sugary, and someone is ready to watch this movie every year from New Year's Eve. As they say, everyone has his own taste. We offer to understand and decide, and what kind of foreign New Year's movie will fall into your hit parade. For several generations of Americans, the film "This Beautiful Life" became a classic, although the FBI branded it as "a film that undermines ideology." If you have not watched the film, then be sure to look, at least, to find out what could be used to undermine the free American foundations. Americans, unlike us, perfectly know all their best New Year's films, and not one New Year's corporate can not do without the Trivia quiz. Many companies organize competitions, whose quiz will be better, in Russia, perhaps, only the scenarios of New Year parties enjoy a similar success. Santa Claus 1994 year. Scott Kelvin, the top manager of the toy company, except in toys, has not succeeded in anything in his life. His wife Kurson flirts with a familiar psychiatrist, and then goes away with his son. Scott rarely sees the child, and the son starts to forget it. On Christmas, Scott accidentally pushes Santa from the roof and now the top manager faces a difficult task: to distribute gifts to all. Would someone refuse to be a son of a real Santa Claus for at least one night? To learn the continuation of this story - look at the whole film from beginning to end. Santa Claus - 2 Scott entered the taste and earns Santa for 8 years, but he still has a lot of his affairs. And now, on the eve of the next Christmas, Scott disappointed that his son was a real hooligan. To that, the contract requires that Scott marry, because according to the law, Santa can not be single. Christmas, current worries, the son of a tomboy and the search for Mrs. Klaus is not an easy task, so Scott decided to resort to the help of a double that turned the life of the entire North Pole into chaos. Santa Claus - 3 2006 year. Scott decides to invite his relatives to visit, although if his position as Santa Claus and the existence of the North Pole declassifies, he is in great trouble. But Santa also needs, when ever, to spend Christmas with his family, and his wife should soon make Scott Pope. As a result, when a large company is assembled, the villain Jack Frost makes every effort to take Scott from Christmas and personally control the entire North Pole. But he is confronted by the whole family, led by Scott and the chief elf Curtis. Survive Christmas 2002 year. Millionaire Drew Lathman, who has lost his taste for life, by the will of fate is in the house of his childhood. The fact that there is a new family in the house did not bother him at all, he simply offers them money to be his relatives for money, since it is better to meet Christmas in a non-native family than alone. But not all members of the family took the new rich relative warmly and cordially, and as it turns out the whole family Valco has long been time to see a psychiatrist. Christmas with losers 2006 year. Spouses Luther and Nora Krenki so tired of life that they decided to forget about Christmas and just miss it once in a lifetime. Neither festive treats, nor an elegant Christmas tree, nor Santa Claus - anything that resembles Christmas. And on the eve of the holiday, the couple go to the Caribbean to have a good rest. As a result, things are not going well as they planned. What are the New Year's films to watch? Christmas gift 1996 year. The father of the family is constantly busy at work, so all family holidays are overdue. Before Christmas, he is late for karate competitions, which is very frustrating for his son. In exchange for peace, the pope promises to give a "turbomene" for Christmas, a super-toy that every boy dreams about. In the working bustle, he forgets about this promise and on Christmas Eve a marathon commences. One home in 1996. Kevin McClister accidentally forgets at home and for Christmas, he remains alone in a huge mansion. The eight-year-old boy was not at all upset because he had become the main man in the house. But robbers who decided to rob Kevin's family, naively believing that there was no one at home, would be surprised to see instead of ornaments not luminous garlands, but cunning traps. Farewell, Dr. Freud 2003. A few days before Christmas, the main character of the film is released from prison, where he got on a false denunciation. And although this is a comedy, the plot is twisted no worse than in any detective. And as a result, the hero finds a fraudster. The moral of the film is not in the victory of good over evil, but in the fact that the laws of love conquer everything, even the laws of psychoanalysis. And Christmas night as always develops as well as possible. Year without Santa 2006. Excellent comedy for family viewing in the New Year holidays. Santa was offended and angry, he left for a year on vacation. But the person is interested in the reaction to the absence of one of Santa's boys, which is the whole film, filled with good songs and bright stories. Grinch - the thief of Christmas 2000. Grinch, green, hairy and no one like Kruprad, no one loved. And there was nothing for him to do but to leave the merry city and settle on the most lonely and cold mountain, the cave there. His favorite pastime was to sit and hate the whole world, and most of all he loved to hate Christmas. But every year, the hatred became more and more tortured, as the KGB members continued to enjoy themselves. Grinch decides on the main villainy of his life - steal and Christmas tree, and gifts, while Kogradovtsy sleep and see Christmas dreams. Flight to Santa Claus 2001 year. Jerry McNeil was always sure that the real reindeer fly, which served as an excuse for numerous ridicule and jokes from the team and students. But now he has proof, he not only proved to everyone that deer can fly, but also traveled on a small plane through the snow-covered Arctic to the northernmost point of the earth, where the magic village of kind Santa is. Here, far from the worldly bustle and lives Santa Claus, surrounded by magical elves and flying deer. But, alas, no miracle is able to reduce the longing for his wife and his beloved daughter Grace. He decides to return home - this is the desire and fulfills the good Santa. Jerry will have to keep quiet about the wonderful village, otherwise curious onlookers from all over America will come to the village and deprive the children of the Christmas miracle. Exchange holiday 2006 year. The Englishwoman Iris has a serious depression due to unrequited love and on New Year's Eve she decides to commit suicide, but she receives an email from a certain Amanda from Los Angeles. At Amanda too on a personal front of business develop not in the best way - she has just broken a nose to the guy-changer. And the girls decide to swap places during the Christmas holidays. And now, from the snow-covered England, Iris finds herself in warm California, where she misses, amusing herself with sliding curtains in the huge house of Amanda. Meanwhile, Amanda is trying to cope with right-hand traffic, frost and crampedness in a small house in the suburbs. But all domestic difficulties go to the background, when Amanda, drunk brother, is drumming unexpectedly to Amanda. Elf 2003 year. The little boy climbed into the bag to Santa and was accidentally sent to the North Pole as a luggage. Do nothing - you have to stay in the residence of Santa and enter the training of one of the elves. But over time, the behavior of the young man begins to differ very much from the behavior of all the other elves. And Santa Claus is forced to send him back to New York for real parents. Wedding for Christmas 2006 year. Emily and Ben want to play the wedding for sure on Christmas Day, because it was at Christmas that they met two years ago. And a few days before the wedding, Emily is on an urgent business trip, and all the pre-wedding and Christmas chores fall on Ben's shoulders. But the main difficulties are still ahead - Emily, having finished with his own affairs, because of bad weather can not fly out of the airport. And now the main task is not to be late for your own wedding. New Year's postman 2002 year. The lost northern town in which the main characters live: a boy and a girl. The boy's grandfather works as a postman, every year he receives letters for Santa from all over the world, and he needs to answer every letter. The time comes and my grandfather dies, and the letters all go and go. In order not to disappoint the kids, Samuel and Evelyn take care of the grandfather. Santa also watches with interest the couple in love, helping them in difficult moments now and then throwing miracles and incredible adventures. A lonely Santa wants to meet Mrs. Klaus in 2004. Beth Andrews completely disappointed in life, in addition to educating his son alone - the task is not easy. And the kid in the meantime asks himself a dad - instead of a Christmas present. This puts Bate to a standstill, but here in California comes Nick, Santa's new successor. And to become a real Santa Claus he needs to get married. We advise you to read: