New Year's ideas for decorating a house No, not aerial, but the real New Year. Golden, silver, red, blue, yellow, green, white ... All the colors of the rainbow, with drawings and without drawings, are shiny and matte. The very balls that we decorate the tree, are also quite an appropriate element for the New Year's decoration of the interior. Who gave birth to New Year's ideas for decorating a house with Christmas balls - is unknown. But it seems that these ideas are just hanging in the New Year's Eve and encourage us to decorate with Christmas balls and balls of all sizes and colors not only the Christmas tree, but the walls, ceiling, doors and even the New Year's table. And what comes of it?

New Year balls in the interior

The space of the living room is large enough,to decorate it all with New Year's balls (it's still not a Christmas tree). Therefore, the New Year decoration of the apartment with Christmas balls means their use, especially in traditional accessories of Christmas and New Year: a Christmas wreath and a garland. New Year's decoration of the apartment The Christmas wreath is usually hung on the door oris set in the middle of the festive New Year's table. Christmas balls (due to their voluminous shape) are more suitable for a vertical Christmas wreath. This one, which should hang on the front door and notify everyone that everyone in this house is ready (or actively preparing) for the New Year's Eve. Christmas wreath of Christmas balls is also collected as a wreath of coniferous twigs. Just instead of twigs, New Year's balls are attached to the frame of the wreath. You can make it multi-colored, like a kaleidoscope, you can withstand in a certain color range, for example blue-blue or red-pink. The wreath can be made up only of gold or silver balls. Very solemn and traditional looks a combination of colors such as red and gold, blue and silver. Christmas wreaths of colored balls, as a rule, do not need additional decorations. But the products, aged in a more modest color can be further decorated with bright ribbons and bows. In addition (or instead) of the Christmas wreath of Christmas balls you can collect a small garland. This garland fits well into the New Year's interior, if it is placed above the front door, above the window, above the mirror in the hallway. ideas of the new year decoration of the table In a bedroom or a children's room for a whileNew Year's holidays can be hung "wind music" from New Year's balls. To do this, you just need to hang the Christmas balls on ribbons of different lengths on a suitable frame (arc, disk, ring). What balls, and in what quantity to hang - your business. Focus on your taste and overall festive decoration of the room. Another option of using Christmas-tree balls in the New Year's decoration of the apartment is the tree of happiness. A small ball (plastic, foam or newspaper) is pasted with small Christmas balls, placed on a sturdy barrel and mixed in a pot. An additional decoration for such a New Year tree of happiness can be colored ribbons and tinsel, as well as cones and twigs of needles. This tree of happiness can be made the center of the New Year's composition of the festive table. And you can decorate the table with a Christmas ball in a different way.

Christmas balls on the festive table

unusual New Year's ideas for decorating the house For example, in the center of the New Year's table, you canplace a crystal salad bowl or a high fruit bowl or any other suitable dish filled with colorful (or one-color) balls. And imagine, if you pour a little water in this dish and put Christmas balls and floating candles on it. Magically and very New Year's - do not you think so? Or here's another idea. Serving the table, put a large New Year's ball in each person's plate. This and the table will decorate (especially if competently combine the color of balls, plates, napkins and tablecloths) and a small souvenir for each guest will be waiting for its owner. And if you decorate with the same balls and conifer garland in the middle of the table or put the balls in high candlesticks placed on the table, then you will get a new Christmas composition. These are the ideas of the New Year decoration of the table and the interior can be used for the festive decoration of your house. And you need only Christmas balls, your desire and the New Year mood (and it certainly already exists). Try it!