New Year's Nail Design Every woman is always brightindividuality, in the world you will not find two identical personalities. And each of us chooses his own way of expressing himself. For some, it's clothing, for others - hair color, for the third - make-up. But many will agree that the woman will be best told by the hands. Paying attention to the type of manicure, the use of different accessories to emphasize their beauty can be understood: that this woman loves and appreciates what she needs, what is missing. And this all will tell the usual manicure, which she wears every day. New-year design of nails also will slightly open the veil of secrecy about the dreams of its owner. Many make thematic collections of nail design in advance. New Year theme should not be an exception. For the enchantresses, who have not made up their minds yet, we offer several options for the New Year's nail design.

Features of New Year's manicure

The daily routine of a modern woman, as a rule,is filled to capacity. Work, children, relatives, friends, hobbies, sports, self-care. With this schedule, it is not always possible to carve out long hours in the beauty salon. Therefore, it is logical that the implementation of the New Year's nail design should not take much time. But it should not be elementary either, nor ordinary. There are so many kinds of manicure, ways of painting and accessories that impart an eccentricity to your image, that the head can spin with such abundance. Let's walk through several interesting options for the New Year's design of nails. New Year's nails design

Velvet marigolds

Recently appeared velvet (velor)covers for nails literally "blew up" the podiums of the world, and then firmly entered the everyday life. Many women call them cashmere claws. This is a new technology of matte manicure, creating an unusual plush effect on your nails. This coating is applied by a small device called Flocider (sometimes called Flogan), and the material itself is called a flock. Such a manicure can be done by yourself, following this sequence.

  • It is necessary to make up the marigolds in any varnish color.
  • Apply the floc to the top layer using the apparatus.
  • Dry nails in a UV lamp.
  • Despite the fears of women who for the first timesee this novelty, the velvet manicure lasts for a long time and is also resistant to doing housework, as usual. But, as in the case with the standard manicure, it is better to dig / clean / wash with gloves to prolong the beauty and grooming of the cashmere cover. A variation of this kind of manicure with a more fluffy flock was called "fuzzy nail sweaters", which can roughly be translated as "shaggy sweater on nails". Think about how unusual this new-year design of nails will look! Especially great it combines ... right! With evening dresses made of velor and velvet. It is desirable that the color of the nails or coincide, or contrasted with the color of the dress. Then you will be simply stunning!

    We use stickers

    An unusual, but very practical variant of manicurefor the celebration of the New Year is the use of a variety of stickers. Bengal lights, flashlights, snowflakes, ... Designers are working tirelessly to invent new and original stickers. This New Year's manicure requires only a few minutes. Ladies, whose regime of the day is painted by the minute, appreciated such a worthy replacement for the bored lacquer. Being a stylish accessory for nails, however, the stickers are incredibly easy to handle. The standard scheme of working with them is as follows.

  • On the cleaned surface of the nail, apply a layer of the base coat.
  • After selecting a suitable sticker in the size for each nail, detach it from the sheet.
  • Fix the round side of the sticker tightly to the cuticle, then smooth it, avoiding bubbles.
  • Remove the excess part of the sticker.
  • Apply the final layer of the glossy coating.
  • New Year's nails design

    Gradient manicure

    This is a kind of very sophisticated manicure, in whichThe shades of the varnish cover smoothly flow from one to the other. It can be applied with the help of sharp contrasting movements or a smooth transition. You can make interesting transitions from light lacquer to dark, from glossy to matte, to combine different colors in shades. To perform this manicure you will need a maximum of half an hour.

  • Take a few varnishes of different colors.
  • Dampen the sponge for makeup in the water.
  • Spray the desired colors on the sponge in the desired sequence.
  • Attach the sponge to the sheet of paper. If you are satisfied with the color scheme, continue patting the movements until the transition between the shades becomes smooth.
  • Attach the sponge to the nails, if you go beyond the contour of the nail, - it's okay.
  • Remove excess lacquer with a cotton swab.
  • Apply a coat of fixer.
  • Manicure using a mesh

    Even if you do not have time for quality manicure, use such a refined accessory, like a reticulum. Such a manicure is done simply.

  • Apply a layer of beige, pale pink or clear lacquer.
  • While the layer dries up, take a mesh and carefully glue it on the nail plate. (A mesh for your taste can be purchased at any clothing store).
  • With the help of manicure scissors, trim the excess.
  • You can use rhinestones for decoration.
  • New Year's nails

    Delicate and neat manicure

    To perform such a manicure is necessaryminimal design elements. The sketch of the nail is created by using a warm palette. But here it is very important to adhere to one key between the original varnish and the decorative pattern.

  • Apply a colorless base as the first coat.
  • Apply white varnish and sequins. Before the layer of varnish dries completely, create a pattern, you can have a wonderful flower with petals.
  • Fashionable jewelry for manicure

    The new-year design of nails is distinguished by brightness andbrilliance. Here you can use and foil, and rhinestones, and bouillon, and sequins, and stickers. From the list, probably, little known only bouillon - a new decoration, decorative beads of different colors and diameters of up to 4 mm. They are designed to give the manicure a shine and radiance. With bouillons it is easy to lay out a relief pattern or create a scattering. It is applied, of course, to a low layer of varnish. Dear girls and women! Remember that the New Year's nail design is part of your image. Here you can show all your imagination and uncommon nature. Festive manicure is one of the main elements of your beautiful appearance on the evening of the New Year.