TV presenter Nelly Ermolaeva and businessman KirillAndreev got married on June 7, 2016, and almost immediately, fans began to bombard a couple of questions about replenishment in the family. However, the lovers only laughed it off. And here is the long-awaited news. Moreover, the future mom and dad decided to inform her in an unusual way: they shot a special video clip, in which, among other things, they told what emotions they experience during these exciting months. “It's great that we are going hand in hand together. We have one breath, one desire and the same dream. This is really my soul mate ", - admits Nelly." I'm looking forward to this day! Give birth to children urgently! " - the future dad continues with tears in his voice.1 / 3Photo: frame from videoPhoto: frame from videoPhoto: frame from videoNot tired guys emphasize and the moment that in addition to the status of husband and wife, they remain true friends. Although, of course, most talk about the future of the baby: "One hundred and forty-two beats per minute - this is how a new life is born. I would like to share our happiness with you. We will soon be three. Our fruit is love and happiness. All this time I wanted to be in my "shell" and not tell anyone ... But no longer hide our miracle ... I have two hearts in me. It's a feeling of a whole world, a universe inside ... It's a cosmos, girls! The best thing I managed to do for this life is to create a family. Strong and loving. And now we have the opportunity to see this world again! "- Nelli wrote in social networks. Judging by everything, there is very little time left until the birth, so now not only Nelli and Cyril, but also their parents are in a special mood. In an exclusive interview with the portal Woman's Day, the famous poet, the author of such hits as "Poplar Pooh", "Why Does Russia Birch So Noisy", and at the same time Nelli's father-in-law, said that he had already given the kid. "To this future event, I wrote a series poems for the youngest. A coloring book has already been published. Here are a few funny lines: "I painted a cat - people, you will remember, the cat then stood up with a leaf and walked around the room." I'm sure that they will like the baby. Especially since he is already reading this quatrain. The guys have a red cat, beloved. Therefore, this topic. If to speak personally about me, then there was a huge change in the estimation of the universe. I, caressed by Brodsky himself, have always written complex verses, but now, like a child, I'm just jumping ahead, "admitted Mikhail Andreev.