Raising children with a nanny If the applicant has a lot of experience ineducation of children, this does not mean that this experience is related to the work of a nanny. Is the experience of working in the family so important? Of course, you see the disadvantages of such candidates, but we suggest studying their advantages. Among the pluses are the following:

  • You will become the first employer, therefore will not be able to compare you to someone from former employers.
  • The applicant, who first appears in such arole, will work with greater desire than her more experienced colleague. A novice worker is characterized by diligence and enthusiasm, as he takes on a new profession for himself.
  • Despite the lack of experience in the family, a nanny can have another specialty that will help in the development of your child, for example, be a teacher of literature, an interpreter, a musician, etc.
  • A beginner's option will suit parents who want tosave: the services of such a nanny will be cheaper than the more experienced. But at the same time it is necessary to take into account the presence of other skills of the applicant. For example, knowledge of a foreign language, a higher pedagogical education, a propiska in your city, all this can add value to the tariff and it may turn out that it will be identical to the tariff of an experienced nanny, but without education, without registration, etc.
  • Nanny Job Advice from : when choosing an employee without work experience,attention to whether she has her own child or minimal experience in caring for her child. It is risky enough to leave your baby with a person who has only theoretical knowledge. In cases where the duties of a nanny will only include accompanying the child to the kindergarten and back, special experience is not required. Among the most important qualities of the employee there is dexterity, savvy and excellent memory, thanks to which she can quickly orient herself and do her job well. About such people say that they "grab everything on the fly" or "everything is in her hands". If you just got such a nanny - it's worth getting accustomed to her. Moreover, the cost of its services is much lower. If among the duties that you want to entrust to the assistant, only general supervision of the child, a meeting from the kindergarten, a walk and feeding with dinner, the experience can play far from the main role. In this case, you should take a closer look at the other skills of the applicant: the ability to communicate with the child and to find a common language with him. Of course, if you assign the development of a child to a nanny using different methods, it is better to refer to a person with similar experience.