dried mushrooms Mushrooms have unique properties and, although notcan cure all diseases, nevertheless, have a beneficial effect on the body and even help to fight with oncology. Mushrooms contain a lot of sulfur and polysaccharides. In any dried mushroom, as a rule, up to 30% of proteins, in addition, fiber and carbohydrates, fat-like substances and amino acids are found in fungi. In addition, mushrooms contain much more vitamins than vegetables and fruits. The healing properties after cooking and frying are lost, so it is most useful to pickle or dry them. The most reliable preventive agent against oncological diseases is dried white fungus. Its use is very useful for strengthening the body, it perfectly stimulates mental abilities. With his help, you can strengthen the heart, in addition, it is a preventive tool for headaches. To preserve all the healing properties, it must be dried and pulverized. A powder daily take a teaspoon 1 time per day. The place of collection of mushrooms affects their drying. And the methods of drying, too, there are different. You can dry in the sun; in a Russian stove, if there is one; in the microwave oven; and, of course, in the oven. It's not so important what kind of cooking you choose, because the result will be decent. Drying in the oven is one of the most affordable and easiest ways to prepare mushrooms. So they are well preserved for a long time. According to their digestibility and nutritional value, they exceed the pickled mushrooms, they exceed the preserved ones by the protein content. When drying, mushrooms retain all nutritional value; The aroma of some species - especially white - even intensifies with this method of processing them. However, not all edible families can be dried. Many lamellar mushrooms are bitter, and if they are dried, the bitterness will not disappear. Such mushrooms do not need to be dried. Air drying is possible only in hot and dry weather under the sun. Such drying lasts about a week. drying mushrooms

Preparation before drying

Of course, the most natural way of drying -natural, under the open rays of the sun. But if such weather does not allow, the most reliable way will be drying in the oven or in the oven. You can even dry it over the stove, but this is less convenient. Select fresh, healthy, strong, not damaged by worms mushrooms. In urban conditions in modern kitchens, where there is necessarily an oven, the method of drying mushrooms in it is most common and simple. For drying mushrooms in the oven it is desirable to sort the mushrooms in size. The temperature in the oven should reach 50 degrees. If the mushrooms are dry - this significantly improves the quality and time of the drying process in the oven. If the mushrooms are wet, it is very difficult for them to get rid of this moisture. Therefore, mushrooms should not be washed before spreading them on a baking sheet. They simply cleaned of needles, leaves, sand, moss, earth, wipe clean, slightly damp cloth and send to dry. If the mushroom has a large hat, such a mushroom is better divided into lobules to speed up the drying process, with the foot cut off also 2-3 cm from the cap. If you dry a white fungus, a boletus or a poderezozovik, the legs are best cut into posts 3 cm in length or with wheels up to 2 cm in thickness. When drying oily, fried and chanterelles, the mosses are used only by their hats, and the morels are dried entirely. On the grid (if it is not available, you can use and disgust), each mushroom is put in such a way that it does not come into contact with neighboring ones. This layout of the mushrooms on the baking sheet will allow the air to circulate well and easily bypass each mushroom. Each mushroom dries separately, without gluing together. Now you can put the baking tray in the oven. Initially, the mushrooms dry at a temperature of 45-50 degrees. If you immediately put a higher temperature, the surface of the fungus will become secreted and dry the proteinaceous substances, which will significantly worsen the further course of drying, in addition, give the mushrooms a dark color. At the same time, the mushrooms become so soft that you can not use them later. Only when the surface of the fungi dries, they will become dryish in appearance, it will be possible to raise the temperature to 65-70 degrees. cooking process

Cooking process

At a temperature of 50 degrees, mushrooms dry for 2 hours. Important advice: fold a tack or kitchen towel into a tube and insert it into the oven door to create a space and the oven door remains ajar. Fungi consist 80-90% of moisture, and when dried, this moisture evaporates and accumulates in the oven. Thus, a steam bath is formed in the cabinet during cooking, which leads to an undesirable condensate and droplets appear on the mushrooms, and this will disturb the drying process. In the oven periodically it is worth looking into and separating the adhering mushrooms from the grate and from each other. When the mushrooms become not sticky, the temperature in the oven is increased to 70 degrees. We leave to dry the mushrooms for another 2 hours at a 70 degree temperature in the oven. The drying process should be monitored periodically by checking the fungi. If you see that the mushroom has dried, the temperature can be slightly increased, if droplets are noticed, then we reduce the temperature and wait for them to dry for as long as necessary. If you want to speed up the drying process, you can grind them into parts. In addition, to speed up cooking and drying is possible in modern ovens, by switching on the mode with air ventilation, and the door should be left ajar. After a couple of hours in this mode, some mushrooms are already dry. Ready, that is, dried, should not crumble to pieces, they retain little elasticity and elasticity. Each dried mushroom should be checked separately for readiness and those that you think are already ready, put in a glass hermetically closed jar. Mushrooms can be considered dried, when they feel dry, light, slightly bent, and at some effort crumbles. Correct and well dried have a fragrance, and taste like fresh. correct drying of mushrooms in the oven

Helpful Tips

The ratio of dry to fresh weight peeledis 10-14%. That is, out of 10 kg of fresh mushrooms you will not get more than 1-1.4 kg of dried. Ready mushrooms need to be taken out of the oven in time and cleaned. You should carefully monitor the remaining, so as not to miss the moment of their drying to the desired state. In no case can not be dried, because they will lose flavor, their useful properties and simply become tasteless. The overdried product is not restored by heat treatment, it does not boil and does not soften. But this does not mean that it is better not to dry it, since the under-dried ones are poorly stored, mold forms at them with the slightest dampness, they start to deteriorate quickly. The duration of each of the processes of drying and drying mushrooms can not be determined exactly. It depends on many factors: from the area in which they grew, and the type of mushrooms, and their size. If both hats and plates are the same in size, then, of course, they will dry up simultaneously.