mugs and sections for children All parents without exception want to see theirchildren successful and talented. However, it is not possible for all parents to independently develop any abilities. Of course, you can hire a tutor or an individual teacher who will concentrate on your child, giving him all his attention and maximizing his creative potential. The option, of course, is ideal, but it has two small but notable minuses:

  • The child will be deprived of additional communication with peers. And the lack of such communication can lead to a slower formation of the skill of communication.
  • Individual lessons with a personal teacher is a very, very expensive pleasure that not every family can afford.

And here to help moms and dads comeall sorts of mugs and sections for children. They are much more accessible, in addition, the child receives the necessary communication with peers. Mugs and sections for children allow not only to develop the latent potential of the child, but also to organize his free time. In addition, children's sections and circles discipline the child, accustom him to the process of self-organization. A similar skill, when a child grows up, will provide him with an invaluable service. So, the parents decided that it was time for their child to do something. And before them immediately there is a question - in what circle to give the child? Of course, if your child shows remarkable abilities in one area or another, you will not have to think long. You are sure to find children's sections and circles that meet your needs. However, if your child has not yet revealed its potential, the question of which circle to give the child to, will make you break your mind more than one day. The choice that offers a lot of advertising, can be confusing to anyone. However, in no case can not go on about the fashion trends. This article describes the main areas in which the circles work, as well as the basic requirements for the child. However, do not forget that the statistics in the material are averaged, so additional, more detailed information, you need to learn directly in the circle in which you plan to drive your child. In order to make the right choice, parents have to do a few simple things:

  • Pay attention to character and temperamentchild - hardly a quiet, shy kid will feel good in a circus studio, and a fervent bully, who loves to chase the ball for hours - in the chess section.
  • Be sure to talk with the child yourself - ifthe chosen circle will be liked by the child, the chances of achieving success will be much greater than that of a child who is forcibly forced to engage in unloved business. After all, you do not want your child to serve hours in the section, like a violator on correctional labor?
  • If you plan to give the child to a sportssection, be sure to adequately assess the state of his health. Circle should in no case serve as a cause of aggravation of chronic diseases existing in a child.
  • When choosing a children's section, be sure to payattention to its location and start time. Decide whether you will carry the child in a circle, or he is already independent enough to get himself. Be sure to take into account the time required for the journey - the lessons in the school should also not suffer from additional lessons.
  • Another important aspect is the financialside. If your family does not have any financial difficulties, you can omit this item. If you are a normal average Russian family, you should not ignore this issue. The cost of a month of lessons in a children's circle can vary considerably. Also it is necessary to consider all the attributes necessary for the occupation.

Sports Clubs

children's sections and mugs What are the circles and sections? Virtually all of them are divided into several subcategories. If your child is active and active, loves sports and everything related to sports, you should pay attention to the sports sections. As a rule, finding a sports club is easy. There are such circles in almost every children's institution, even the smallest city. However, remember that a child must be healthy to attend a sports club. Most likely, to visit a sports club you will need to take a certificate - permission from your doctor - a pediatrician. Only he is able to adequately assess all the pros and cons, and decide whether the child should attend a section.

Children's swimming sections

Children's swimming sections are suitable for children,who love water and can splash in it for hours. As a rule, children's swimming sections work even with the smallest children at the age of three. Of course, no one will deny that the swimming skill is very, very useful. However, few people think that swimming is also very beneficial for health. It has a lot of positive influences on the child's health:

  • As we know, as the child grows significantlythe load on the spine increases. Already in the first class, 50% of children are diagnosed with scoliosis. Swimming, however, significantly reduces the burden on the spine, thereby helping to form a correct posture.
  • In addition, swimming can avoid a significant number of diseases of the musculoskeletal system in the future.
  • Swimming greatly enhances the coordination of the child.
  • Children involved in swimming are distinguished by their increased stamina and flexibility.
  • Another important advantage of swimming is the fact that it significantly strengthens the immunity of the child.

As a rule, in the event that the parents,or in any way did not frighten the child with water (and such, alas, happens very often), children very willingly visit the swimming section from an early age. Of course, in 3 - 4 years to talk about any sporting achievements, but the kid learns to stay on the water and control his body. Toddlers can already try to overcome small distances on the water themselves. Do not be afraid for the safety of the child - the kids are in the water in special armlets and collars, and under the watchful supervision of the swimming coach. In some sections it is possible to find parents with the children during the training. As a rule, the presence of a number of parents gives the child additional self-confidence and helps to overcome his fears. And when your child reaches 6 to 7 years of age, swimming can well be the beginning of a serious career. It is the age of 6 - 7 years that is the most optimal for the beginning of professional training in swimming for children in the sports section. The child is already an adult enough to perceive the words of the trainer, adequately react, control himself and his body, give an account of their actions. The child very quickly learns various styles of swimming and manifests his abilities. As a rule, an experienced coach, even in a crowd of toddlers, can notice one or two, who show a little more abilities than other children. Many Olympic champions began their stellar path in children's swimming sections. After the child began to visit the section on swimming, take a closer look at him. Whether the kid is willing to go to school, whether he likes everything. If everything is in order, then you have made the right choice and you have nothing to worry about. If you are confused by something in the child's behavior, be sure to find out what's the reason. Maybe your child is afraid of water? In this case, you will have to change the sport. If the cause is not in the water, try to figure out what is wrong. Perhaps the child did not have a relationship with his peers or a coach? In this case, it is worth considering the transfer of the child to another swimming section. However, often the reason is not even that. The child is simply burdened by the need to obey a very strict sport discipline. In the event that you do not plan to raise a professional athlete from your child, the physical culture section of swimming, rather than the sporting one, will suit you. It will give the child all the benefits that swimming can give, but will not become a strong psycho-physical burden. After all, in the end, the decision to become, or not to become an athlete, should only be taken by a child.

Children's hockey sections

Children's hockey sections have a widepopularity is not one decade. Thousands of boys sleep and see themselves as great hockey players. If you are considering children's hockey sections, you will be useful to learn about some of the features of this sport. In hockey, it is advisable to bring the boys 5 to 6 years. However, there is one condition - a child should start skating, starting from the age of three. And keep in mind that conventional skates are significantly different from hockey. As a rule, classes in children's hockey sections begin in late August - early September. In hockey schools, the academic year lasts the same as in the usual schools - from September to May. And in the summer, most often the students of hockey schools spend in specialized sports camps. This is necessary to ensure that during the summer the child does not lose the necessary skills and physical fitness. As a rule, classes in hockey schools are free of charge, or for absolutely symbolic money. However, parents should not forget that the purchase of hockey equipment will fall on their shoulders. So, get ready for what you will need to purchase at your own expense:

  • Shields
  • Hockey shorts
  • Gloves
  • Pullover
  • Chestguards
  • Leggings
  • Elbow nuzzles
  • Helmet
  • Boots with skates

On average, on good quality equipment, beready to spend at least 15 000. In addition to equipment, you and the child will most likely have to undergo a medical commission confirming that the child's condition allows him to practice hockey. I would also like to remind parents that the choice of the child should be conscious and completely voluntary. Otherwise the boy will not achieve any success.

Children's sections on basketball

Children's basketball sections existpractically in all sports organizations and even ordinary schools. Children's sections on basketball are very popular among schoolchildren. Some children go to training just for the company with their peers or to take their time. However, some children take basketball seriously and achieve significant success, playing for junior teams. In addition, some high-growth children can use basketball to get rid of some complexes and raise self-esteem. As a rule, any basketball children's section conducts a set practically all-the-year-round. But in some sports schools, where the classes are conducted on a fairly serious level, the groups are recruited at a strictly defined time. If your choice is a basketball children's section, find out in advance the time of group selection.

Dance for children

Very many parents prefer a dance clubfor children. A dance club for children can be a wonderful choice not only for girls, but also for boys. Dancing will give the child the physical load necessary at his age, teach to own his body, give his movements plasticity and grace. As a rule, it is not difficult to find a circle of dances. Almost all secondary schools and local cultural centers have their own dance clubs. However, the level of preparation in such circles leaves much to be desired. If you want your child to dance professionally, you should pay attention to private dance sections. There your child will be engaged in professional teachers, and the number of children in paid groups, as a rule, does not exceed 5 - 6 people. However, be prepared for the fact that payment in such dance studios can be several times higher. Also, you need to decide what kind of dance your child will be doing. Much more reasonable to ask his opinion on this matter. Nowadays there are several basic dance directions:

  • Ballroom dancing. Ballroom dances include paired dances, which take place strictly on the floor, in special dance shoes. Such dances have folk roots.
  • Latin American dances. These dances are separated into a separate group, however, strictly speaking, they also refer to the ballroom.
  • Folk dances. These dances are classified as folklore.
  • Dance Sport.
  • Variety dances.

Whichever type of dance your child chooses, be prepared for the fact that you also have to buy suits and shoes yourself.

Intellectual mugs

a circle of dances for children Above we talked about the most popularsports clubs. However, not all children differ in their attraction to sports and active lifestyle in general. Many children prefer intellectual loads. And, of course, such children, forcibly given to sports clubs, classes will not bring anything other than negative emotions. Intellectual circles are the most suitable for children with this way of thinking and temperament. Listed below are the main ones.

Drawing circle for children

Drawing circle for children - the best choiceparents whose children show interest in drawing. Drawing helps the harmonious development of the child's personality, reveals the potential of the child. In addition, numerous studies confirm an interesting fact - children involved in drawing are much more emotionally stable, and are practically not subjected to stress. As a rule, there are various age groups. Some mugs begin their studies with the youngest children from one year. Such babies are often painted with finger paints. As the child grows, the complexity of the drawings increases. If, in the process of learning to draw, the child finds certain abilities, upon reaching the child of seven years of age, parents can give it up for training in an art school.

Mathematical mugs for children

In very many schools there are mathematicalmugs for children. In such circles, teachers in their free time are engaged with children who have the ability to mathematical calculations. However, in no case should parents force the child to attend mathematics mugs for children against the desire of the child himself. If parents or teachers use mathematical mugs as an additional elective, they risk instilling a persistent dislike for all exact computing sciences.

Technical mugs for children

Technical mugs for children also useincreased demand among boys. Similar circles also often occur at secondary general schools. If there are no similar groups in the school where your child is studying, try to find a station of young technicians in your city. There your child will surely find an occupation to his liking. Someone will be able to do air modeling, someone - radio engineering. As a rule, such circles are absolutely free. In some cases, parents may be asked to purchase something from the materials necessary for children's creativity.

Children's knitting circle

If you are happy parentsa charming girl who is interested in needlework, you should pay attention to a circle of knitting for children. To find such a circle is also not very difficult - they are in secondary general schools, in the houses of culture, and in the development centers of the child. A circle of knitting for children will help your daughter to acquire a very useful skill that is sure to come in handy for her in later life. Creating beautiful exclusive things with your own hands, your beauty will always be in the center of attention. As a rule, training in such a circle is absolutely free. The only thing that you will need to spend money on is to buy spokes, hooks and threads.

Literary circles for children

If your child can sit around the clockfor books, and maybe tries to write poetry or prose independently, literary circles for children - this is exactly what you need. In a literary circle, your child will find like-minded people with whom he will be inspired to discuss the read works. Literary circles for children, as a rule, conduct classes with children under the program, which differs significantly from the school. Your curious son or daughter will be much more interesting than in the usual lesson of literature. Well, if you noticed for your child the desire to create literary masterpieces independently, such attempts should be encouraged in every possible way. Without a proper education, it will be quite difficult for you to objectively evaluate the creativity of your child, as well as point out his shortcomings and help to correct them. Just to disregard the child's ability is impossible in any case. What you think is a frivolous childhood now, in the future can turn into a serious talent. And it is on the parents that they are responsible for not letting this talent, still weak, fade away.

Chess Circle for Children

A chess circle for children is anothera very good way to organize leisure for children with a logical mindset. The game of chess has a history not one thousand years, but to this day it has not lost its relevance. At the moment, even created a real chess theory, but many mysteries have not been solved to this day. Perhaps, it is for you the child will be able to solve them? The game of chess is an invaluable powerful weapon for the harmonious development of the child's personality, and development takes place not in a compulsory, but in a game form. In addition, for a child, playing chess for a child is not only an exciting game, but also a means of effective self-education. Children who study chess play have a number of advantages to their peers. The game of chess develops in children such qualities as:

  • Ability of the child to focus on the area.
  • Develops the child's ability to compare.
  • Ability to generalize and allocate particulars also comes to children playing chess, much earlier than others.
  • During the game, the child develops memory, assiduity.
  • And the most invaluable quality, developed during the time of playing chess, is attention and ability to analyze. This quality is useful in the life of the child more than one hundred times.

All these features of child development are explained,playing chess, is very simple. The essence of the game in chess lies in mathematical analysis and a strict logical chain. In the game of chess there are no accidents, it is this that teaches the child the logical analysis and the ability to make a choice. And what he now knows only in practice games, he repeatedly successfully uses and in real life. In addition, in the chess game the whole process is interesting, and not just the result of the game, as such. In addition, the chess game teaches the child the skills of communication and, more importantly, respect and understanding of the interlocutor, in this case the opponent in the chess game. A chess club for children is a wonderful choice for any child.

Computer mugs for children

Given the fact that we live in the 21st century, inthe era of computer technology, we can not ignore and not mention computer circles for children. In our time, children are familiar with the computer almost from the diaper, and to school age quite deftly managed with it. But, as a rule, all the manipulations with the computer in modern children are reduced only to computer games day and night. As a result, school performance, communication with peers, and sometimes the child's health, suffer. Of course, this state of affairs does not suit parents. However, to deprive a modern child of a computer is almost impossible, and it is inappropriate. And here to help parents come computer circles for children. In such a circle the child will not only find like-minded people, but will also have the opportunity to do what he likes. The child learns a lot of new opportunities for computer technology, for example. Such as computer graphics or programming. It will not take very long, and your child will almost completely forget about computer games. However, do not be surprised if you go into your child's room late at night and see him as focused as possible on drawing, or creating a program. This article does not describe all types of children's circles and sections. The above are only the most common and popular ones. Probably, for your child the ideal choice will be something else. After you decide with him about the occupation, find out which circles are within your reach. Before you write down your child's circle, try to find out the responses of those parents whose children are already attending this section. Also find it possible to have a personal chat with the teacher who will deal with your child. If everything suits you, feel free to give the child to study. Finally I would like to say the main thing. Remember that childhood is too short a period in a person's life. And it still must remain a childhood, by all means! We advise you to read: