How many children need to have

In the Soviet Union, such a title was conferredwomen who gave birth to 10 children. At the same time, it was assigned only when the youngest child was a year old. All children had to be alive and kindred.mother heroine how many childrenFind out how many children you need to give birth to becomemother-heroine Photo: Getty Now the situation has changed dramatically. Now mothers-heroines are women who bring up four or more children. Officially adopted children are taken into account. The title is awarded when the youngest child turns 3 years old. Dead children are counted only if they died during military service, while performing civil or working duties. Please note, in order to receive the title and all the bonuses that are attached to it, it is important not just to have children. It is necessary to lead a correct way of life, to be engaged in upbringing, health and education of children, to develop them harmoniously, to set the right example for other parents.

What gives the status of the mother-heroine

Large mothers and fathers receive the order"Parental glory." They also receive 50 thousand rubles for the upbringing and development of their children. Some families receive apartments, this is considered individually. Here are the other bonuses of this title:

  • Allowance for care for each child up to 1.5 years according to the average salary of a woman for the last 2 years.
  • The possibility of early retirement in 50 years, if the work experience of a woman is a total of 15 years.
  • Ability to work on a part-time basis.
  • 30-50% discount for utility bills, 50% discount for home phone payment.
  • Admission of children to the kindergarten without a queue, three meals a day free meals for children in school, a free school and sports uniform for schoolchildren.
  • Free travel in public transport.
  • Monthly tickets to theaters, cinemas and other entertainment facilities, annual trips to a sanatorium for the whole family.

Please note that a large mother has the rightopen a mini-kindergarten at home. At the same time, she officially becomes an educator, the record is recorded in her work book. The supervision of the nearest state kindergarten is supervising the home kindergarten. If you decide to become a mother of four or more toddlers, take advantage of the benefits from the state. They will simplify the maintenance of a large family.