mood swings Mood swings - a phenomenon with whicha large number of people are facing. Although it should be noted that the mood is still more affected by the beautiful half of humanity. Very often, such mood swings in women surrounding people perceive as whims and a sign of bad character. However, this is not so - mood swings in women often indicate the presence of certain problems requiring medical care. Emotional stability greatly reduces the quality of life of a woman. In medicine, mood swings are called "affective disorder." This phenomenon is characterized by a wide range of emotions, replacing each other in a short period of time. Simply put, for an hour the woman manages to rejoice in life, get upset, cry, get angry, feel a tide of tenderness and again rejoice in anything. As you understand, a woman has a very hard time, not to mention the people around him. Medical statistics say that about 15% of all women are at least occasionally confronted with this problem. And in the period of menopause, the probability of collision with affective disorders increases several times during the menopause. Doctors believe that the presence of mood swings is an occasion for close attention. And sometimes they even insist on special treatment. However, of course, such differences should not be placed on a par with such serious mental illnesses as manic depression or bipolar disorders, in any case not.

Symptoms of affective disorder

Symptoms of such a violation are extremely simple and there are not many of them:

  • Sharp mood swings

If you begin to notice that the mood changes withfrightening speed, it is worthwhile to be on the alert. Of course, if your mood has deteriorated due to the fact that your child brought another "deuce", or you quarreled with your beloved husband, everything is quite natural and within the norm. But if these changes occur without any prerequisites, you can suspect an affective disorder.

  • Impairment of appetite

In affective disorders in addition toemotional instability is very often a violation of appetite. And one woman has a strong aversion to all products without exception, while the other, on the contrary, has an increase in appetite at times. The refrigerator becomes the best friend. As a result, sooner or later, problems with the digestive tract begin. And in the event that the appetite is significantly increased, problems with excess weight may be added. mood swings in women

The causes of mood swings

As all the same dry statistics says, most oftenWomen who live in large cities are exposed to mood swings. Inhabitants of small towns and even more so, such complications, as a rule, do not threaten. Psychologists explain this fact by the fact that residents of cities experience more intense psychological stress, and the pace of their lives is much higher. In addition, there are several main reasons that can trigger the development of strong mood swings:

  • Changing the hormonal background

One of the most common causesemotional instability is a change in the normal hormonal background of a woman's body. As a rule, it occurs as a result of certain diseases, during pregnancy and menopause. Incidentally, during menopause, these disorders are particularly strong, as there is a decrease in the level of several hormones - in particular, progesterone and estrogen.

  • Premenstrual syndrome

Very often emotional instabilityis observed in a certain period of the menstrual cycle. There is even such a term as premenstrual syndrome. This period comes a few days after ovulation and stops only after the onset of menstruation. A similar phenomenon occurs in about 50% of all women.

  • Strong psychological stresses

In the event that a woman is systematicallyexperiencing serious psychological stress, sooner or later emotional instability is almost guaranteed. By the way, men are much more stress-resistant.

  • Unfavorable psychological atmosphere in the family

Not the last role is played by the psychologicalthe situation in the family. In the event that there are some problems with children, or spouses are constantly arguing, or there is no mutual understanding with the older generation, the risk of developing emotional instability rises many times. mood swings

Treatment of mood swings

As already mentioned, it is not necessary to leave withoutattention such emotional changes - they must be treated. Very much depends on the woman herself, but the doctor still needs to seek medical advice. The doctor will really appreciate the woman's condition and, if necessary, will select the optimal treatment, including medication.

  • Hormonal therapy

In some cases, doctors resort to hormonaltherapy. This is done in order to normalize the level of the hormonal background. However, resort to this treatment is only in the most extreme case, since hormone therapy can lead to the development of a variety of complications. One of the most dangerous is an increased risk of cancer. However, of course, the doctor prescribes hormone therapy only if the expected benefit exceeds the possible harm.

  • Light sedatives

In particularly difficult cases, you can resort to helpsedatives. And it is not necessary to hurry to the pharmacy - all medicines should be prescribed exclusively by a doctor. You can use medicinal herbs alone. And then only if the person does not have allergic reactions. To similar traumas the motherwort, a chemist's camomile, a lavender concerns. For the treatment of decoctions of these herbs. They are all cooked the same way - put one tablespoon of any of the above herbs in an enamel pot, pour half a glass of water and bring to a boil. Leave to infuse for two hours, then strain with gauze. The resulting broth should be taken at night, half the glass. Do not expect too fast results. The duration of the course of treatment is at least 30 days. And, if necessary, it can be extended to three months. As a rule, the improvement will not be long in coming.

  • Yoga classes

A good alternative to eliminateemotional instability are yoga classes. Of course, it is not a problem to find the necessary materials with which you can study at home yourself. However, it is much more sensible and more useful to practice under the guidance of a specialist.

  • Aromatherapy

With the fact that odors have on the bodya great influence, no one will argue. So why not turn this feature to your advantage? For example, to use for the treatment of emotional instability aromatherapy. It is recommended to use oils such as rose, chamomile and jasmine oils.

  • Behavioral Therapy

If you have the opportunity, please contacthelp to a psychologist. He will probably offer you a course of behavioral therapy. The essence of this therapy is to teach a person the skills of strictest self-control over any of their emotions. By the way, these skills will prove useful to you in life.

  • Communication Therapy

Often, people who are faced with differencesinstability, make the same mistake - they reduce contacts with surrounding people to a minimum. However, doctors recommend as much as possible to communicate with people - colleagues, relatives, children, spouse. Only in this way can you stabilize your emotional state.

  • Normalizing the way of life

Do not forget about your lifestyle - from himvery, very much depends. Watch how much time you sleep - an adult needs at least 8 hours of sleep. Otherwise, chronic nedosyp will sooner or later lead to a real nervous breakdown, not to mention emotional instability. Be sure to take regular walks in the fresh air. Hiking improves blood circulation, normalizes the level of blood pressure, positively affects the quality of sleep and, of course, the emotional state of any person. The same goes for physical exercises - a sedentary sedentary lifestyle is not the best ally in the fight against emotional instability.

  • Diet

Pay attention to your menu. It should contain as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. It is very useful for both physical and psychological health of a person. Do not forget about sour-milk products. Coping with the differences is quite realistic. The main thing is desire and patience! Be healthy and happy! We advise you to read: