mood how to raise Like most of the people living on the earth,you may have such moments when you feel completely depressed, and even standing on the verge of depression. I must tell you that it's perfectly normal to have a bad mood. We all get weird sometimes. Some of us can load more often than other people do - this is normal too. The main thing - to know how to cheer up, so as not to plunge into a real depression. And for this, everyone has their own ways. So do not be afraid of your bad mood - just throw it away. Cheer up by using your ways of cheering up. Of course, it's easy to say - cheer up! And if you do not have any reliable techniques that would help to do this? Then we'll show them to you! We know many such ways; try any of them that you liked the most. Maybe it will be even better for you to go through our entire list, having experienced every trick to choose the best idea for yourself. how to cheer up

The best ways to cheer yourself up

  • Breathe deeply If a bad mood floodssuddenly, deep breathing will quickly help you to get back to normal. Deep breathing is a special technique of relaxation, with which you can relieve the tension of the body and clear the mind of anxiety. Many people unconsciously resort to this technique without even realizing it. Surface breathing, on the contrary, restricts the flow of oxygen into the body and creates an additional burden for your body, creating a vicious circle: straining, you will further sink into anxiety and despondency. Breathing exercises can literally do a miracle; they will quickly break this vicious circle. Here's how to do it right: Sit up straight. Take a full deep exhalation. Place your hands on your stomach, just above the waist line. Now slowly inhale, gradually as if pushing your arm up. This will ensure that you breathe deeply enough. Inhaling, imagine that you fill your body with air - from the bottom up. After inhaling, hold your breath at the expense of two to five (you can even more if you can deal with it, the main thing is that you feel comfortable). It will be easier for you to delay breathing if you continue to press your hand on your stomach. Slowly and gradually exhale through the mouth, feeling how your stomach contracts and the hand returns to its original place. Exhale do a little longer than inhale. This is a very effective technique that can soothe you very quickly, and there the bad mood melts without a trace!
  • Drink clean water. Yes, do not be surprised! A person needs water so much that even a little dehydration can cause a number of problems, including an imbalance of substances that are responsible for our mood. So fill the glass with this clean, transparent and truly magical liquid, and drink it. Besides, why do not you take a multivitamin to help your body even more? By the way, as for water, do not just limit yourself to one glass. Make sure that during each day you consume as much fluid as necessary for each person for the normal functioning of his body.
  • What other ways to raise your spirits? Embrace! If you have a loved one near you, then come and embrace him. You must give someone your arms to get them back. Sometimes this is all that is needed to quickly improve the mood of yourself or another person. Special researches conducted by scientists from different countries showed that emotions that give hugs to a loved one contribute to the increased production of oxytocin - a real "happiness hormone" - and reduce the risk of heart disease. Sensory sensations also contribute to the development of chemicals in the brain that respond for our good mood - serotonin and dopamine. It is not accidental that in many cultures of the world people who have just met first of all open their arms to each other.
  • If you have a dog, then play with it. That's really who really will quickly lift your spirits, so it's a domestic pet! With his devoted and selfless love, he causes only positive emotions in a person, and a merry fuss with a dog or a cat makes you forget about sadness. Only if we say "play", it really means that you need to take part in the fun of the most active part: run after each other, throw the ball to the dog or tease the cat with a piece of paper tied to the thread, get ready and joke "fight" with the animal. Such physical activity will give you a charge of energy, and you will feel much better.
  • Drink coffee, with ice or hot Caffeine -a natural "improver" of mood. He will add joyful notes not only with his pleasant taste, but also with that which will give you more energy for walking, which in itself is one of the best ways to raise your spirits. It is not necessary to abuse coffee, of course, but occasionally you can resort to this method.
  • Contact your old girlfriend That's open your phone's notebook and carefully review the entire list. Surely there will be numbers that you have not dialed for a long time! Perhaps you are going to call for several months (or even years!), But somehow they postponed this call all the time. Do not blame yourself for the fact that you have not talked with an old friend for so long, a guilty feeling will only worsen your mood. Just take it, and call her. You will see how pleased she is! And it will definitely cheer you up. And if you do not get to contact her, then take the time to write a good, great letter.
  • Look funny movie Find your favoritecomedy, and get ready to have fun with it. When you get to the place that has always amused you, allow yourself to laugh at the episode and the heroes of the film. Do not hold back, laugh at full force! Laughter will have a very beneficial effect on you, and you will forget about the bad mood.
  • Go for a walk You already know what it iswill help you to fight with despondency and sadness. When do you feel best when there are people around you, trees or you are near water? Then go there. Even if you have to go there - do not delay the walk to your favorite place. Try to allocate for a stay there at least fifteen minutes. And even if you thought it was impossible to find these minutes because of your employment, or if you simply did not want to go there - you will be surprised how much you want to stay there even when the planned fifteen minutes will expire! Fresh air, invigorating surroundings and physical exercise from walking will surely lift your spirits.
  • Arrange yourself a luxurious bath - with candles,music, bubbles from an aromatic bomb It's time to pamper yourself! You can soak up, relax, read a book or lure your loved one and have a wonderful time together. (Who said that aromatic baths are only for women ?!)
  • Arrange a small shopping And not necessarilyspend a lot of money - this, on the contrary, later can cause a sense of repentance, which in itself is able to plunge anyone into despair. You can please your darling and inexpensive purchases, because we have such a variety of options! Ornaments, postcards, games, stickers, tapes, books, all kinds of yummies, sunglasses, cute plush toys - you can list for a very long time.
  • Listen to music. You love her, do not you? Put your favorite tunes, turn them on as loud as possible, and sing in your throat. Feel the music that surrounds you, bathe in the songs, it will make you feel very good.
  • Dance It should be done by analogy with music: put your favorite melody, close the curtains, so that casual viewers do not embarrass you, and start dancing. If it seems to you that this is stupid, then give yourself a time of only five minutes - at least five minutes you must dance. And then look how you will feel after that. If you do not get happier - well, stop the "experience". But we are sure that you will have a lot of fun! It will be very good if you become and sing and dance at the same time: then the feedback between the body and your mood will work faster. Do not worry about how correctly and beautifully you sing and move - do it the way you want. And even if in the beginning you felt unwell, try to pretend that you are simply an indecent person, and your mood will certainly improve by several degrees.
  • If you have a site, then poke around in the groundScientists have found that friendly bacteria that live in the soil are able to cause the development of serotonin in our body, which gives an antidepressant effect. And, of course, watching birds, beautiful flowers and growing seedlings will only intensify this effect.
  • Prepare yourself something delicious When youthe last time was was to prepare your favorite delicacy? Search for a tried-and-true recipe and get ready. If you are already tired of everything that you have prepared so far, look for new and interesting recipes. But just protect yourself from stress and choose a recipe that will not prove too complicated. You do not want to spend the rest of the day in tears because you spent half a day in the kitchen, but the dish failed and turned out to be awful to taste?
  • Go in for sports Physical activityreleases endorphins, which, as we have already said, allow you to perk up. Some studies show that training is just as effective for getting rid of negative mood, as well as drugs for treating depression.
  • And on the contrary, give yourself at least sometimes a napFortunately, on its own, fatigue can not cause bad mood, but it can still push you to despondency. Therefore it is useful to get some sleep even in the daytime. And when you wake up, take a cool shower or at least rinse your face; you will feel how vigor and energy will fill you, and you will start life anew.
  • As you can see, ways to cheer up very mucha lot, and you can come up with your own methods of fighting a bad mood. We want to give you one more tip: create your "Book of Good Mood". Create a list like ours, which include those methods that work especially well for you. Print out your book, sew it, decorate with photos and drawings. And whenever you feel that your mood is falling, take your book into your hands and choose the method that seems most interesting to you at that moment. A quick uplift of your mood will be guaranteed! We advise you to read: