money tree reproduction Money tree - a talisman of luxury and wealth -can be purchased at any flower shop. However, many want to grow it on their own. First, it is an interesting process, especially for avid flower growers. And secondly, it is believed that the plant will bring good luck only if its own forces attach to cultivation. Today we will learn how to multiply the money tree. And since there is nothing complicated in this process, each of you will be able to settle this beautiful flower in your house. So, how does the money tree multiply? There are three ways: cuttings, seeds and reproduction of leaves. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

Reproduction by cuttings

It is believed that for afinancial condition of the house, you do not need to buy a stalk, but ... steal! So, you got cuttings of a money tree (no matter what way), now they need to be dried a little (within 2-3 days). Then proceed as follows:

  • Prepare a pot with a substrate: it must be drainage to easily let in water and not allow rotting to the roots - the money tree does not like abundant watering;
  • For a better rooting, make a hothouse - cover the stem with a plastic glass;
  • Twice a day you need to open a glass and ventilate a young tree;

That's basically it. Once the plant is rooted, the glass can be removed. Transplant the trees, which multiply cuttings, should be when the roots completely weave the ground and will be clearly seen from above. For the transplant, prepare the following mixture: mix one piece of leaf, turf and sand, and add peat and claydite. Moreover, drainage (expanded clay) should be located not deeper than two centimeters. In order to prevent soil silt, add crushed charcoal to the ground. how does the money tree multiply

Reproduction by leaves

It should be noted that the leaves multiply the plant more often than cuttings. First you need to get a piece of money tree. And then follow the algorithm described below:

  • We put the leaf in a glass with boiled water (here we add a little chopped charcoal) and put it in the shade;
  • Every two to three days, water must be changed in order to prevent decay;
  • A very short time will pass and you will notice the first roots. They look like thin white strings;
  • Once the roots are clearly visible, you can transplant the leaf into the ground;
  • Then we act the same way as in the case of cuttings: we prepare the substrate and transplant the young tree;
  • Do this carefully, trying not to damage any of the roots. Otherwise, a young plant can not survive.

Reproduction by seeds

The money tree multiplies and seeds. Yes, it is troublesome and long, but this plant will be only yours!

  • Soil for planting seeds: leafy earth is one part, sand is half from the leaf part.
  • Seeds are sown in a bowl and covered with polyethylene;
  • Every morning, polyethylene is removed (for 10-15 minutes - for airing) and spray the ground from the spray gun;
  • In two weeks there are shoots. Now polyethylene can be removed completely, but spraying must continue;
  • Once the money tree sprouts are slightly strengthened, they can be transplanted into shallow boxes. The distance between the seedlings should be at least a centimeter.

Once the young plants are strong andwill release at least a couple of leaves, you can transplant them into a separate pot. So we found out how the money tree multiplies. Now let's look at some tricks that will help him properly look after him.

Money tree care after transplantation

The money tree does not like abundant humidity. In the warm season, watering is done every 5-7 days. With the onset of cold weather, the amount of water gradually decreases. In winter, the plant needs only one watering in 2-3 weeks. Here, build on the air temperature in the room. If the tree began to discard the leaves, it means - you poured it. It is necessary to restore the water balance in the soil:

  • Dry the substrate in the pot completely - check the dryness with a wooden stick;
  • The first watering after drying should be abundant;
  • The next watering is necessary only in a week (in the summer) and in 2 weeks - in the winter.

In general, water procedures should beprinciple: "it is better to undercharge than pour over". If you are lucky, you can become one of those lucky people who managed to see a money tree in bloom. The flowering time will depend on what time of year the reproduction took place. If the stem (leaf) was planted in March-April, then the bloom will be in winter. If the plant reproduces in May, then it will bloom only next summer. how to multiply a money tree

How to attract finance to the house: several secrets

It's not enough just to multiply the money tree and put a pot of a young plant on the windowsill. To attract finance, it is also necessary to take care of it properly:

  • Tolstyanika loves the sun, but you have to turn it to the light by different sides, so that the tree has a smooth trunk and the leaves grow evenly;
  • Prepare a special "magic" water for irrigation: a day, insist on small coins;
  • In the hot season (in summer and spring), a money tree is best placed on a balcony. But in the winter find for him a warm and shaded corner;
  • If you want to form a tree like "bonsai", as soon as it reaches a height of twenty centimeters, pinch off the top;
  • From time to time (for example, once a month) you should cover the plant with coins and bills - this will symbolize the prosperity in the house;
  • Despite the fact that the tree multiplies easily, do not give the plant to friends and acquaintances - so you will give them your well-being.

There are signs associated with this planta lot of. However, the key to success lies precisely in the correct reproduction. Only so beautiful, healthy and strong plant will settle in the house forever. Believe in the magical power of the money tree, mentally send him financial requests. And even when all your money problems disappear from your life, do not forget to take care of it.