money tree medicinal properties It is known about the magical properties of a fat girl,probably, to all: not for nothing that people call it a money tree. It is believed that this plant is able to improve the financial well-being of its owner, and in general has a beneficial effect on the energy of the house in which it grows. Everyone also knows that in oriental studies Feng Shui Tolstyan is considered to be one of the most powerful talismans that activate the wealth zone, but that not everyone knows that the money tree has medicinal properties. And meanwhile this plant is actively used in folk medicine in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, bruises and sprains, cuts and burns and even some diseases of internal organs. By the way, the medicinal properties of the money tree are in many respects similar to the properties of another popular green healer - the Kalanchoe. And what diseases the money tree is treating, we will try to find out with you.

The healing properties of the money tree

Money tree comes from warm countries. Many varieties of fatty grow in southern Africa, Australia and Madagascar. At home, they grow a tree-skinny tree, which is called a money tree and is used as a green healer. Tolstyanka tree is actually like a tree. This plant with a thick lignified trunk and a dense crown of fleshy green leaves. In the room, the money tree rarely blooms. And if this happens, then only after the fifth year of plant life. It is noteworthy that the money tree is a kind of indicator of the health status of people living in a house where it grows. This tree as if draws the negative energy of an unhealthy organism and begins to wither. But as soon as a person recovers, a healthy appearance returns to the tree. In a word, even on the energy level, this amazing plant is closely related to man. And the money tree is considered a filter plant. That is, it is able to purify the air in the room and thus have a beneficial effect on people's well-being. But the use of money tree in folk medicine is due to its antiviral, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. It is believed that the strength of its medicinal properties, this plant is not inferior to Kalanchoe and aloe. However, the most common use is for a fat custard for external treatment. And the fact is that the arsenic contained in its leaves can cause diarrhea, vomiting and even loss of consciousness when ingested with juice and green flesh. Therefore, medications from the leaves of the mint tree can only be treated after consultation with the doctor. medicinal properties of a money tree

Money tree in folk medicine

In folk medicine, the leafy leaves are fat andprepared from them, the gruel is used for external and internal use. For example, the medicinal properties of a fatty woman are used for abscesses, cuts, wounds and deep scratches. From the leaves of this tree make a gruel and put it to the damaged place. In this case, several washed leaves are ground to the state of gruel, trying to preserve the juice of the plant as much as possible. On a clean (or even better sterile) gauze or on a bandage folded in several layers, put the resulting gruel. Cover it from above with another same layer and apply to an abscess or wound. The bandage is held for four hours, and then replaced with a new one. Such treatment is effective for muscle stretches and bruises. Juicy fatties are treated with herpes on the lips. To do this, from the washed leaves squeeze the juice and every half hour they lubricate the sore. Alternatively, they impregnate the cotton swab with juice, apply it to the affected area and fix it with a medical plaster. With inflammation of the throat (tonsillitis, tonsillitis) make an aqueous solution of fatty juice. To do this, out of ten leaves squeeze the juice and dilute it in an incomplete glass of boiled or filtered water. This solution rinse the throat about five times a day. For the treatment of arthritis, folk methods also use the juice of the money tree leaves, lubricating them with inflamed joints at night. Fatty juice relieves pain, itching and swelling with mosquito bites, bees and wasps. They also smear the places of bites from four to six times a day. It is believed that the therapeutic properties of the money tree help with ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Traditional healers recommend using these diseases to eat two leaves of fatty one hour before eating, thoroughly chewing them. Infusion of leaves is treated and inflammation of the kidneys. To do this, grind five washed sheets of money tree, pour them an incomplete glass of hot water and insist for an hour. Infusion is taken one tablespoon fifteen minutes before meals three times a day. Apply the money tree leaves to calluses. By the way, "corncob" - this is another folk name for a fat woman. Only first you need to remove the upper transparent film from the leaf, and then apply it to the callus, fix it with adhesive tape and leave it overnight. Apply the cut leaves of the money tree to the burned places, but only if the burn is not very strong and without blisters. By analogy with the treatment of calluses, the money tree leaves are used with the ingrown nail. The cut leaf is applied to the inflamed place, covered with a polyethylene film and fixed with a plaster. As the leaf dries, the compress is changed, and the nail plate, softened with juice, is carefully removed. Infusion of leaves is treated with varicose veins. A half-liter jar is filled with leaves and green branches for two thirds of the volume and filled up with vodka to the top. The can is closed with a dense lid and insisted in a dark place for about a month. Then compresses are made from the ready-made infusion. The same treatment is performed with joint and muscle pains and swelling. Helps treatment of fatty juice and hemorrhoids. For the preparation of medicinal products, mix the leaves with liquid vaseline, impregnate the resulting mixture with a cotton swab and lubricate the hemorrhoidal bumps. The procedure is carried out only after evacuation of the intestine and washing with cold water. After applying the ointment it is necessary to lie down for twenty to thirty minutes, and the procedure itself should be performed two to three times a day. So, as you already understood, folk medicine uses fatty juice, whole or chopped leaves, as well as the infusions prepared from them. Just do not forget that the money tree, like other medicinal plants, can not only treat, but cause harm in overdose or misuse. Therefore, in no case do not self-medicate! No matter how much you trust the people's means, you can not use them without consulting a doctor. Of course, the medicinal properties of the money tree have been repeatedly confirmed in practice, but this does not mean that it will help you, too. Be prudent and extremely careful when using traditional medicines. We advise you to read: