milk mushroom Many of us know perfectly well what teamushroom and how to handle it. But few of us know what a milk mushroom is. It turns out that he was for a long time one of the secrets of Tibetan folk medicine. Indian yogas treated with milk fungus are very many diseases, including even cancer. A Polish professor brought him to Europe, to whom a drink made from milk mushrooms helped to get rid of cancer diseases of the stomach and liver.

What is a milk mushroom?

Milk (kefir) mushrooms are white ballsColor, whose diameter during the growth of fungi varies from 6 to 60 millimeters. In Bulgaria, drinks from milk mushrooms are used in almost every home. Bulgarian healers claim that this wonderful remedy is simply a unique remedy for a variety of diseases. It is especially useful to those people who suffer from allergic diseases. The fungus not only alleviates the allergic condition, it can completely cure allergies. The use of milk fungus for normal functioning of the body is simply invaluable. It strengthens the immune system and makes it work actively, treats gastrointestinal diseases of all kinds, quickly heals wounds and relieves inflammation, normalizes metabolism, improves attention and memory, and even increases sexual activity! This is such a magic tool. Anyone who drinks milk from mushrooms constantly, always feels alert and capable of much. Milk mushroom has application in medicine, and in cosmetology. milk mushroom

How to use milk mushroom?

What does a milk mushroom drink look like? Most often it looks like ordinary yogurt or fermented milk. I must say that the way to treat milk mushrooms is quite strict in its rules. For those who want to drink kefir mushroom, the treatment instruction contains clear rules, the most important of which is observing the time of taking kefir. For example, in the first days you need to drink one glass of mushroom kefir ten minutes before meals three times a day. The intervals between the tricks of this magic means are five hours. The last time the mushroom should be drunk an hour before sleeping on an empty stomach. Kefir from milk mushrooms can be given to children from two years, about half a glass before eating. Treatment of the child is carried out in stages: a month he is given to drink kefir mushroom, a month they take a break. And so on. In the first two days of treatment, children often have intestinal disorders, but this is not an excuse for stopping treatment: the intestinal microflora is quickly restored.

Care of milk fungus

Kefir fungus does not require too much care. Two teaspoons of mushroom is poured into a glass of milk at room temperature and left for a day. After a day fermented milk is poured, and the mushroom is again filled with fresh milk. It is best to do this procedure in the evenings. Milk sour at room temperature in about twenty hours. The fact that it is ready is indicated by a thick layer around the fungus that appeared on top. At the bottom of the can is fermented milk. It is poured through a strainer into another jar, then the mushroom is washed under a stream of cold boiled water and poured with milk. As you can see, it is not difficult to prepare a kefir mushroom, but it is necessary to obey several rules. Milk mushroom is live, so you can not store it in the refrigerator. Handle with it should be very carefully and in no case should not be placed under hot water or in hot milk. Rinse the mushroom and add fresh milk to it every day, otherwise it will stop growing and die. If the mushroom has changed its color from white to brown - then it's sick. In the brown fungus there are no properties beneficial to human health. It is not necessary to store a spoiled product, it is better to grow a new fungus and continue treatment. In the event that you go somewhere for two or three days, you can put the mushroom in a three-liter jar, pour it with milk, diluted in half with water and store in a warm place. Three days later the resulting kefir can be wiped off his feet - he relieves fatigue and reduces sweating. One and the same mushroom can be used for making yogurt for no more than two months. After this period, it loses its healing properties, so the fungus needs to be replaced with another, fresh one. Kefir you can drink only one-day. In the refrigerator it is not put. Usually the course of treatment with mushroom kefir is one year. For those who drink a drink from milk fungi, the diet is shown this: the use of some infusions, medicines and spirits is excluded. For other products, there are no special instructions, but if there are long-term intestinal disorders, all foods that enhance such disorders should be excluded from food and do not drink kefir before leaving home. Usually the disorder goes through a couple of weeks. After that comes the improvement of well-being, cheerfulness appears and the mood rises. milk mushrooms

What other properties does the milk fungus have?

So, what are the healing properties ofMilk mushroom and in the treatment of what diseases it is used? First of all, we note that this agent perfectly copes with the normalization of the intestinal microflora, salt metabolism in the body. In addition, the remarkable properties of the milk fungus serve as a means of strengthening bones, both in children and in adults. Thanks to numerous medical studies of the healing properties of this fungus, scientists have identified the following diseases that can be treated with this medication:

  • Allergies of any type;
  • Hypertension;
  • Benign tumors;
  • Disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Diseases of the respiratory system;
  • Diseases of the joints;
  • Diseases of the liver and kidneys.

Moreover, many scientists believe that only 0.5a liter of kefir from a milk fungus per day can significantly reduce the size and malignant tumors in the body. If the napkin moistened with medicinal milk is applied to the wounds, they are quickly tightened. Helps such kefir and when treating barley. The list of diseases with which an ordinary milk fungus can cope is very large: it is possible to add at least 100 items of various body disorders. Suffice it to say only that in the human body there is no organ that would not benefit from the regular use of the drink from the milk (kefir) mushroom. Kefir fungus is not only a medicine, it can be used both in cooking and in cosmetology. For example, strained kefir can be added to the dough for pancakes. Still from it prepare very tasty cottage cheese. This kefir wipe the skin, cleaning it and giving it freshness. If the skin is pimples or acne, every day for twenty or thirty minutes they apply a compress of fungal yogurt. Typically, a week after the beginning of the application of such daily compresses, acne and rash completely pass.

Do you want to keep your skin young and fresh for a long time?

Use a drink from milk mushrooms. Many girls and women with problem skin tasted this remedy, and they really liked it. The skin becomes smooth, supple and velvety. It is bleached, all the pigmented spots disappear from it. We present to your attention several ways of preparing such masks:

  • You need to mix three tablespoons of bran with three spoonskefir, stir well and add a tablespoon of honey. This mixture should be applied to the face for half an hour, and then washed off with warm water. This mask can be applied to the scalp for forty minutes. Head wrapped in a plastic bag and a towel. Hair after kefir mask rinse with water and vinegar.
  • A quarter of black bread is passed throughmeat grinder and add kefir. Must be a mass, a dense resemblance to sour cream. It is rubbed into the scalp for twenty minutes. Then the hair is washed well with warm water. After such a mask, no shampoos are needed, - the hair becomes shiny and lush.
  • Besides skin care, this mushroom is very goodrestore hair. Kefir is regularly rubbed into the scalp, and the hair becomes shiny and thick. In addition, the milk fungus has a very positive effect on the accelerated growth rate of the hair. Milk mushroom also has contraindications, although insignificant. It is absolutely impossible to drink it only to those people who do not tolerate milk protein. Unlike ordinary yogurt, it does not contain a single gram of alcohol, however, a drink from milk mushrooms is not recommended to drink during pregnancy. how to store milk mushroom

    Milk mushroom for weight loss

    Very good kefir mushroom for weight loss. It contains acetic acid bacteria that promote the breakdown of fats into simple compounds that are excreted perfectly from the body by the infusion of milk fungus. This infusion removes from the body virtually all harmful products of decomposition of food and medicinal poisons. Mushroom kefir significantly reduces appetite, which, of course, also leads to weight loss. In order to lose weight, the fungus should be drunk daily in half an hour after a meal. His last reception is an hour before sleeping on an empty stomach. They drink mushroom kefir for twenty days in a row. For a good effect in this period, you should limit the consumption of sweet and flour. After she has passed twenty of her, take a break for ten days, and then start to drink again. With such a diet, the weight decreases by about four kilograms per month. The hormonal exchange and metabolism come to normal. In general, all of us once or twice a week is useful to arrange unloading days with mushroom kefir. To do this, it is necessary that the fungus grows to the size at which you can get the amount of kefir that is enough for the whole day. If you spend a whole day on such kefir do not really want, you can include fruit in the diet of its nutrition. For example, in the morning you can eat an apple and drink it with a glass of kefir; for the second breakfast - an apple and a pear, washed down with a glass of kefir; for lunch, drink 250 grams of kefir with a slice of black bread; for dinner, prepare a fruit salad, seasoned with infusion of milk fungus. And before going to bed enough to drink a glass of yogurt with a teaspoon of honey added to it. Everything is quite tasty, simple and very useful. Kefir fungus has the most enthusiastic reviews. This is really a magical infusion, the healing effect of which has been checked many times already. In Tibet believe that it can not be bought - it should be given and taken as a gift, and it should be done with a pure heart. Only then will he retain all his wonderful properties. We advise you to read: