menu of the Kremlin diet You know why the calendar spring comesbefore real heat? She warns the girls that they need to put themselves in order, pull out short skirts from the closet, try on shoes with heels and ... lose weight. Since the winter holidays very often leave behind not only pleasant memories, but extra pounds. But we do not need too much, right? So let's put ourselves in order to meet the warmth fully armed. First, let's define the diet. Given the fact that a few people do not starve, we offer you a well-fed Kremlin diet. Why full? Yes, because the menu of the Kremlin diet consists of meat, cheese and eggs. You will not stay hungry for sure, but it does not put you to put the figure in order. Why the Kremlin? Just this system of losing weight adhered to many members of the government. Hence the name. But no matter how it is called, the main thing is its essence. The Kremlin diet reduces consumption of carbohydrates to a minimum, as a result of which the body begins to consume its subcutaneous supply, and, more simply, the fat that we have grown over the winter. As you can see, the scheme is simple. The main thing is to choose the right menu and lose weight without starving.

The essence of the Kremlin diet

But even here there are difficulties. For example, how can an ordinary woman develop a diet if she only cares about the school and heard? How to understand which product is the least, and what is the best way to put it on the shelf of the refrigerator? The table of the Kremlin diet will help, where the composition of each product is described in detail. You will only have to find your dish in the list and decide whether it suits you or not. But if a woman often has to eat outside the house? Or just too lazy to dig in the papers and figures? Then you can make an approximate menu of the Kremlin diet, from which it becomes clear what products are banned, and that all the same there is. This is what we are now going to do with you. So, first, let's make a list of what is forbidden. diet Kremlin menu

Products "non grata"

  • First of all, you will have to give upsugar, and do it completely. If you put one instead of the usual three cubes of refined sugar, this does not mean that you lose weight. Rather - cunning. A trick does not get rid of extra pounds, believe me. Therefore, put sugar aside, and it is better to remove it completely from home to avoid temptation.
  • The second "out of favor" is bread and all flourproducts. Well, with this, everything is clear. Even schoolchildren know that buns are not the best friends of a slender figure. Although it would be great if the cakes with whipped cream helped to lose weight! In the meantime, nutritionists are racking their brains over pirozhka diet, we will postpone all the flour in the direction.
  • The third rule of the Kremlin diet says: no rice! And this is strange, since rice - grains are quite innocuous. But doctors know better.
  • The fourth from the tables disappears potatoes and all the dishes made from it.
  • And if everything seems to be clear with potatoes, then the fifth point of the rules of the Kremlin diet will really surprise you. In the course of losing weight you will have to give up fruits, many vegetables and all juices, except tomato.
  • The sixth rule is standard for all systemsslimming - do not eat 3 hours before bedtime. By the way, if you are already used to starving, then try not to eat after six in the evening, then lose weight much faster.
  • Under the seventh taboo fall almost alldairy products: milk, yogurt, kefir. At least, nutritionists are not advised to eat them in the first three days of the diet. Once the body gets used to the restrictions, you can afford a glass of kefir for dinner, but only low-fat and without fruit additives.
  • Alcohol, too, will have to give up. And not at all because you are in a state of intoxication, throw yourself to empty the refrigerator. Just in beer and all sorts of liquors, there are a lot of calories and carbohydrates. The only alcoholic beverage that you can afford once a week is a glass of red dry wine.
  • The ninth condition of the Kremlin diet, perhaps, the mostpleasant. It categorically forbids the feeling of hunger. Want to eat? Have a snack. But this, of course, does not mean that you will run around the refrigerator all day. Everything is good in moderation.

Favorite Products

Now you are probably at a loss. Vegetables can not be eaten, fruits, too. Even rice, and that is banned. What then to eat? We will try to answer this question in the next paragraph

  • The first product will surely please you. This is meat. Chicken, pork, beef, lamb - it does not matter. The main thing that it was low-fat and boiled.
  • Next, make a list of fish menu. It can both cook and fry. It is important only not to exceed one-time rate, not to eat more than 200 grams of fish at a time.
  • Cottage cheese, too, is possible and necessary. Of course, not home, with a high percentage of fat, and not with sour cream, as we are used to.
  • Next, take out the cheese from the fridge. But this must necessarily be a hard grade, and not so fond of us fused. The fact is that processed cheese contains a large amount of carbohydrates, which the Kremlin diet tries to avoid.
  • From vegetables, dieticians are allowed to leave cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, eggplants, cabbage and plain.
  • But the main key to success is liquid. It is she who helps the body to restore carbohydrate metabolism, to remove excess salt from the body and, in the end, to lose weight. Drink as often as possible, just remember that you can not sweeten drinks.
  • Kremlin diet menu

    Kremlin diet: contraindications

    Every person is different. That is why one and the same diet can bring one person long-awaited weight loss, and another exacerbation of all existing diseases. How not to hurt yourself? How to lose weight and not get on a hospital bed? First of all, you need to consult a doctor. After all, what kind of sparing the Kremlin diet did not seem, and it has its own contraindications. Limit oneself to the consumption of carbohydrates is strictly forbidden to people with any chronic diseases, as well as those who have problems with blood vessels, heart, stomach and kidneys. Also, do not stick to the Kremlin diet for pregnant women. But this warning is more likely for those who used to be a supporter of low-carbohydrate nutrition, used to eat so and, with the onset of pregnancy, did not have time to change their preferences. Lovely future moms, now you need to eat for two, so gradually introduce into the diet previously prohibited products. But who really approves this diet, so it's family women. Think for yourself: you can boil a chicken for yourself and for your husband, and in addition, cook your favorite man garnish (most of the potatoes have to give up). And he is full, and you stick to diets. Yes, and from hunger to lose consciousness will not have (actively slimming girls will understand us). So do not waste time and make up your own menu, which will help you to become slim by the summer.