The public is puzzled: until Halloween is still far away, and 4-year-old son Fox Noah Shannon Green walks the streets in a dress ...Photo:Legion-MediaThe actress with her husband Brian Austin Green and baby Noah was photographed by the paparazzi on one of the streets of Los Angeles. The couple walked around the city in ordinary, unremarkable clothes, but their little son was walking next to his mother in a blue fluffy princess dress with a tutu skirt! Yes, yes, your eyes do not deceive you, next to Megan it is her son. Fans of the star are shocked. Okay, if the kid dressed up for Halloween. But just like that ... Why, why? There are already a great many versions of the strange behavior of the actress's family. One of them is an unstable hormonal background. Megan is expecting a baby. Maybe some kind of chemistry has occurred in the body and she has forgotten that she has a son, not a daughter? The second option, to which the fans of the star are inclined, is the desire of the boy himself. What if the same thing is happening to Noah as to Angelina Jolie's daughter Shiloh? She flatly refuses to wear dresses and dresses like a boy, because she feels like one. Megan dreamed of a daughter, and she had two sons. Maybe Noah heard the prayers of his mother? And the third option, to which we are inclined: perhaps, in the kindergarten of the kid there was a festive matinee, he played in some kind of performance and it was for the sake of the role that he reincarnated as a girl. When art requires sacrifices, you can go for them.