potato meat casserole Sometimes, you come from work, you want madly,you look in the fridge, and there it is empty. And there are no forces to prepare, and there is no desire for special. A familiar picture? In this case, there are several options: go to the nearest cafe, buy an "unhealthy" hot dog or, worse, a belyash of questionable production. And you can get to the stove, just for a little while. But in half an hour you will get an incredibly appetizing, juicy and hearty dish. At this time, spend on cooking it at a minimum. Well, do you want to know how to do this? Then write down the recipes of the potato and meat casserole.

Fast-fried casserole

Let's start with the simplest recipe, and thenconsider more complex variations on the theme of "dish with meat." This casserole from potatoes, onions and carrots is served as an independent dish. Pour it home sour cream and eat with pleasure! Ingredients:

  • one kilogram of crumbly potatoes
  • 300 grams of meat
  • two small onions
  • vegetable oil
  • one large carrot
  • Salt, as well as seasoning - to taste
  • one chicken egg

Cooking method: We did not specifically indicate which meat was used. You can buy beef or pork, depending on what product you like best. And if there is a ready-made stuffing in the refrigerator, it will also make a very appetizing casserole. So, boil a piece of meat, and in another saucepan prepare the peeled potatoes. In the meantime, cut the onions into small cubes, and grate the carrots on a small grater. Then put the vegetables in a frying pan with preheated vegetable oil and fry, stirring constantly. When the meat product is ready, disassemble it into thin fibers and send it to the saucepan, lightly salt, pour a little oil and fry. After that, enter the vegetables, pour a couple of spoons of water and briefly put out. Do not forget about potatoes. After it is cooked, rasstolkite it in mashed potatoes and here enter the pre-whipped egg whisk. If the mass seems thick to you, add 30 milliliters of the liquid in which the vegetable was cooked. Now treat the inside of the mold, which will bake the casserole, and lay a layer of mashed potatoes, then stuffing and again potatoes. Send everything in the oven with a temperature of not more than 180 degrees. After half an hour you can serve a potato and meat dish with sour cream, mayonnaise or without gravy. If there is fresh greens, decorate each portion with it. delicious potato meat casserole

Fragrant casserole from childhood

This juicy casserole is familiar to many since the earlychildhood. Most housewives love this dish for the speed of cooking and available to each set of products. We used pork, but if your family prefers beef, boldly buy this meat. From the change of the terms your dish will not suffer! Ingredients:

  • potatoes - 700 grams
  • 400 grams of pork
  • any oil for lubrication
  • two onions
  • garlic - one head
  • half a pack of mayonnaise
  • 100 grams of "Russian" cheese
  • 30 grams of dill

Cooking method: Needless to say, even though the salt is not listed in the recipe, it should be present in the dish. Put this ingredient, as well as black pepper or other condiments, guided by your taste. Remove the rind from the potato with a knife and cut it with not very thick mugs, after boiling in lightly brackish water no longer than ten minutes. The product should be ready not completely, but only half. Onion cut thin rings, and garlic cloves crush. Now set the oven temperature to 180 degrees and continue cooking. To do this, cut large pieces of pork and place it on the bottom of the mold, lubricated with any oil. Add a pinch of salt and, if you want, spices. Then sprinkle with garlic, pour mayonnaise and put onion rings. Cover everything with a layer of potatoes. To make a dish with a crispy gently golden crust, treat it with mayonnaise and sprinkle with cheese, grated in advance. Bake for about twenty minutes. When the meat casserole is ready, let it cool down a bit, cut into portions, spread out on plates and sprinkle with chopped dill. Bon Appetit!

Potato and meat "Joy"

If you think that the casserole is smearedexclusively mayonnaise or egg, then you were not aware of the existence of this recipe. This time we will water the potato-meat dish with pasteurized milk. Thanks to this dish will be very soft, juicy and tender. Ingredients:

  • eight large potatoes
  • egg - two pieces
  • salt - at your discretion
  • a little olive oil (needed for frying)
  • 50 grams of butter
  • three tablespoons of low-fat sour cream
  • hard cheese - 100 grams
  • 400 grams of boiled beef
  • spices - if desired
  • bulbous bulb
  • tablespoon
  • two glasses of milk

Cooking method: Meat "Joy" is done in different ways: some potatoes are mashed, others, on the contrary, use the finished boiled product, cutting it into slices. Recipes, like opinions, a huge variety, and each hostess chooses the one that liked it most. We hope you will like the version we proposed. From the previously cleaned and already boiled potatoes, make a mild puree. Then in a separate bowl, whisk such foods: sour cream, two eggs and a piece of butter. The mixture is poured into potatoes and mixed several times until uniform. Cooked meat cut into thin strips and put in a saucepan. Add the olive oil and fry, not forgetting to stir it. Now peel the onion and cut it into small cubes, then combine it with the beef. When the vegetable becomes translucent, enter the flour and pasteurized milk. We do not recommend overcooking the dish - the one who wants, he will do it. Season the mixture of onions and beef with spices, you can put basil. Mix all the foods well, cover them with a lid and sit on a quiet fire for seven minutes. When the mass thickens a little, it means it's time to remove it from the plate. Residue with oil, grease the baking tray, put half a serving of mashed potatoes and lightly sprinkle it with grated cheese. The next layer consists of beef fried with onions, and again cheese. For the final stage you will need a special confectioner's bag: fill it with potatoes and squeeze it out with patterns, then apply a pasteurized milk on the dish and put it in the oven. The cooking temperature is 180 degrees. Now you can rest for half an hour, and then call everyone to the table. Bon Appetit! potato meat casserole with mushrooms

Chicken, mushrooms, potatoes - equally casserole

We offer to make one more potato and meatdish with fresh champignons. It can be served as a family dinner, and put on a festive table. Casserole from a tender chicken and juicy mushrooms will be to the taste of men and women, old people and children. We guarantee that you will not regret the time spent in the kitchen! Ingredients:

  • condiments - if desired
  • 900 grams of potatoes
  • fresh chicken - 500 grams
  • 400 grams of champignons
  • onion - two large pieces
  • 150 grams of Dutch cheese
  • table salt - a few pinch
  • 200 milliliters of milk
  • egg
  • vegetable oil - 50 grams

Cooking method: We advise you to buy either chicken fillet or brisket. In the latter case, it will be necessary to separate the meat from the bones, and then cut it into medium pieces, and the onions and fresh mushrooms - cubes. If the recipes indicate champignons, this does not mean that you can not buy another variety. A very appetizing casserole is made from cherry and sprinkled. Now heat the frying pan, and then pour a little oil on it and lay the chicken. Sprinkle the product with salt and favorite seasonings, cook it, regularly turning the spatula until the meat changes color. Then add the mushrooms and onion and keep everything on the stove for no longer than six minutes. Cut the potatoes into thin cups and put them into the prepared form. To ensure that the casserole is not burned from below, treat the bottom and inside edges of the dishes with oil. On top of the first layer put the onion-mushroom filling with chicken and sprinkle with a pinch of salt. The last "floor" of the product consists of the remaining potatoes. To the dish browned and covered with an appetizing crust, prepare a mixture - beat the eggs with slightly salted milk - and pour it on your creation. Send the future casserole to the oven, heated to 190 degrees. After half an hour, take out, grate the cheese and sprinkle the product, then put it again in the oven. We hope that your food will go well!

Casserole "Festive" with meat

On the eve of the holidays we want to share moreone recipe. Piquancy is given to the taste of nutmeg in combination with the elite Gruyère cheese. As for meat, you can use two kinds, for example, pork and beef. In this case, divide the indicated amount of this ingredient into two. That is, take 200 grams of both products. Ingredients:

  • butter - 150 grams
  • 800 grams of white potatoes
  • two 150-gram packs of cream (you can replace them with plain milk)
  • 400 grams of fresh meat
  • 30 grams of Gruyère cheese
  • bulbous bulb
  • Put nutmeg to your taste, the same applies to table salt and seasonings

Cooking method: You can use both fresh minced meat, and boiled. If you make a dish with the second, then about an hour before the start of cooking, put the product on a weak fire. And then cool it a little, pass it through the meat grinder. Boil the white potatoes, previously peeled, in slightly brackish water. Then drain the liquid, make not too thick mashed potatoes, putting in it 50 grams of butter. Whip the cream or other dairy product that you use with a whisk and add it to the potatoes. Now here enter the crushed nutmeg. Spices do not have to be used, but if you like spices, then why not flavor them with a dish? In a sauté pan with butter, fry the onion, cut into small pieces, and when it lightens, lay the meat. Mix well the stuffing, fry it for seven minutes. The cooking is almost over. It remains very little - to oil the form with oil and put in it all the above ingredients. The dish consists of such layers: puree, meat with onions and again potatoes. As for the elite cheese, grind it and sprinkle it on the grater. Now send the product to the oven, heating it to 200 degrees. After fifteen minutes, you can take out the form and cover it on the table. Finally, we will give a few tips to help you prepare this dish correctly. If you put minced meat in the casserole, it is better to mix it with a small amount of fresh chopped meat or smoked bacon in combination with fried onions. Then the mass will be more dense and tasty. In some restaurants in France, the casserole is served with a green salad dressed with a spicy sauce of vinegar and chopped garlic. Why do not you? You can arrange the salad on a serving plate or put it on a table in a separate bowl. Hot aromatic casserole is a wonderful occasion to invite friends to visit. So cook, eat with appetite and enjoy fellowship! We advise you to read: