matting cream for face reviews Owners of problematic, combined andoily skin know firsthand how hard it is to rid the skin of the face of excess sebum and give the face a matte shade, removing the greasy sheen. The real salvation for women today is matting cream for the face. In the market there is a large abundance of products with matting effect, which are designed for different types of skin. Let's try to figure out what these creams are like. Normal skin has no pronounced problems, therefore, the means for such skin create the effect of velvety and softness on the face, leaving no greasy shine. Creams for everyday care are the main purpose of moisturizing and nourishing the skin with useful substances. At the same time, there is no greasy film or greasy gloss on the surface of the face. Between the means for normal skin and the means for oily and combination skin there are many differences, and the most important difference is that in the second row of means, the matting function is paramount, and all other tasks go to the background. As a rule, matting cream is relevant for young skin. Physiology is such that at the age of 20-25 years, the skin produces a large amount of fat, with which women fight in many different ways. Often glistens on the face of the so-called T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), which is the largest pores, which tend to clog and form black spots, redness and inflammation. Matting cream for oily skin contains special additives that struggle with a complete list of troubles that pursue combined and oily skin. Matting cream can also be used as a preventative to prevent the appearance of oily film in the event that the skin does not have pronounced problems. Among the most powerful properties of matting cream for the face are the following: normalization of the sebaceous glands activity, narrowing of the pores, smoothing of the skin relief, antibacterial effect, elimination of redness. Matting cream for the whole day lies on the skin in the form of a film that does not allow to be released to the skin fat. Simultaneously, the product penetrates deep into the epidermis and adjusts the correct operation of the sebaceous glands. When choosing a matting agent is not worth saving, because cheap brands do not work effectively, can dry the skin, instead of restoring the hydrolipid balance. In some women matting is associated with the word drying, but such an association is not entirely legitimate, since moisturizing is vital for the skin, and it is simply impossible to give it up. Modern quality matting creams for oily skin, as a rule, do not contain oils, but necessarily have in their composition moisturizing components, otherwise the skin will dry out and the metabolic process inside the cells will be disturbed. In this case, speech about health and beauty in general can not be. Matting agent is applied to the face skin in the morning after waking up and in the evening before bedtime (it will be even better if you use separately a special day and night cream). The cream is applied to the cleansed skin. Day cream should combine the functions of the foundation for make-up. Matting funds perfectly perform the role of the base, as they smooth out the relief of the skin, tighten the pores and eliminate redness. The tonal remedy can be applied just a few minutes after the matting cream. Matting creams often contain a powdery substance - carbomer, which interacts with fat particles and forms an emulsion. A thickened emulsion prevents fat from leaving the surface of the skin. After the application of the matting cream, there should be no sensation of clogging and stiffness of the skin. If you experience unpleasant sensations on the skin, then, most likely, this cream does not suit you. In this case, try to choose a cream of another brand or give the skin a full hydration. We will tell you about the most popular and proven brands to help you choose the best matting cream for yourself. matting face cream

Matting cream Clean line

A pure line of matting cream has a doubleaction. On the one hand, it helps to eliminate gloss. The composition of the calendula helps to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, narrows the pores, prevents the appearance of a greasy shine and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. On the other hand, the cells of the epidermis regenerate. The sequence in the composition of the Pure line of matting cream calms and restores. This is promoted by vitamins A, C and E. The cream perfectly matters the skin, does not slip and does not clog pores. it is capable of eliminating fatty gloss for several hours. Matting cream Clean line has a light texture and a pleasant unobtrusive smell.

Matting cream Exfoliak

Matting cream Exfoliak intensively moisturizesskin, restores the skin balance, prone to acne, dehydrated and weakened after exposure to aggressive medications or the environment (cold, wind, etc.). The cream not only moisturizes, but also soothes the skin, reduces redness and relieves irritation. The composition of the matting cream Exfoliak includes active substances and moisturizing components that restore the hydrolyside film and enhance the barrier function of the skin. Among such components, the most pronounced effect is: zinc gluconate, alpha-bisabolol, mineral pigments, ANA esters, vitamin E acetate, vitamin A palmitate. Exfoliac moisturizing matting cream has a pH level of 6, has a non-fat texture, instantly absorbs and gives a feeling of comfort . The product is especially indicated for any type of juvenile problem skin, as well as for oily and problematic skin in adults.

Matting cream from Nivea

Matting cream Control Shine gel from Niveacontains special matting pigments, thanks to which the product successfully fights with a greasy shine. Nivea matting cream actively moisturizes the skin throughout the day. Nivea matiruyuschy cream reviews have positive - women say that even in the evening they do not notice the greasy shine on their face. Nivea daytime matting cream contains ingredients that instantly make the skin matte, and sea minerals moisturize the skin throughout the day. Nivea cream gel matting should be applied in a circular motion, after cleansing and toning the face. In addition to the matte effect of the matting cream Control Shine gel, there is another advantage - a reliable protection of the skin from the negative effects of sunlight through special solar filters. Matting cream gel Nivea makes the skin fresh and healthy.

Matting Cream by Vichy

Scientists from Vichyto prove that the cause of the manifestation of shine on the face is not at all in the hormonal changes inside the body. Women of all ages, young and old, suffer from this kind of trouble. The main reason for the gloss is ultraviolet radiation, which we are exposed to every day. Negative solar energy penetrates into the pores and activates the manifestations of sebum. This discovery allowed scientists to develop an innovative matting agent - moisturizing cream Normaderm Pro Mat. The unique Vichy formula matting cream contains matting components, as well as a powerful system of UVB and UVA filters. Unique ingredients begin to act instantly after applying the cream. Spherical microparticles instantly absorb sebum when in contact with the skin. Vitamins C in the composition deeply penetrates into the pores, regulating the production of sebum and struggling with the cause of fatty shine. The UVB and UVA filter system provides a protective factor SPF 15, which is an excellent barrier against ultraviolet rays. Vichi matting cream gives a lasting result. Regular use of the product allows you to make the skin less greasy and significantly improve its appearance.

Matting cream from Bioderma

A wonderful company Bioderma, belovedquality of their products to many Russian women, has released on the market the cream of Sebium matiruyuschy. This product is intended for combination and oily skin. It has an excellent antibacterial effect. The cream gives a steady matting effect for 7 hours. During this time, the processes of cellular renewal are normalized, and the thickness of the stratum corneum decreases. The ability of the cream to absorb surplus sebum pleases many users, so the cream of Sebium matirizing reviews is inspiring. Women note its pleasant light texture. The cream is easily applied and instantly absorbed, being at the same time a good foundation for make-up. The light-scattering components contained in the cream enhance the leveling of the greasy gloss. The product contains a unique sebum-regulating complex Fluidoactive®. Moisturizing components of Sebium matirate cream help to normalize the process of cellular updates. Sebium is an excellent preventative against the appearance of inflammatory elements and comedones.

Matting cream from Garnier

French company Garnier presentsmarket matting cream Skin Naturals (Pure skin). The cream gives the skin intense moisturizing and deep cleansing. The non-greasy texture of the product guarantees easy application and rapid absorption. Garnier matting cream combines long-lasting moisturizing and effective elimination of skin irritations and defects. As a result, the skin gets enough moisture, and all the shortcomings are reduced to a minimum, unevenness is smoothed, and the pores are narrowed. The composition of Garnier matting cream includes two useful components - mineral zinc and salicylic acid. The product is applied to thoroughly cleansed skin with light circular motions along massage lines - thus, the blood begins to circulate more intensively and helps the active components to penetrate deep into the skin. Particular attention should be paid to the T-zone.

Matting Cream from Bark

Matting cream Bark is ahomeopathic preparation, which includes a unique tambukan mud, badan, sulphoconcentrol, celandine, plantain, chamomile and bergamot essential oil. Due to the active action of these components, the condition of oily skin is significantly improved. Since the problem skin with acne requires intensive care, the Kora cream includes a homeopathic preparation that actively struggles with excessive sebum secretion. Cream matiruyuschy Cora reviews gives positive - women note that the extraction of therapeutic sulphide mud sludge has unsurpassed healing properties. The effect of the extract is enhanced by the autolysate of brewer's yeast, which is rich in amino acids, B group vitamins, and unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, the adjustment of the acidity of the skin and sebum under the influence of bergamot essential oil and a complex of herbal extracts is carried out. The cream improves local microcirculation.

Matting cream from Diademine

Diademine balancing matting day creamMAT-Effect is a low-fat cream with a light texture, which is designed specifically to care for normal and mixed skin. The dyadmin matting cream contains the Active-Balance complex, which gives the skin an active moisturizing and matte effect. The skin in the area of ​​the T-zone is matted instantly, while the product moistens the dry areas of the skin throughout the day and regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands. The cream protects from the negative impact of the environment. Method of use Diadem of matting cream is simple enough. Every morning the cream is applied to the cleansed face and neck skin with massage movements. Cream Diademine MAT-Effect instantly absorbed into the skin and serves as an excellent foundation for make-up.

Matting cream "Cleanliness Code" from Oriflame

Moisturizing Matting Cream Cleanliness CodeOriflame immediately removes greasy shine, fighting with the appearance of dilated pores and acne. The product is quickly absorbed and moisturizes the problem skin, permanently eliminating greasy shine. The cream from Oriflame is designed for daily skin care. It is applied immediately after cleansing and toning the skin. Specialists recommend, in order to achieve maximum effect, the use of a matting cream, the Cleanliness Code, together with the means for washing and toning the same series.

Matting cream Payot

Payot matting cream helps the skin to removetoxins, cleans it and neutralizes free radicals. The product provides cells with protection against free radicals, preventing their destruction, stimulating cell renewal, tightening pores, moisturizing, smoothing the surface, restoring the barrier function of the skin and preventing loss of moisture. The low-fat texture of Payot matting cream promotes effective regulation of the sebaceous glands and restoration of the lipid barrier. Among the active components of the drug is particularly noteworthy vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, Lubrajel, Cytobiol iris, ceramides and green coffee extract. The product is applied in the traditional way in the evening to the cleansed face. We hope that we helped you to understand what matting creams are needed for, and what is the principle of their effect on the skin. You can choose for yourself any matting cream you like - reviews of various means are reflected in our article, as well as in various women's forums. Keep your health and let your skin shine with natural beauty! We advise you to read: