neck and back massage Massage is a very important general wellnessa procedure that has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. It helps to improve blood circulation, lymph flow and metabolism, as well as increase the overall tone of the body. Effective massage and in the fight against obesity, cellulite and salt deposits. It is used to treat many diseases, accelerate the recovery processes and improve the skin condition. In addition to physical impact, the psychological effect is also important. Positive influence on the mood and condition of a person, increasing efficiency, "charge" with additional energy, ... However, massage can not only have a toning effect. It perfectly relaxes and soothes both the muscles of the body and the mind: relieves tension and fatigue, helps to overcome insomnia, normalizes sleep. After a massage, many feel themselves reborn. And this is not surprising, because almost any kind of it has several impacts at different levels. So, the effect on the skin is to cleanse it of keratinized particles and other contaminants, increase the tone and elasticity, improve metabolism and blood flow, oxygen saturation. The skin becomes smooth, its color is normalized.

What is the therapeutic benefit of a massage?

Action on the musculoskeletal system consists inincrease muscle elasticity, improve blood supply and saturation of body tissues with oxygen, relieve fatigue and return work capacity. Massage improves the blood supply to the joints and relieves the pain after trauma. Very great and useful for the peripheral nervous system. Improves conductivity and increases the sensitivity of nerve endings. This strengthens the connection between the brain and muscles, organs and circulatory system. There are a large number of types and techniques that are used both for preventive and recreational purposes, and in therapeutics in various branches of medicine. Today, massage is also actively used for cosmetic purposes. back and neck massage

Classic neck massage, which you can do yourself

First, let's consider massage such an importantzones of our body like the neck. This area experiences many loads during the work day, so most often in the evening you feel uncomfortable. This is especially true for those of us who lead a mostly sedentary lifestyle and spend most of the time at the computer. The neck is one of the favorite places for osteochondrosis. Therefore, her massage not only helps to relieve fatigue and tension. It is also effective for headaches, dizziness and migraines. And, in addition, this remedy has a positive effect on the skin condition, making it more elastic and prolonging youth. To perform the procedure, an assistant is often needed, but if it is not, then you can handle the neck massage yourself. To facilitate the process and enhance the effect you will help special creams or oils that have a warming effect and soften the skin. There are five main types of movements for neck massage: stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration and effleurage.

  • The most common movement is stroking. With him begins and he ends any massage. It promotes the inflow of blood to the skin and muscles.
  • Rubbing is a more active movement, the purpose of which is to expand the blood vessels.
  • Kneading is squeezing the skin with fingertips to improve circulation of lymph and blood.
  • One of the most active techniques - effleurage,which is produced by the tips of the fingers and promotes the warming of the tissues. This movement has a beneficial effect on the general muscle tone and nervous system.
  • The strongest movement is vibration. Fast oscillatory movements with fingers or an edge of the palm. It is very active on tissues, so it is used at the end of the session.
  • Before the beginning of massage of a neck clean hair thatthey did not interfere, and sit comfortably. Slightly lower your chin down, grasp your neck with your hands and begin to do stroking from the line of hair growth to the shoulders. After the skin has warmed up, you can proceed to the next exercise. Press the pads of the fingers on the neck, while making rotational movements. Alternate strokes with strokes, which can be done more intensively. Then lightly pinch the skin along the spine. Move to the area of ​​the larynx, lift the chin a little up and do stroking. Conduct with your left hand on the right side of the larynx, and with your right hand - on the left side. Embrace the neck below the left and right of the larynx with large and index fingers. Advance from the clavicles up to the chin, making circular movements with your fingers. Then go back down. Lightly stroke the neck and repeat the procedure. Do this for 5-10 minutes. Neck massage can be done using a special brush. Lubricate the neck and décolleté area with cream and start brushing circular motions from the decollete area, gradually moving up the side of the neck. Gradually move to the front surface of the neck, and then massage the back surface, going down almost to the shoulder blades. The duration of this procedure is 5-10 minutes.

    How to do neck massage to another person?

    Now let's look at a few techniques that you need to perform with a partner. We describe the actions of a person who performs a massage.

  • Turn your head to the right, putting it on your palm. With your left hand, massage the back of your neck, including the shoulder area and shoulder blade.
  • Tweak the upper parts of the shoulder with the pinches in front and behind, paying special attention to the base of the neck from behind. This is an important area, since it is here that muscular fatigue accumulates mainly.
  • Do not tightly clench your hands in fists and massage the upper muscles of your shoulders with your knuckles, making circular motions. Move from the shoulder joint towards the neck.
  • Draw your palm under your neck and with circular movements of all your fingers massage her left side. Repeat the same for the right side.
  • Attach the back of the hand to the shoulder and swipe up along the neck. Do 5-10 strokes on each side.
  • Take the head massaged in the palm of your hand andRaise it, then return to the starting position. Now lift again, slightly pulling on yourself so that the chin is pressed against the chest. This exercise very well trains the back muscles of the neck.
  • nice neck and back massage

    Effective back massage from fatigue

    Now let's move from neck to back, whichgets tired during the day no less. It is in it accumulates stress from physical exertion, which can cause pain. Back massage allows you to relieve tension and restore a sense of ease. He leads the muscles into tonus and forms a muscular corset, which is responsible for the correct posture. Remember that back massage should specialists. However, if you do not have the time or money to go to a massage therapist, there are several techniques that you can use at home. To do this, you will need the help of someone from relatives or friends. Remember that you need to start back massage with strokes, gradually moving to more intense movements. You can not make strong pressure in the kidneys. End the session is also recommended by light stroking movements. It is advisable to use cream or oil for massage.

  • Put your hands on your back: one on your lower back, the other between your shoulder blades. Basing the palms of your hands, start gently rocking the entire body with minimal force.
  • Place both hands on the waist on the left and right of thethe spine. Begin to do stroking light circular motions, rising along the back. Bend the shoulder blades and return to the waist. Divorce and reduce hands several times. This movement will help distribute the cream or oil all over the back and warm up the muscles.
  • Start rubbing your back with a wide circularmovements. Start from the waist and go up to your neck. Follow this procedure alternately with your left and right hand, gradually grabbing an increasingly large area. Reaching the shoulders, return back, stroking the sides of the body.
  • Place your right hand on your spine at the levelthe loins so that the fingers look toward the neck. Place your left hand across the right and do stroking movements, lightly pressing with your hands. Advance along the spine upward.
  • Place the middle and index finger of the right hand on each side of the spine. "Crossing" with your fingers, as if striding, go down to the waist, and then climb up again.
  • Place your palms across your body on your side inthe lower back. Massage the side with pressure, moving to the upper back. Massage the shoulder area and in the same way go down. Repeat this procedure on the other side.
  • Put your hands on the lower back, slightly liftingfingers. With quick sliding movements, walk up one side of your back and also go down the other. In this case, the palms should move in opposite directions, towards each other. Repeat several times.
  • Smash the area of ​​the scapula. Put your hands on the shoulder blade and make circular movements with your thumbs, lightly pressing. Force of pressure should be adjusted depending on the sensations. Most often, it is in this area that painful sensations arise during massage due to accumulated stress and fatigue.
  • Place your hands closed from the wrist to the elbow across your back, gently push and spread your arms out to the sides. Repeat the same exercise by placing your arms diagonally.
  • Press your hands to the waist and counter-move. The effort should be noticeable so that wrinkles appear on the skin. Make several such movements, walk up and down the back.
  • Put your hands on your shoulders and pound your shoulder girdle and neck muscles with your thumbs.
  • Squeeze your fists and lightly tap the muscles of your entire back.
  • Ribs of the hands make small tapping on the whole back up and down along the spine.
  • Finish with massage strokes. Relaxed hands along the back, making light wave-like movements.
  • Remember that all procedures are carried out incomfortable position, the muscles should be relaxed, and the body - do not experience discomfort. No action or movement should cause pain. Any, even the lightest massage, is a powerful enough heating aid. Therefore, after the completion of the procedure, it is recommended to stay warm. Izdrevna is known that neck and back massage is one of the correct ways to cure osteochondrosis. It helps to improve metabolic processes and get rid of pain. In our time, when a sedentary lifestyle is maiming the organisms of hundreds of thousands of people, massage is the wand that will help restore strength and health. Try this tool on yourself. You will notice the effect after the first session. Be healthy and beautiful!