facial massage against wrinkles Every woman wants to prolong her youth,not wanting to put up with the first signs of aging. Someone in the hope of a miracle buys all the most expensive creams with lifting effect, and someone carefully studies the information about surgical braces and magic injections of botox. However, both, we should not forget that there is another, centuries-proven method of combating unpleasant folds on the skin: facial massage against wrinkles. And the sooner you begin to do it, the better!

How can massage help the skin maintain its elasticity and elasticity?

The beauty of our skin depends largely oncorrect circulation of blood and normal work of metabolic processes in the body. Massaging movements can increase blood flow in the body, remove swelling and improve skin tone. Moreover, thanks to this massage, you can get rid of acne and small redness caused by the proximity of the capillaries to the surface of the skin. Any woman who pays attention to her beauty, simply must make a face massage from wrinkles. After all, as you grow up, you want to stay young and attractive, and not turn into an "aunt" with a wrinkled face and an extinct look. Therefore, in pursuit of innovative means for skin care, do not forget that at all times it was the face massage that was the main enemy of the aging of women. Although, alas, age is not the only reason to contact a cosmetologist for a professional facial massage against wrinkles. It is known that many women have wrinkles at a very young age, and this is associated, as a rule, with their genetic predisposition. But even those girls whose mothers and grandmothers have grown old quite late should not relax: bad ecology, constant stresses, a frantic pace of modern life - all this leads to early aging of the skin. And those who suffer from serious diseases and hormonal disorders, it is much more serious to take care of the problems of their skin and let it stay young for as long as possible. face massage from wrinkles

Facial massage - the best prevention of early skin aging

The famous phrase that the disease is easierprevent, than cure, can be attributed to the elimination of wrinkles in the face and neck. Of course, the appearance of wrinkles can hardly be called a disease - rather, it is purely a physiological and even completely normal process in the life of every woman. Yes, that's just from understanding this fact no one becomes easier. Therefore, do not wait for the face and neck to cover a dense network of deep wrinkles, it will be difficult to change something for the better. Although in this case you should not put a cross on yourself: taking care of your beloved is useful at any age. The sooner you start to visit a beautician and do facial massage from wrinkles, the less chance you have of getting older before the time. In the end, this procedure is not only useful, but also very pleasant: you will get a considerable dose of endorphins under the hands of an experienced master, and relaxing music will give you a real euphoria. In just a few sessions, the skin in problem areas will become more elastic, and the complexion will improve. You will look younger for a few years and love yourself updated - the results of the massage just inspire and inspire new achievements. And if you add a few facial masks, darsonval and other cosmetic treats to the massage procedure, then the cheerfulness of your skin will last for a long time. face massage from wrinkles

How to make a massage from wrinkles at home?

Although not all women can afford servicesexperienced professionals. If you are one of them, do not despair: this art can be learned at home. According to experts, massage is an easy process to master. There is one important rule: you need to massage the active points with either one or two fingers of your hand. Be careful with a delicate skin! Massage the desired place with the pads of the fingers, but do not press it - you must experience both pleasant and painful sensations from the force of the impact.

  • Put your fingers over the eyebrows on both sides soin a way that they are in contact in the center of the forehead. From the center of the forehead to the temples, hold your fingers with tension, return them back without effort. These massage movements will help to fight with vertical wrinkles on the forehead.
  • Place the index finger pads on the whiskeyand repeatedly press down on the temporal area. This movement normalizes the processes in the skin. Also, this point is affected every time they pass during a massage from one part of the face to the other.
  • What to prevent the appearance of nasolabial foldsand to overcome formation of blockage of pores, it is necessary to carry out the following massage movement. Put the index and middle fingers to the indentations at the edge of the nostrils and forcefully push on this area several times.
  • Our massage will finish with the following movement: Place your index fingers horizontally: one above the lip, the second under it. Influence the points near the lips with a slight pressure, this movement provides a deep relaxation of the face and the entire body.

Some types of massage have a thousand-year history,some were invented quite recently. You can quite experience any of them - there would be a desire. It does not matter what you prefer - to do massage with a beautician in a good salon or at home in a comfortable chair - the main thing is that you will give a chance to your skin to prolong the beauty and youth for a long time. We advise you to read: