face massage Women have always sought to lookattractive. And in our days it is necessary to monitor your appearance - this is a natural need of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. It's no secret that with age, it's the skin on the face that fades and loses its attractiveness very quickly. A variety of creams, serums and masks, certainly have a beneficial effect on it, but have a short-term and, as a rule, poorly pronounced effect. And then we are increasingly visited by thoughts about plastic and magic injections. However, you can prolong your youth and maintain a healthy appearance without resorting to radical measures. Help in the struggle for women's attractiveness will be able to such a popular beauty treatment as facial massage. With proper implementation, the effect of it will delight almost every woman. Moreover, in comparison with surgical plasty and painful injections, the procedure does not cause unpleasant sensations; on the contrary, it has an excellent tonic and simultaneously stress-relieving effect. In addition, facial massage is very useful even for those of us who, for the time being, because of a young age, are spared the need to contemplate the first treacherous wrinkles on their own face. In this case, the magic effect of the procedure for a long time will push away such undesirable changes in appearance. face massage

Types of massage performed by specialists, and their characteristics

Modern beauty salons and a number of medicalinstitutions offer women, concerned with the problem of preserving the youthful skin, at once a few sparing cosmetic procedures. Many of us choose a massage. And they do it for good reason, because the benefits from it often exceed the amount of money spent, and the effect justifies expectations. Of course, wrinkles will not disappear, but will become less noticeable, the outlines of the face will regain clarity, the second chin will cease to irritate its appearance and so on. In general, you will shine with the light of youth and very refreshed. But first you need to understand what kind of procedure in your case will have the most pronounced effect, since there are different types of facial massage. The most common is the classical technique. It is indicated for preventive purposes, as it prevents the appearance of the first wrinkles and helps maintain the skin in excellent condition. Classic or cosmetic facial massage improves blood circulation, increases the tone of the facial muscles, removes dark circles under the eyes, which bring a lot of problems to young beauties. The technique includes stroking and rubbing, performed with the use of oil or cream strictly on massage lines. There are contraindications: herpes, skin lesions, demodex, acne in the process of exacerbation, high blood pressure. Plastic facial massage provides strong rhythmic and slightly pressing skin movements. The procedure is performed using talc and is shown with pronounced age changes, namely: obvious signs of skin withering, thinning, sagging, loss of tonus, with pigment spots and couperose, edema, wrinkles and facial folds. The effect is achieved through the development of the muscular framework and non-limbic musculature. Thus, the inner base is returned and strengthened, so the face oval again takes on a distinct form. Contraindications practically do not differ from those in which classical methods are not recommended. A pinch facial massage (according to Jacquet) includes kneading, stroking, deep pinches, vibration. It is performed with the use of talc. This procedure belongs to the category of medical and is carried out in the presence of seborrhea, scars, acne scars, and also after hygienic cleansing of the face. The cause for the interruption of the session is the redness of the skin, but if it is not too thin, it can withstand all the prescribed twenty minutes. The technique is aimed at normalizing the activity of the sebaceous glands, so it is great for treating fatty and problematic epidermis. Contraindications for performing procedures for Jacquet include herpes, inflammatory skin diseases, rashes, injuries. Lymphatic drainage facial massage fights with swelling, lethargy, lackluster skin color. These signs indicate a violation of blood circulation and stagnant processes in the lymph. In addition, the technique is considered one of the most successful, because it significantly rejuvenates the skin. Lymphatic drainage massage creates the effect of natural lifting. Movements are an alternation of pressure and stroking, they are directed upwards, are performed at a slow pace, very smoothly. The master should well imagine what a lymph flow is, know the location of the lymph nodes. It is also necessary to use special products for the skin. In addition to those already listed, contraindications to this type of procedures include malignant tumors, blood diseases, infectious skin and body damage, exacerbation of chronic processes, and excess hair on the face. face massage technique

Self-massage: available, simple, effective

One of the most widely available todayways to keep your skin fresh and girlish smooth is self-massage of the face, the technique of which is so simple that it allows you to carry out the procedure alone, in comfortable home conditions and at any convenient time. His technique is extremely convenient and accessible. In addition, it does not take much time. However, do not underestimate the simplicity of such a massage, as he, like any other, requires compliance with certain rules. First of all, the procedure should be carefully prepared: carry out cleansing procedures for the skin of the face, release the neck, relax the muscles and take a comfortable position. Performing facial massage yourself, you need to use one technique - effleurage. This technique is very simple: movement is performed by four closed fingers of both hands simultaneously. For delicate skin under the eyes, pinching is carried out by the pads of the third, fourth and fifth fingers, but not all together, but alternately, so that the strokes follow quickly one after another. This not only improves the blood circulation of the skin, but also has a reflex action. The submaxillary area of ​​the face is recommended to pat the back of the fingers. In this case, massage of the face in this area should be started with the left hand in the direction from the right to the left, then from the left to the right with the right hand, repeating these movements several times in a row. For a skin on the chin, the condition of which upsets many women who have crossed the thirty-year boundary, another method will do. This area of ​​the face is most conveniently patted with a napkin or towel. This technique will improve the condition of the skin and relieve the double chin. For patting, the middle part of the towel is moistened in water, wrung out, folded in half and applied to the problem area in the lower part of the face. Multiple stretching and the consequent relaxation of the towel creates pinching on the chin. This technique has a much deeper effect compared with the work of the fingers and has a more pronounced effect. Self-massage should be done systematically. To achieve a better result, it is recommended to supplement it with several movements performed in another technique:

  • Stroking your forehead. Manipulation is performed by the tips of three to four fingers in the direction from the eyebrows to the scalp. At the same time, the right side of the forehead is stroked with the fingers of the right hand, and the left part is stroked with the left.
  • Stroking the chin and lower cheeks. The development of these parts of the face is done in two ways: the palmar part of the hand from the middle of the chin to the earlobe and the back surface of the fingers of both hands from the middle of the chin to the sides of it and under it towards the temples.
  • Stroking the middle and upper cheeks. In the first case, the movement is performed by the palmar surface of two fingers, the second and third, in the direction from the middle of the upper lip to the ear aperture. The upper part of the cheeks should be stroked with the same fingers in the direction from the nose to the temporal areas.
  • The procedure of the procedure described above is designed forits regular application. Therefore, massage of the face is recommended to be performed daily or, in extreme cases, every other day. Remember that the desired effect will be achieved only in the absence of laziness from your side. But any mechanical effect, no matter how useful it is for the skin, is contraindicated. Most of them are described in the previous section of the article. Be attentive to yourself, and then achieve an amazing result. We advise you to read: