mask for problematic skin Girls suffering from problem skin on their face,know what kind of flour it is - to watch daily the scattering of pimples on the cheeks and chin. You can not hide them under clothes, you will not cover with tonal means: harmful inflamed points appear even under the thickest layer of "plaster". And, it would seem, it is not a pity to spend any money to make the skin at last perfectly smooth and clean. Well, why do some people have a fresh and even face, but others it is always covered with blackheads? Only left alone, and immediately there were new ones! And the whole secret is that you can not help the business with money alone. Even if you contact the best beauticians who can clean the skin on your face, then there is no guarantee that the pimples will not return in a month. To buy expensive lotions and funds for problem skin, of course, you can, but the main secret of success is daily careful facial treatment. This is the correct, regular cleansing, and exfoliation, and mask for the problem skin of the face. After all, if you do not take care of the skin constantly, but no professional cosmetician will turn you into a beauty with a wonderful, gentle, clean skin.

Where there are pimples

Most often, problem skin with a bunch of sorepimples and pustules appears in girls with oily skin. The pores are wider and constantly polluted, the sebaceous glands produce an excess of subcutaneous fat. Going to the surface, this fat "meets" with impurities - dust, particles of cosmetics, etc. - and the skin becomes inflamed, "pleasing" you with new acne. However, absolutely every girl is able to control this process and prevent the appearance of regular blackheads. The main rule for problem skin is cleanliness and hygiene. It is necessary to wash twice a day, cleaning the skin with the help of special cosmetics. It can be a skin for washing, gel, cosmetic milk. A great option is to purchase a special brush to thoroughly wash the face with the bristle applied over the bristles. Just do not rub her face that there are forces - so you can injure the delicate skin of the face and earn a couple of extra wrinkles. It would seem that the more you cleanse your face, the better the result. However, this is not so: you should not do this more than twice a day. If you very often remove the sebaceous discharge from your face, the glands begin to work more actively, highlighting the fat on the surface of the skin. Therefore, be limited to the morning and evening cleansing, this is quite enough. Do not forget to exfoliate your skin twice a week, it will not only help to remove the dead cells from the surface, but also will not allow contamination to linger on your skin. Very many girls are sure that the scaly particles on the cheeks are a sure sign that they have a dry type of facial skin. As a result, they buy a cream for dry skin, designed to "cajole" the upper layer of the epidermis, and get a depressing result: the skin is instantly covered with new acne. In fact, the scaling occurs most often in the owners of oily skin of the face, as their metabolism is disturbed (the increased work of the sebaceous glands is proof of this). As a result, dying cells do not have time to thin out, getting out on the surface in the form of whitish scales. Therefore, it is very important not only to periodically exfoliate the keratinized cells, but also to use the necessary creams and other cosmetic products for your skin type. The most effective way to achieve cleanliness and smoothness is to regularly make masks for inflamed skin of the face. Thanks to the natural ingredients of masks, you avoid possible allergic reactions that often give purchase cosmetics. Virtually all the components of masks are in the home of each hostess, and if not, they can be purchased at the grocery store or pharmacy for just a little money. So you not only save your family budget, but also get a perfect, environmentally friendly product that perfectly copes with the problem skin of the face. Face mask for problem skin

Masks for problem skin

In order to maximize the maskEffective effect on the skin, the face should be properly steam out. The more open the pores of your skin and the more active the blood circulation - namely the result is a steam bath - the better the result of using the components of masks. You can hold your face over ordinary hot water, or you can add a couple of drops of essential oils to the liquid. This will not only help create a wonderful antibacterial effect, but also will raise your mood perfectly. After steaming the face, you can proceed directly to the preparation of masks. Note that you should not make the remedy too much in large proportions - one mask should be enough for one time, you do not need to store it in the refrigerator. So, here are some of the best recipes for problem skin: Mask from a baked apple Bake an apple in the oven and peel it. Fold the fork with a fork until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Add one whipped protein to the apple slurry. The resulting mask is applied to the face and leave for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash off alternately with warm, then cool water. This mask simply "pulls" the dirt from the pores, not giving the chance of acne to appear, in addition, it narrows the pores and smooths the complexion. Mask of honey with milk You will need one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of melted milk, three quarters of a teaspoon of starch and the same amount of salt. Stir the mixture thoroughly until smooth. We put the mask on the face with a cotton swab - layer by layer. Leave for half an hour. Rinse off with cool water, apply moisturizing face cream. This mask perfectly cleanses the skin, and also nourishes and moisturizes it. Mask of egg white Carefully we separate the protein from the yolk and whisk it into a lush foam. Add one drop of lemon juice by drop, whilst continuing to beat. The resulting foam carefully applied to the face, you can do this, using a culinary brush. Wait until the first layer is slightly dry, and apply a second one. After ten to fifteen minutes, rinse with warm, then cool water. This mask not only perfectly tightens the pores and eliminates greasy shine, but also smoothes fine wrinkles. Carrot mask If you have pale, fading skin of the face, covered with acne, this mask is for you. All you need to do is grate a fine, juicy carrot on a small grater. If the mass is too liquid (depending on the type of carrot), then you can add a little cosmetic talc to it. Apply the mask to your face for approximately twenty-five minutes. Later, rinse with water and use a moisturizer. Mask from herbal decoctions Prepare a decoction of lime flowers, chamomile and elderberry flowers. All the ingredients need to take one teaspoon. Keep this mixture on fire for at least ten minutes. After this, sue, strain and add half a teaspoon of honey. As soon as the honey melts, add so much oatmeal to the mask to make a gruel. Apply the product on your face in a thick layer for thirty minutes. Rinse with warm and cold water. This mask improves blood circulation, narrows the pores, cleans and tones up the skin. Mask from grapes With three large grapes peel off and remove pits. Carefully stretch the flesh and add to it half of the egg yolk and a little starch. The resulting gruel to carry on the skin for fifteen to twenty minutes. After rinse with cool water and apply moisturizer. This mask perfectly nourishes the skin, tightens the pores, improves the complexion. Mask of clay and sea buckthorn oil. Sea buckthorn oil is an excellent healing remedy. If you have a large pimple jumped, you can pinpoint a small amount of oil on the affected area. The skin will turn yellow, but the paint will easily be washed off with water during cleansing. If you have multiple inflammations on your face, then prepare the following mask: mix two tablespoons of clay (white or blue) and one tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil. These ingredients can not be mixed in a metal container. To the resulting mass, add as much pure drinking water as possible to obtain a viscous gruel. Apply mask on face for twenty minutes, rinse with warm water. Mask of yogurt and cottage cheese This mask perfectly calms the inflamed areas, and also refreshes the complexion. You will need one tablespoon of fat-free cottage cheese and three tablespoons of one-percent kefir. Stir the ingredients thoroughly and apply to face for fifteen minutes. Wash off with warm water, use a moisturizer. Acne and acne are an unpleasant problem, but you can cope with them. The main rule is not to be lazy and regularly cleanse, nourish and exfoliate the skin. To do this, especially good means of natural ingredients, and especially - home-made masks. Read the recipes, check their action! Then you finally get the skin of your dreams - perfectly smooth, smooth, without any red spots and inflammations. We advise you to read: