hair mask from mayonnaise It is not known who first ventured to tryadd to the hair mask mayonnaise, but this pioneer made a pretty good gift to all the fair sex. After all, despite the rather large amount of cosmetics that can easily be purchased at any store, folk beauty recipes still enjoy incredible popularity. The secret of success lies in the fact that it is possible to prepare any mask from the products available in the refrigerator, but it will not contain any harmful substances.

Mayonnaise: what should I know about this product?

Before you start cookinghealing mask, study the composition of the main ingredient. Unfortunately, these days manufacturers add everything they can (and sometimes even not), if only their product is stored longer, was brighter and tastier. Stabilizers, emulsifiers, dyes - all this can adversely affect your health, cause allergies or even poisoning, and with external application can cause a rash. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare mayonnaise for the hair by yourself. To do this you will need:

  • Three egg yolks

Eggs must necessarily be fresh, homemade,and the yolk itself - bright, homogeneous and whole, without a pronounced unpleasant odor. If he quickly tears or spreads, too dark and has reddish tinges, this indicates that he is over two weeks old. You can also use the sawn eggs (8 pieces).

  • A glass of oil

It is best to take the olive, since in itcontains the greatest amount of vitamin and beneficial microelements. But, unfortunately, it costs three or four times more than the usual refined. Before preparing mayonnaise, it is recommended to cool the oil in order to obtain a thicker product.

  • Salt and sugar

Add sugar only ifplan to use mayonnaise not only for the mask, but also for salads. As for the salt, without it, the eggs will not crash to the desired consistency. If desired, you can use iodized, as it will not lose its properties, because in the preparation will not even the slightest thermal impact.

  • Lemon juice

Before you start squeezing out of the lemonjuice, remove from it completely the entire skin. The fact is that during transportation and storage such fruits and vegetables are treated with a special remedy that does not allow them to rot, and sometimes simply rub with wax. You can also use citric acid or vinegar (only not apple), but then the effectiveness of the mask will be much lower.

  • Mustard

Mustard powder will only need a teaspoon, but even this amount of this ingredient will have a positive effect on your hair. It stimulates the flow of blood, so that the skin cells will be much faster to update. First, whisk on a mixer or blender until smoothly yolks with salt, sugar and mustard, then pour a thin trickle of oil while continuing to stir everything. At the end, add the juice of lemon or vinegar. Everything, mayonnaise is ready. It can be used alone, or add the other necessary ingredients before use. mask of mayonnaise for hair

Mask for dry and lifeless hair

Perhaps this is the simplest and fastest mask,which can use girls to restore hair. It is enough to apply mayonnaise evenly on the strands, rub it well into the scalp, then wrap the hair with a plastic bag and a terry towel. Keep the mixture on your head for at least three hours, so get down to the procedure better on the weekends. At the end of the set time, wash off with a copious amount of water, then wash the hair with shampoo.

Mask that relieves dandruff

Why did dandruff appear? There can be many reasons: the skin cells do not have time to update, the metabolism has been disturbed, or your skin is too dry. In any of these cases, a hair mask from mayonnaise, which is applied to the hair before bedtime, will help. As soon as you wake up, shampoo your head twice. To avoid soiling the pillow, use a special film. In order to prepare such a mask, you need to mix two tablespoons of mayonnaise without a slide with a chicken yolk, then squeeze or rub a small piece of garlic clove into it, add a teaspoon melted in a water bath or in a microwave. If the mask is too thick, dilute it with refined vegetable or olive oil. In the event that after a mask for hair from mayonnaise and garlic will remain an unpleasant pungent odor, which is difficult to get rid of with normal shampoo, rinse the hair in broth of chamomile, nettle or roses. Also, you can use water with lemon juice or apply the usual store rinses with flavors, which will remove the unpleasant odor. mayonnaise for hair

Regenerating and feeding mask

Whisk the mixer until smooth, a teaspoonmayonnaise, honey, aloe juice, then apply the mixture on the hair in winter for three hours, in the summer - for an hour. Longer to keep it is not necessary, as there can be an extraneous smell. Please note that after the mask does not need to apply on hair balms, conditioners and other similar cosmetics. Doing such procedures should not be more than once a week, otherwise the hair will start to shine and will quickly become dirty. We advise you to read: