hair mask for onions In winter, the hair is stressed - it often falls out,lose healthy shine, get dirty faster, dandruff appears. And right now our hair needs special care. Mask - perhaps the best way to protect, nourish and restore damaged hair. Hair should be deeply nourished and nourished with natural ingredients. Masks for hair onions are considered the most effective in home cosmetology. Onions are rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, E, PP1. In onions, many minerals - calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese. And also zinc, copper, cobalt, iodine, fluorine. In the juice of onions contains carotene, folic acid, biotin, keratin, malic and citric acids, essential oils. That's why the mask for hair from the bow is so useful. Masks for hair from the bow are recommended to everyone, regardless of the presence of problems. They are not only designed for recovery and nutrition, but also for maintaining a healthy hair condition. Masks based on onions are miraculous. They moisturize, make hair magnificent and shiny, and also relieve dandruff, give shine, stimulate growth, nourish the roots, prevent loss. Masks are bribed with the simplicity of cooking - making them yourself is quite easy. And the addition of various ingredients to onions only enhances the effectiveness. On dry hair, the mask is recommended to be held for one hour. Normal hair takes two hours, and bold - three hours. Mask of the onion for hair growth is applied for an hour and a half before washing the head. Waiting for a miracle from one procedure is not worth it. Masks are used once or twice a week, for 2-3 months. Do not always try different masks, it is better to choose one and apply it throughout the course. If the mask suits you and gives your hair the expected effect, then another course can be done in 2-3 months. If the mask did not bring the result, then you should choose another recipe. hair mask

Onion masks for hair

Mask for all types of hair Mix 4 parts of onion juice, 6 parts of broth of burdock roots and 1 part of cognac. The mask is spread over the entire length of the hair. Wash off after 2 hours. Masks for dry hair

  • Make a slurry of onion juice, lemon juice and vegetable oil, in a 1: 1: 1 ratio. Blend the mixture with massaging movements. Wash off with shampoo and rinse with water and vinegar;
  • 3 tablespoons of onion juice mixed with yolk, a tablespoon of burdock oil, a teaspoon of honey, 2 teaspoons of shampoo. Apply the mask for an hour. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Masks for oily hair

  • 2 tablespoons onion juice mixed with 2tablespoons of castor oil. Apply on the head with massage movements. To wrap a head with a film, from above - a towel. At the end of the procedure, rinse thoroughly with shampoo;
  • One bulb is insisted in 0.5 cups of vodka for two weeks, in a dark place. Tincture is rubbed into the roots of the hair. Wash off with lemon juice or mustard.

Masks for strengthening hair

  • Stir 3-4 tablespoons of onion juice, 2-3tablespoons of thistle oil and a tablespoon of cognac. Gently rub into the roots of hair and distribute along the entire length. Put on the hat and wrap it with a towel. Wash off after an hour;
  • Mix the grated onion with a teaspoon of honey. Apply the mixture to the roots of the hair. Wash off after an hour with warm water without shampoo;
  • The head of the onion is cut into four parts(you can directly with the skin), put in a glass and pour apple cider vinegar. Insist during the day, drain, that is, make onion infusion. It contains substances that will induce hair to grow. Rub the infusion in the scalp, it is advisable to leave it for the whole night.

Mask from dandruff Strike in the roots of hair 2 -3Tablespoons of onion juice and wrap it with a towel. Wash off after an hour with shampoo. With very dry hair, the onion juice can be diluted with any vegetable oil. Masks for hair growth

  • Mix a teaspoon of grated onions, a teaspoonfula spoon of vegetable oil and yolk. Apply the mask to the roots and spread over the entire length of the hair. Wrap the head with a film, then with a towel. Wash off after about an hour. Add vinegar or lemon juice to the water;
  • Stir 2 tablespoons of onion juice anda tablespoon of cognac, kefir, sea salt, honey and burdock oil. Apply to hair roots and spread over the entire length. Wrap your head. After an hour and a half, wash the mask;
  • In a tablespoon of castor oil, dissolve the2 drops of essential oils of sage, lavender and rosemary. To the resulting mixture, add 2 tablespoons of onion juice, yolk, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of marigold tincture. Apply the mask with massaging movements.

Mask for giving shine to hair Shake bya tablespoon of onion juice, lemon juice, cognac, honey, egg yolk, 10 ml of vitamin D2 in oil and a chemist's bottle of castor oil. Warm all ingredients on the water bath, except brandy. Cognac is added to a warm mask immediately before application. If the hair falls out, it is recommended to hold the mask as long as possible, it is possible all night. Wash off in the morning. hair mask with onion

How to get rid of onion smell?

  • Use for masks is better not a gruel, and onion juice. It is easier to wash off and it will leave a minimum of smell;
  • Rinse onion masks with cool water;
  • For rinsing, you can make herbal infusionfrom chamomile, burdock or nettle. You can add a few drops of lemon juice - it will help get rid of the smell and fix the result. Keep the broth on the hair for 5 minutes, and then rinse;
  • Will get rid of onion smell will help etherealoil, better citrus - lemon, orange, grapefruit. Dilute 3 liters of oil in a liter of rinse water. You can use oils of lavender and rosemary;
  • In equal proportions, mix the apple cider vinegar and water, rinse the hair. After 3 minutes rinse with clean water;
  • Well relieves the smell of onion yogurt. Apply it to your hair and hold as much as you can. Then rinse.

Hair Care Tips

  • Make sure that the combs and hats are always clean;
  • Pay attention to the styling products that you use. With oily scalp from styling is better to refuse, when dry - choose gels or waxes;
  • If dandruff bothers you - contact a dermatologist or trichologist;
  • To hair eat and strengthen from the inside, take vitamins.

Caring for your hair, properly caring forthem, you will achieve an amazing effect - a beautiful hairstyle will be your daily decoration! Regardless of the time of year, your hair will look great, causing admiration of others. We advise you to read: