hair mask from egg Eggs have long been used to care forhair, contained in them vitamins eliminate brittleness, soften, prevent loss. Masks for hair from eggs are used for strengthening, and for shine and even against dandruff. There are several types of such masks, and all of them can be prepared at home, you only need to know the composition, proportions and frequency of application.

Strengthening the hair

Masks for hair from eggs, used to strengthen, are made of several components. Here are some of them:

  • Peach oil, burdock root, honey and egg (all taken 1 tablespoon);
  • Aloe juice, honey, 2 yolks, cognac (all measured by teaspoons);
  • Tincture of arnica, sour cream, 3 eggs (all 3 tablespoons).

These simple tools can be used 2 times ina week, before washing your head, be sure to rub them into the skin to nourish hair bulbs with useful substances. Keep on the hair such a composition should be no more than 20 minutes, rinse with cool water, otherwise from a high temperature the protein can curl up, and then you thoroughly wear out, washing it out of your hair. hair mask for eggs

We Shine

Even the thickest and longest hair withoutnatural, natural shine look sad and lifeless. And so it happens for many reasons - the negative impact of the environment, the frequent use of fixatives, the use of hot drying and hair styling. Whatever caused this phenomenon, we must make every effort and return the locks to the former glitter and luxury. And in this case, effective masks will be masks for hair from eggs:

  • Kefir, egg, olive oil (1 glass and 2 eggs);
  • Juice of one lemon, yolk 1 egg, 2 tablespoons sour cream (or fat kefir);
  • Crushed dry leaf of mother-and-stepmother, egg and yogurt (2 tablespoons of everything).

Such tools can also be used a couple of times ina week, only it is better to do them in the form of a compress: wrap the head with polyethylene and cover with a towel, resemble 15-25 minutes and then wash your hair. It is after masks for shine it is possible to put on hair balms - in other cases they are not recommended. And you can try after such a mask just rinse your hair with acidified water - then you can apply and ordinary vinegar, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. But if the structure of your hair is dry, such rinses are contraindicated!

From falling out

Many women (even with thickhair) there is a constant hair loss. Believe me, this is not normal and you have to fight it. First, go to the doctor - the trichologist will always conduct the necessary examination and tell you the cause of this misfortune. Secondly, at the initial stage, you can try to cope with the problem and yourself - to help come the same testicles. Add a castor oil to one raw egg, mix everything thoroughly and spread the hair. Wash off after 20 minutes. Doing such procedures should be done once a week and for 2-3 months - only after this time you can see the real results. In this mixture of castor oil and eggs, you can add lemon juice or aloe.

We treat dandruff

If you have dandruff, then here againhelp the mask for hair from eggs - just with a lemon and helps. The truth here should be accurate and observe the exact proportions: for 1 egg 2-3 drops of juice. It is no longer possible, otherwise citric acid will dry the scalp and the opposite effect will occur - dandruff will become even greater. Only here you must first go to the trichologist and find out dandruff it or seborrhea. The last disease is treated in a completely different way - a simple mask of eggs can not be saved. Here it is necessary to undergo a complete examination with many specialists, since the cause of seborrhea can become anything: stress, and diseases of the nervous system, and even improper nutrition. masks for hair from eggs

A few tips

  • First, adhere to the regularity - only a long application of masks will help to achieve the desired effect;
  • Secondly, only fresh ingredients should be used - it is better to take the eggs from the village, but only among the tested people;
  • Thirdly, to wash off masks from eggs it is necessary exclusively cool water and only then wash with shampoo.

Another problem that repels many womenfrom the use of these masks - the smell. Yes, an unpleasant odor is eaten in the hair and it is difficult to wash off, but from this position there is a way out and it is elementary. When you rinse your hair, then add a few drops of essential oil into the water - choose any flavor, one that you like. Everything, your hair will smell the way you want! In general, in order to look after your appearance, you need to allocate absolutely free time - beauty does not tolerate fuss and quickly nothing will turn out. If you are willing to sacrifice a personal watch and be diligent and patient, then you can safely start using the above described means. It is noteworthy that the mask for hair from the egg fits absolutely any type of hair and helps very effectively. So, be patient, take time, and forward - for beauty and luxury for the hair! We advise you to read: