mask for dry hair at home Many ladies eventually begin to notice that theirhair turns into dry and fragile strands. Why is this happening? Everything is very simple - smoking, nervous stresses, improper nutrition, numerous hairdrier and forceps laying, fixing means and permanent staining. Do not forget that the environment, hot sun or harmful precipitation, severe frost and even constant moisture also greatly affect the condition of the hair. Of course, it will not be possible to get rid of all the negative factors, but to treat dry hair and bring your head of hair into a divine form is quite real.

Care instructions

Before you start to treat your hair and turn it into a luxurious flowing wave, you need to learn how to take care of them and remember some rules:

  • Do not wash dry hair every day and even every other day. It is best to arrange water procedures once every 5-7 days;
  • Of the fixing agents only foam and mousse are suitable, the gel should not be used in this case - it dries the hair even more;
  • You can not put dry hair in a hot way - the tongs and hair dryer with a hot jet will have to be put off further on the mezzanine;
  • Once a month you should cut the tips. First, it will save you from split ends, and secondly, the composition of the hair will improve;
  • If you regularly dye your hair, then apply colors that do not contain ammonia in your composition.

If you constantly adhere to theserules, then the hair will become much stronger and more beautiful. Just do not forget that everything should be done regularly, these rules should become your habit and become just a law. The use of hair masks should also become the main component of care. Here we must take into account that it is possible (and necessary) to apply several types of masks - moisturizing, firming and nourishing. masks for dry hair at home

Nourishing Masks

So, dry hair must be nourished with useful substances - only this way it will be possible to restore the structure and beauty of the curls. Let us turn to the experience of our ancestors and make use of domestic means:

  • Yolk, spoon cognac and a little honey - inthe result should be a thick mass. It should be rubbed into the ends of the hair, then roll the hair into the tail and stab it - so all the nutrients will penetrate all the hair;
  • Oat flakes grind on a coffee grinder and steama small amount of boiling water - will get a viscous mass. It should be applied for the entire length of the hair, while the temperature of the mask should be about 30-35 degrees (well warm). In the mixture should be added a little (literally 5 drops) burdock oil.

Remember the single rule for nutrient masks - keep on your head no more than 30 minutes, and then wash off with warm water and shampoo.

Moisturizing Masks

Excellent helps to fight dry hair kefir- that's really a truly universal product! And do not invent anything, invent and select components - just apply kefir (2-3% fat content) to your hair and wash it off with warm water after half an hour. After three months of these masks, you yourself will be surprised how much your locks have become shiny and heavy. And here are some more variants of masks:

  • We take oil (for example, sea-buckthorn) and severaldrops of lemon juice and rubbed into the hair - try not to miss a single one, and process the entire length of the hair. In this version, you can also use burdock oil, linseed oil and almond oil;
  • Take the crushed leaves of plantain andmix with vegetable oil (you can take any, but ideally suits the olive), now spread the gruel along the entire length of the hair. After 40 minutes, rinse with shampoo and rinse thoroughly with a plantain infusion. This mask simply moisturizes your hair luxuriously, and you will immediately notice how fewer the split ends are. To enhance the effect, the hair can be "packaged" in polyethylene and wrapped in a towel - compresses have not yet brought anyone harm.

Mask for hair at home for dry hair

Firming Masks

It's no secret that with dry hairthere is their loss - on the comb are entire tangles of hair, and girlfriends are increasingly advised to shake the blouse from behind and on the shoulders. Sad, but not deadly! Just need to focus on strengthening hair and returning to life hair bulbs. In this excellent helpers will be masks from improvised means:

  • Castor oil is the most effective methodstrengthen hair. Buy a capsule in the pharmacy with this oil and just squeeze it on your hair - apply on the entire length and necessarily rub into the roots and the scalp;
  • Raw grated onion is the simplest and mosteffective method. This method was also used by our grandparents, so do not neglect such an invaluable experience. Yes, please note that the smell from this mask is not very pleasant. Take care that you are alone, and no one interferes with you. The mask is washed off with plain warm water, you can even without shampoo;
  • Burdock root, steamed in boiling water and mixedwith sour cream - another version of the strengthening mask. At the same time, make sure that the mass is on the scalp of the head - it is not necessary to apply the entire length of the hair. Wash off with shampoo and warm water.

If after 3-4 months of such procedures, nono changes were seen, then consult a trichologist - a doctor who heals the hair, exactly tells you what is the reason and how to take care of them. Perhaps even the use of physiotherapy procedures, for example, the effect on the scalp by small discharges of current - stimulating the hair to grow. But in general, masks for dry hair at home are good help, and if there are no diseases (for example, dry seborrhea), you can independently cure your hair, and not run around beauty salons and do not spend money for the services of masters. Here are a few more important points to consider when taking care of dry hair:

  • Comb your hair at least 3-4 times a day;
  • Apply massage brush only not metal, but wooden;
  • At night, it is desirable to braid the hair in braids (if they are long) - the fact is that loose dry hair gets tangled and starts to break, and when morning combing they fall out even more actively;
  • Try not to use gum and metal hairpins at least for the period of treatment - they quite seriously affect the composition of the hair;
  • You can buy a special balm for strengthening or moisturizing and lubricating your hair with it after each washing of your head.

Remember - only regular procedures, strictadherence to the rules for the care of dry hair and self-confidence will make, it would seem, impossible. Your hair will become sturdy, shiny and thick. And get ready to study hairdressing art - with such healthy hair you can create and create different hairstyles. Just do not forget to repeat the mask at least once a month - even after restoring the structure. After all, beauty does not tolerate fuss, in this case it is necessary to be extremely attentive and accurate. Persistence and a huge desire will make your hair really luxurious. You will be admired, compliments can not be avoided exactly - all the attention of others will be riveted to your person. But this is right - you have worked so hard for your beauty, that you deserve the most sincere admiration! We advise you to read: