mask face film Preservation of beauty and youth is one of the cherishedgoals of women of all times and peoples. Even in ancient times, people began to devise means that could emphasize the dignity of a person and hide faults, as well as prolong youth. In our time, you need to look after your appearance carefully. Bad ecology, poor-quality food, frequent stress - all this affects the skin condition, and, of course, for the worse. Due to these harmful factors, premature wrinkles appear, the skin loses moisture. And the work of the sebaceous glands is broken. However, modern women in the arsenal have a huge variety of all sorts of cosmetics. On the shelves of specialized stores you can find everything you need for cleaning, nutrition, moisturizing, whitening and toning the skin. In addition, many of the recipes of home cosmetics left us our ancestors. Any skin care product we can prepare in our own kitchen from the products that are in the fridge. Facial skin care is daily work. If up to 25 years it is enough only to regularly cleanse the skin of contaminants, then with increasing age, to save beauty and youth, you have to make more efforts. Collagen production gradually decreases, the skin loses moisture and becomes less elastic, sometimes pigmented spots appear. Therefore, women of more mature age need to take care of the skin more thoroughly. In addition to daily cleansing, it is necessary to periodically moisturize and nourish the skin. Good masks in this can be different facials.

What are the face masks?

Modern cosmetology offers manyvarious masks for the face. Cleansing, narrowing pores, clarifying, toning, nourishing, promoting rejuvenation ... Based on their composition, you can choose for yourself a product in accordance with the requirements, age and type of skin. By the way of applying the mask there are different. Choose the most convenient means for yourself. The most common mask in the form of a homogeneous mass, which are applied to the skin for a certain time, and then washed off. Some cosmetics require a three-stage application, that is, after drying of the first layer, a second, then a third, is added. Masks on a fabric basis are becoming more popular now. They are a napkin moistened with a special cosmetic product that is applied to the face. After the necessary time has elapsed, the tissue mask should be removed and rinsed with water. These masks are very convenient to use, but quite uneconomical. A good alternative to such a cosmetic means are masks - films that have a number of advantages and advantages. It is on this type of face masks that special attention should be paid. useful mask face film

The principle of the mask-film

The mask-film in its consistence is similar toliquid clear gel. It is applied a thin layer on the skin. As it dries, the mask forms a thin film on the face, which can be easily removed. Such cosmetics have different properties. Thanks to the components they contain, they nourish the skin with useful substances. And the method of application allows you to smooth out wrinkles and to cleanse the skin and pores from contamination.

Rules for the use of film facial masks

On how exactly the rules are observedapplication of mask - film, the final result depends. Before applying it, the face must be cleaned of the contaminants accumulated on the skin. You can use a scrub to improve the effect of the mask or lightly steam up your face. Useful substances are much better absorbed into the skin, cleared of dust and keratinized particles. A special feature of the mask - facial film is that, before applying it to your face, you should always lubricate the skin with some oil, previously slightly warmed. For this purpose, any cosmetic oil is suitable: apricot, almond, grape, wheat germ oil, etc. This step is necessary in this procedure. Oil not only serves as an additional source of nutrition and moisturizing the dermis. Thanks to him, the mask will be removed easily, which will protect the skin from microdamages. Thus, the mask - film, applied to the oil base, acts more sparingly and more efficiently. The next step is directly applying the mask. Squeeze a small amount of gel onto the fingertips and lightly apply a thin layer on the face from the bottom up. Avoid the area around the eyes. There the skin is very thin and sensitive. Do not apply the mask around the lips. In this area there is an easy fluff that will break out along with the film. Therefore, removing the mask from this place is quite unpleasant. After applying the mask, take a comfortable pose. It's better to lie down and relax. Try not to talk and do not strain the facial muscles of the face. The holding time of such a mask, like any other, is usually about 20 minutes. But it can vary depending on the temperature and humidity of the air. The mask should dry completely, so that it can easily be removed with a continuous film. However, take care not to over-rest the cosmetic on your face. Otherwise, the film will be difficult to remove. In order not to miss the moment when it's time to remove the mask, periodically touch the face with your fingertips. The film should not stick. So you easily determine the time when you need to free your face from the mask. Once the mask is dry enough, gently remove it from the bottom up, grabbing the edge of the film at the chin. Thorough washing after applying the mask - no film is required. It's enough to wipe your face with a cotton disc or a tampon moistened with a little warm water. After the procedure, lubricate the face with a tonic and favorite cream, which you use constantly.

Professional masks - face films

Professional masks - films for the face youcan buy in any store. They are offered by various concerns that produce facial and body care products. In accordance with the needs and, of course, the possibilities, you can choose for yourself a suitable mask - film. However, do not forget that cosmetics need to use only quality. Be careful! Check the ingredients that make up the mask. Maybe some ingredients do not fit your skin. A good indicator of the high quality of the mask - the film for the face is how well it is removed from the face. This procedure should not cause discomfort. In addition, on the reverse side of the film removed after a good cosmetic product, all traces of contamination are visible. Having studied the label of the product, you will see that in the majority of masks - the film has alcohol, which, as is known, dries the skin. Without it, such a mask can not be made, since it is the alcohol that helps the mask to solidify into a kind of film. However, in quality cosmetics, its content is not so great as to harm the skin. Recently in the cosmetics markets there were also masks - films, which do not include alcohol. This is a new invention of modern cosmetologists. Such masks are made on the basis of latex, which after drying forms a soft dense film. Such cosmetics are more popular, as they more gently affect the skin. However, masks - facial films based on latex will cost you quite cheap. It is worth noting that the stores are full sets for the use of film masks. There are such sets of three means: a warming cream, a mask and a tonic for narrowing the pores. These cosmetic kits are very easy to use and effective. The warming cream prepares the skin well for applying the mask, and the tonic that tapers the pores gives the face a fresh and attractive look. pleasant face mask mask

Home Masks - Facial Tape

Many women can not afford to buyvery expensive means to maintain beauty and youth. A good alternative to professional cosmetics are masks manufactured at home. So you can not only save money, but also pick up the most suitable ingredients as ingredients. Mask - a film for the face to cook independently also will not be difficult. The main advantage of home cosmetics is that it does not contain alcohol. As the basis of the mask - film for the face, we will use food gelatin. He certainly will be in the house of every mistress. We will choose additional components in accordance with the expected result.

  • Mask - face film to clean pores with activated charcoal.

Surely on the shelves of shops you have often metStrips for cleaning pores with activated charcoal. However, very few people know that such a mask can be prepared independently from a simple set of products. So, we need half a teaspoon of gelatin, 1 teaspoon of milk or plain water, half an activated charcoal tablet. If necessary, you can double the weight of the ingredients. Crush activated charcoal, mix with gelatin. Finished powder pour cold water and mix thoroughly. It is not necessary to achieve a uniform consistency. To completely dissolve the components, send the mass to the microwave or heat it over a small fire. Cool the finished product. Apply the mask on the previously steamed problem areas, on which the pores are especially visible. Leave until completely cooled. Carefully remove the resulting film. Rinse your face with cool water.

  • Fruit - vegetable film masks.

To make such masks you need juicevegetables and fruits, which must be selected according to the type of skin. Cabbage, peach and carrots serve as good moisturizers. Their juice is suitable for dry skin. Owners of oily skin are recommended to use citrus fruits, as well as tomato and currant juices. Apricot, cranberries and watermelon are recommended as a basis for making masks intended for normal and combination skin. Let's proceed directly to the preparation of the mask. Take 100 milliliters of freshly squeezed juice. Pour 1 teaspoon of gelatin into the liquid and put on a slow fire. Gelatine must completely dissolve. Ready weight sent to the refrigerator to a state of light thickening. It should be liquid enough to be easily applied to the skin, and thick so as not to drain from the face. Apply a thin layer of the mask for 20 minutes. Dry the film carefully from the face upwards.

  • Rejuvenating mask - a face film based on chamomile and green tea.

Brew green tea and dried flowers of pharmacychamomile. Pour on a third of the glass of broths of plants in one bowl, add 1 tablespoon of gelatin. Heat the mixture until it dissolves completely over low heat. In the cooled mass pour in advance the prepared juice from one cucumber and 2 tablespoons of aloe juice. Apply the mask to face and neck. After 15 - 20 minutes, remove the film, rinse your face with cool water and lubricate with a rejuvenating cream - lifting.

Results of film face masks application

  • The skin looks smooth and refreshed.
  • Small inflammations decrease or disappear.
  • The skin is cleaned of keratinized particles.
  • Purified and narrowed enlarged pores.
  • There is a lifting effect. The skin tightens, becomes elastic and elastic.
  • The work of sebaceous glands is normalized, as a result of which the fat gloss disappears.
  • Features of the mask-film application

    The film facial mask is very economical andeasy to use. It can be used twice a week. However, even this seemingly universal means has a number of contraindications. Due to the presence of alcohol in the masks, they are not recommended for women with dry skin. Cosmetologists do not recommend film masks even if there are fine wrinkles on the face. When removing the film, the skin is additionally stretched, which increases the depth of wrinkles. After the first mask-film procedure you will notice positive results. Applying it regularly, after 2 - 3 weeks your skin will look flawlessly smooth and radiant. These multifunctional masks act not only efficiently, but also provide a lasting effect. Check it out for yourself!